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Make the S/4HANA Custom Code Analyzer work for you

Inspired by SAP Mentor Owen Pettiford’s blog Beginners Guide to Transitioning to S/4HANA 1511 On Premise edition for Existing SAP ERP 6.0x users, I followed his recommendation on Business Logic to “Use the Simplification List to understand the changes and try to adopt as many as you can before the switch.”

This led me to the excellent blog Upcoming Tools for SAP #S4HANA Migration – the simplification database by Sven Denecken and subsequent SAP Note 2185390 – Custom Code Analyzer.

From there on, there are many options how to approach making the S/4HANA Custom Code Analyzer work for you. Based on my experience, for a low footprint analysis, if you do not have a SAP NetWeaver 7.50 ABAP system already available yet

Frank recommends:

  1. Install a temporary sandbox SAP NetWeaver 7.50 system. An easy way to do this would be to create a respective instance in Amazon Web Services via the SAP Cloud Appliance Library as described in Mahesh Sardesai’s blog How to get around the issue of being on older Netweaver version for Simplification DB and complete in less than one hour.
  2. Upgrade that system to the latest Support Packages. At the time of this blog these were:
    Installed Software.png
  3. Create a temporary sandbox system as an as recent as possible copy of the production system you plan to analyse.
  4. Install the respective support packages as per SAP Note 2185390 – Custom Code Analyzer for the release of the sandbox system you just created system AFTER following the manual preparation instructions:
    |Manuelle Vorarbeit |
    |Softwarekomponente   SAP_BASIS                      SAP Basis compo…|
    | Release 700          SAPKB70012 – SAPKB70032                         |
    | Release 701          SAPKB70109 – SAPKB70117                         |
    | Release 702          SAPKB70211 – SAPKB70217                         |
    | Release 731          SAPKB73109 – SAPKB73116                         |
    | Release 740          SAPKB74004 – SAPKB74012                         |
    – Open transaction SE80
    – Select package BASIS
    – Create subpackage SYCM_MAIN
    – Use ‘Custom Code Management’ as description
    – Use ‘BC-DWB-CEX’ as application component
    – Use ‘No Translation’ as translation relevance (if this option is visible on the screen s it is relevant in SAP Systems only)
    – Set the flag ‘Package Encapsulated’
    – Set the transport layer to SAP if you create the package in a customer system
    – Select package SYCM_MAIN
    – Create subpackage SYCM_ANALYSIS
    – Use ‘Custom Code Management: Analysis of custom code’ as description
    – Use ‘BC-DWB-CEX’ as application component
    – Use ‘Developer Tools’ as translation relevance (if this option is visible on the screen as it is relevant in SAP Systems only)
    – Set the flag ‘Package Encapsulated’
    – Set the transport layer to SAP if you create the package in a customer system

  5. Prepare the sandbox system for the repository download by scheduling program SAPRSEUB – this might take a while to complete:
    Job Overview.png
  6. Create a variant of report SYCM_DOWNLOAD_REPOSITORY_INFO that reflects the customer namespace you would like to analyse. The namespace /0CUST/ represents customer development objects starting with Z* or Y*:
    Variant CCM.png
  7. Execute the variant you just created as a background job. The execution should not take long at all:
    Customer Code Management.png
  8. Execute the same variant in SE38 to download the file:
    Migration Repository Info.png
  9. Download the latest support package of the Simplification Database Content from the SAP Service Marketplace. At the time of this blog this was CCMSIDB00P_2-80001018.ZIP Simplification Database Content Patch 2:
    Simplification Database.png
  10. Upload the Simplification Database Content into your NetWeaver 7.50 system with report SYCM_UPLOAD_SIMPLIFIC_INFO:
    Upload Simplification Data.jpg
  11. Upload your file with report SYCM_UPLOAD_REPOSITORY_INFO:
    SYCM Custom Repository Upload.jpg
  12. Finally run report SYCM_DISPLAY_SIMPLIFICATIONS to see the results:
    Customer objects affected by simplifications.png

Especially important are columns Simplification Category and SAP Note, that explain the details.

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  • I always chuckle to myself when I see comments like "If you do not have a SAP Netweaver 750 system already available yet".

    I would be quite surprised if anyone outside SAP did have a 750 ERP system, as my understanding is that EHP8 is not out yet.....

    At TECHED in Las Vegas last October it was proudly announced that Netweaver 750 had been "released for customers" on the first day of TECHED. Released in what sense I wonder? EHP8 was not out and there was no planned date when it would be released, and the BW 750 system was not out either, and there was not even a CAL 750 system.

    I did see one pop up the other day but at that point it was one of those ones that did not seem to be "free".

    • Hi Paul,

      for the analysis of the custom code against the simplification list you only need a standalone 7.50 NW AS ABAP system without any BW or ERP components. The standalone variant of 7.50 is available incl. SP level 01 since a couple of weeks.



      • Hello!

        I found the entry for a 7.50 system on the CAL.

