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Social Profile Extractor – Part 1

Each person leaves behind a social footprint when you upload a photo on Instagram, tweet on Twitter, like a post in Facebook or pin a page in Pinterest. All these information help us to understand what are the likes/dislikes of an individual. From a Sales Rep point of view, this information would be a deal breaker if he knows his customer better. There are many vendors in the market which can give the social profile of an individual by searching on the email address.

Here is a small proof of concept on how to enrich your C4C Individual Customer master data with the social profiles.

Use case: 

There is a customer data in C4C with only basic Information – Name, Email.  Sales Agent would like to know the social imprint of this customer master



After verifying the result from the 3rd party service, the user can write back the data into C4C, there by enriching the customer master data with the social information.

So this a simple way of how you can enrich a customer master data. For my prototype I am searching the data from vendor You can check other service providers like clearbit, Full Contact.

In my next blog, I will touch upon the technical aspects of this proof of concept. In a nut shell, C4C calls an app passing the email hosted in HCP. HCP app calls PIPL APIs to get the information of social profiles. Data is sent back to C4C. A small PDI implementation can gather this information and displays the data in C4C and write back the data to C4C.

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      • Hi Kiran,

        I'm not sure that it would be considered a privacy issue, but you may be right.

        For example in Facebook (which is free to join and requires no real security checks aside from having a valid email address) once you are logged in you can search for users by email address and you can then open their public profile and see their handle/username in the address bar.  According to Facebook "Usernames and User IDs are part of your Public profile. We use this information to help people find you and to organize your information internally."

        Obviously each social media provider will have different rules and API limitations, I'd just be interested to see whats possible using the standard APIs.  I wouldn't expect it to work the other way around though, to search by social media handle and find an email address I mean.

        Thanks for raising such an interesting topic for discussion!


        • Yes Andrew, It is possible to search for a people using email address when you ARE IN They have not (and will not) exposed such a feature via API as they will loose people logging on to Social network sites carefully choose what to expose and what not expose via APIs...

  • Hi Kiran,

    Some times we are always getting social profile popup in the individual customer. Can you please let us know how to stop this popup and where to stop this popup.