1. Go to http://support.sap.com
  2. Click the “Download Software” button
  3. Choose “Installations & Upgrades”
  4. Choose “A-Z Alphabetical List of my Products”
  5. Select letter “A”
  6. From the list, scroll down and select “SAP ADS”
  7. For ADS 12.0 SP01
    1. Select link SAP ADS 12.0
    2. From the right side panel, select Support Packages and Patches
    3. From left side links, select # OS independent
    4. Select and download the object with title EBF 25723: 12.0 SP01 SAP ADS 12 dated 13 January 2016
  8. For ADS 11.1 SP30 (continuing from step 6)
    1. Select link SYBASE ADS 11.1
    2. From the right side panel, select Support Packages and Patches
    3. From left side links, select # OS independent
    4. Select and download the object with title EBF 25724 11.1 dated 13 January 2016

Individual installers of ADS 11.1 SP30 can also be downloaded from the Product Download section of http://devzone.advantagedatabase.com

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    1. Parag Mahadane Post author

      Joachim, the 11.1 SP30 installers can be downloaded from devzone.

      ADS 12 binaries need to be made available only through SMP. I’ll try to find a way make it available to users without SAP contract.

        1. Hakan Haslaman

          ADS 11 and it’s service releases can still be download from DevZone.

          ADS 12 and it’s service releases can only be download from SAP SMP. To do this, you need a S-ID, which only get SAP partner with a valid partner contract (SAP policy). If you have a valid Sybase partner contract and no S-ID from SAP, you can send me your details via direct message, so I can forward it to the right person to help you. Otherwise, you have the possibility to download the ADS 12 as trail version.

  1. Yusuf Zorlu

    We have a contract but i can’t see any Advantagedatabase product on page “A”.

    So you should further upload everything to devezone.advantagedatabase.com and all developers can find the resources within time

    1. Hakan Haslaman

      You have to look in “A” but for the Product “SAP ADS”.
      DevZone download can only be done for version 11.x. Version 12.x must be downloaded from SAP SCN, this is the SAP Policy.

  2. Marcus Herz


    I remember having the same problem, I could not see any ADS software under the letter A.

    I first had to register that I have an ADS installation, after that I could see the downloads. Sorry, I do not find the page to register the ADS product anymore. Maybe someone eles can help?

  3. Yury Vitovsky

    Hello Advantage community.

    We have faced with big problem with version 12.

    This issue relates with trigger enabling/disabling procedure for non admin users.

    Because the rules was changed dramatically in v.12, so our ERP app does not work anymore.
    We have asked this question in forum in 2015 November but without answer till now.

    ver.12 and disable triggers – ADS Forum

    Please help us because our sales under the threat…

  4. Ben Bodenstein

    Is upgrading from V11 to V12 free? If not and I purchase a license for V12 can I use it to install V11 and then upgrade to V12 at a later stage?

    1. Mirco Simoni

      I am looking at SAP notes 2224121 – SAP_ADS 12.0 SAP ADS 12 Relase Notes Information and in the list of bug fixed, there is only the following:

      Fix for AdsData access violation in Delphi XE8 caused memory leak

      However, ADS 12.00.01 has updated support for:
      1. Delphi 10SEATTLE

      2. Visual Studio 2015

      3. Vulcan.NET 4


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