        It's called "SAP Application Server 7.50 ABAP with HANA SPS10" and has a padlock by the side of it.

        The systems I had used before were the "developer" trial editions, and thus free (you pay AWS but not SAP), but the ones with padlocks cost USD $953 a month, and so are for companies, which makes a little bit of sense, as we are talking about companies investigating a possible switch to HANA.

        Where I work they would not pay one red cent for such a thing, so I personally am out of luck.

        I wonder if that also means there will not be a developer edition of ABAP 7.50 with a green ball by the side, like there is for 7.40, on the CAL for quite a while, as if there was naughty people could use that to upload their file and diddle SAP out of thousands of dollars.

        Cheersy Cheers


        • Hi Paul,

          You're right that EhP8 isn't GA yet, but the base NetWeaver (ABAP and Java) 7.5 is available to customers to download now. I can find it in the SWDC on the Support Marketplace. So, for independents and partners, it likely could be different, but for customers trying to investigate an upgrade in this fashion, it is available.



    • Hello Thomas,

      so far we have applied the SYCM tool to systems in our own landscape only.

      However this gave us valuable insight in the form of SAP notes with information about adjusting customer specific programs to the simplified data model in SAP Simple Finance and changes of the data model in S/4HANA.

      Best regards


  • HI Frank

    If a customer is not on the right support packs (on their productive environment) is the only way to run the programs to apply the latest support pack?

    This could take some time to apply support packs, and some customers have agreed windows to apply the support packs.

    Is there a special service for customers not on the correct support packs?

    My customer is on Netweaver 702 - and support pack 8 and not 9.

    • Hello Mark,

      I am afraid that the customer would have to upgrade to a supported support package level prior to running the modification extract. Otherwise the extract might fail, or the result would not be reliable and definitely not supported by SAP.

      However, as suggested in my blog, this could be done on a sandbox system as a copy of production.

      Best regards


    • Mr. Mark,

      Where are you getting the required minimum support pack levels from?

      I had a skim through all the links above and the only reference I could see is that one of the reports comes as standard in a 702 system after BASIS support pack 18, but could be downloaded via SNOTE.

      for a 702 productive system to be analysed is there a minimum application support pack level as well as a minimum BASIs support pack level?

      Cheersy Cheers


        • Hello,

          I have never found those OSS notes to be very reader friendly.

          In the box that says "valid for" for release 702 (for example) it says

          SAPKB70211 to SAPKB70217

          I presume this means if you are on support pack 10 or below you are out of luck, and conversely if you are on support package 18 or above you already have the program in your system as standard.

          And the SAP_APPL level has no effect on anything?

          I am correct?

          Cheersy Cheers


          • Hello Paul,

            yes, you are correct. For NetWeaver 7.0 EhP2 systems below SP11, e.g. SP10 you cannot export the customer modifications with the SYCM tool.

            Also SP17 is the most current NetWeaver 7.0 EhP2 support package, so the only current release that includes the SYCM tool is NetWeaver 7.5 SP1.

            Best regards


  • Hello Frank,

    We have been very interested in using this tool.  However, we were not able to follow step 9 of your instructions:  "Download the latest support package of the Simplification Content Database."

    When we reported this problem via an incident, SAP responded by saying "S/4HANA on-premise edition 1511 (CCMSIDB 1.0 is part of it) has been released for general availability for new implementations and as controlled availability for system conversions.  Prior to downloading the software all customers and partners need to complete this survey [link provided by SAP removed]".   This was very disappointing as we are just trying to prepare for S/4HANA and this limitation was not noted in any blogs or SAP Notes. 

    Do you have any thoughts/recommendations on this?

    Thank you,

    - Jay

    • Hello Jay,

      I am sorry to hear about your trouble downloading the Simplification Content Database. I had not been aware of the limitations you mention, and I can still download the content myself without being asked to complete a survey.

      Therefore, there is unfortunately not much I could do and you would have to resolve this with SAP directly.

      Best regards


    • Hello Jay,

      I assume the reason why this content is not be accessible for you is the fact that you (as SAP customer) does not have the licence for SAP S/4HANA or that you are not released for the SAP S/4HANA software (because there is this survey process in place). The common behavior within SAP Marketplace is that only material can be downoaded for products/Solutions where the customer doess have the appropriate licence/allowance.

      If you have the SAP S/4HANA licence, then you just have to fill out the survey.

      Kind Regards,


  • Dear Experts,

    I are trying to asses S/4 migration impact on Custom code and facing an error (refer snapshot) while uploading output through program SYCM_UPLOAD_REPOSITORY_INFO on NW 7.5 system where Simplification database is installed .

    Has anyone faced this error? Any quick help is much appreciated.



  • Hi ,

    I have run the trx SYCM and getting these issues. What should  I do? Can I ignore these issues related to Matnr. In my code we have not referenced Matnr with length 18 or 40 . We have directly referenced  from table  . lw_matnr type matrn.

    please suggest what to do after this.



    Atul Chauhan