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Tutorials on SAP Predictive Analytics

These documents might help you get started with SAP Predictive Analytics. Most of these guides include the data so you can follow hands-on.


Please also check out the official tutorials.


First Steps


More Advanced Steps

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  • Am new to the SPA HANA and Predictive Analytics. I see there are multiple platforms for Analytics SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Leonardo, SAP HANA Cloud platform, SAP Predictive Analytics, SAP HANA Express, etc. Which platform should I start with or all the platform are the same for predictive analytics? As of now, I have started training for SAP HANA. When I saw Leonardo it is on SAP Cloud platform, so if we have to develop any application we have to develop on SAP Cloud platform or SAP HANA or both are same? Sorry for such basic questions.

  • Hi Andreas, Very useful content. I have to develop predictive scenarios time series forecasting in sales and finance in S/4 HANA on premise. So can I use predictive scenario from PAi for time series forecasting in S/4 HANA.I understood that classification and regression scenarios only possible in PAi.Could you please provide your inputs here.




    • Hi Jwala, I haven't worked much with the Predictive Analytics integrator, but it is also my understanding that it does not surface time series forecasting. I have just had a look and could not find anything. Alternatives will depend on how you would like to to use the forecasts. Do you want to see them on screen, do you want to pass them into a planning process or do you want to use them elsewhere for example?

      Also adding Antoine CHABERT who always has a very good overview and great ideas

  • Hi Jwala, I think you opened a separate question on PAi and TSF. We would handle the PAi question there. To Andreas' point, we plan to have an exciting integration to let Smart Predict create time series forecasts on top of planning models. In the meantime, you could refer to the current way of doing things there: You can also couple Smart Predict and SAC stories today, including for TSF.

    Kind regards