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How to use BI Recycle bin: BI 4.2 New feature

This is a brief, step by step demonstration of BI Recycle bin: new functionality introduced from BI 4.2.

First step is to enable the application. To do that you will need to navigate to Applications from CMC.


Important: Right click Recycle bin Application and select properties. By default, Recycle bin functionality is off. i.e You will need to check the following Enable recycle bin and configure automatic remove files according to you need.


Now, once a user deletes a document it should show up in recycle bin.



Once done you should get a response like. Once restored the file will move to its original location similar to what happens in Windows systems.


Important links/ references:

All documents relating to BI 4.2:  SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform 4.2 – SAP Help Portal Page

Recycle bin documentation available in BI 4.2 Admin guide.

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    • Hi Kashif,

      Recycle Bin is exclusively for objects in public folders.

      Therefore, you can restore folders and objects from public folders.

      No Users or User groups or schedules could be restored neither any reports deleted from personal folders.

      If you delete a folder with content then the folder with its content at the time to deletion can be restored. There seems to be no provision to select files from a folder while restoring.

      Hope it answers your question.



    • Hi Chandra.k,

      Apologies for late reply..

      I think this could be an issue with web applications. Try troubleshooting from application server side (rebuilding cache/ redeploying web application).

      If you have already resolved this issue, it would be great if you could share your solution steps.


  • Hi I have enabled the Recycle bin Application in the CMC, will the recycle bin appear in the BI Launchpad?

    As it does seem to appear for my organisations sysem

    • Hi Sadaqat,

      Recycle bin will not be available from BI Launchpad.
      Recycle bin functionality configuration and handling is only for administrators (rather default enterprise administrator). Therefore, it is only available through CMC.
      Also, Recycle bin supports reports that are deleted from Public folders only and not from Personal folders.

      Hope it helps.


  • I’ve recently upgraded to BI4.2 SP3 and I’ve noticed that I see the Recycle Bin in my BI Launchpad.   Did something change in SP3 that will allow the recycle bin to appear in Launchpad.  I’m only seeing it for users that is in the administrator group.  I tried to login with a ‘normal’ user, and they don’t see the recycle bin.

    I also noticed that the Recycle Bin within CMC has the deleted files from the user's 'User Folders/~WebIntelligence/' folder.  Seems to be another change in SP3??


  • Hi,

    Only the users directly assigned in "Administrators" group are able to view the deleted items in recycle Bin. The users who are assigned to Subgroup of the "Administrators" group are not able to see the deleted items.

    We are on SAP BO 4.2 SP3 patch 2 level

    Can you please let us know if the standard option allows only users from Administrators group are allowed to use the recycle bin


    Ravi Kanth.