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Remove Number from Fiori Tile


i had the requirement to remove the number from a Fiori Launchpad Tile. I haven’t found a working solution in the standard dynamic tile component.


what i did to get the result:

– implemented custom tile type

– in xml view – generic tile – numeric content – set property nullifyValue to false.

– oData service implementation with NW GW for dynamic data url customizing in the launchpad admin.

<core:View xmlns:core="sap.ui.core" xmlns:mvc="sap.ui.core.mvc" xmlns="sap.suite.ui.commons"
  controllerName=".main" xmlns:html="">
  <TileContent footer="{/data/display_info_text}" size="M">
  <NumericContent nullifyValue="false" size="M" value="" icon="{/data/display_icon_url}" />

Is there a better solution within the standard dynamic tile?

Thanks for your comments & improvements.

I’m looking forward to get input from the community.

Have a nice day.



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  • Hi Micheal,

    We had a similar requirement. We just created a "Static" tile instead of a "Dynamic" tile. Static tiles do not show this number.


    • Hy Harman,

      thanks for your reply. Static Tile was no solution for us, as the static tiles do not provide dynamic data input field to customizie dynamic data service url.

      Have a nice day.

      Kind regards,


    • Hy Krishna,

      i've made a copy - i wasn't able to inherit it and due to deadlines there was no time to check if it was possible to inherit.

      I'm quite sure, there is a way to solve it by inheritance.

      Have a nice day,

      Kind regards,


  • Michael,

    I am in need of doing the same in terms of hiding the number.  I've read through a blog on custom tile types and the short blurb on Implementing a Custom Tile Type in sap help, but I am struggling with where to begin.

    Did you have any documentation you found helpful for implementing the custom tile type?

    • Hy Roger,

      no - there is not good documentation on how to create a custom tile type. i developed everything by reading the sap code & with try and error. The sap docu on this topic is in my opinion really bad as there is not a single example provided. But that's more or less a known problem with sapui5 - as there are changes on an hourly base made by sap.

      Can't you implement your requirement with a static tile?

      My requirement was to provide dynamic tile's title and subtitle.

      Have a nice day.



      • Michael,

        Really appreciate your reply.  Our requirement is the same as yours so sadly, static tile will not work.

        I've found a couple of other documents related to custom tile type.  They both refer to creating a standalone UI5 app and the example I saw was done in Eclipse.

        I've read something eluding to the need to enhance /UI2/USHELL/ but that doesn't contain the .xml you are referring to here.

          • Michael,

            Thanks again, I cannot PM you, (apparently you have to follow me before I can PM you).

            I have completed the tasks you mention but still not seeing the new tile type in Fiori Admin Page.  In fact when attempting the call below in a browser:


            But the response is:

            Resource Chip not found.

            When debugging the oData service my chip is not in the table containing the chips, almost as if it isn't registered to the catalog.  But in /UI2/CHIP the checkbox exists in catalog cache is checked.

            I don't want to take too much of your time, perhaps if you can follow me so that i can PM, I can send you a document of what I've done and perhaps you can see my error.