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Phase 2: Preparations on Target Environment

This phase is mainly required for refresh, when the target landscape already exists and will be provided with new data from the source (production) landscape. It includes saving configurations and data from the target systems and preparing  them for the refresh.


2.1 – Save  important information of components of the target landscape

  • Backup Users (SCC8)
  • Printer (Export to a transport > SPAD)
  • List all transports which have been imported to the target but not promoted to production
  • List the current TP number (trkorr, table E070L)
  • Screenshot logon groups ( > SMLG)
  • List logical system names  ( > BD54)
  • List outbound connections ( > SMQS, SMQR)
  • List RFC USERS ( > SUIM)
  • List Operation Modes ( > RZ04)
  • Publish System Message ( > SM02)
  • If the system copy is going to overwrite the current TMS domain controller, the domain controller must be moved to another system. After the copy, it can be moved back if  desired.
  • Finish any work in the target system
  • Lock users
  • Stop batch jobs ( > SM37 or report BTCTRNS1)
  • Complete queue processing on all comms channels

2.2 – Finish operations on target systems

Finish operations on the target systems. Ensure consistency to systems outside the target landscape that are not refreshed during this procedure.

2.3 – Do solution-specific preparations

Any other preparations

2.4 – Stop components of the target landscape

The target landscape must be shut down before the data can be copied.

2.5 – Save other configuration data of the target landscape

Save any other configuration information of the target environment that could be overwritten by the copy procedure (like operating system or database profiles). Such data is stable after the components’ shutdown.

  • Backup
    • Database profiles
    • SAP Profiles
    • OS user home directories

2.6 – Backup  target landscape

  • Backup target database

2.7 – Prepare any  other systems outside the target landscape

CRM  Specific

Document the following settings e.g. by using screenshots:

  • Destination of backend systems in Administration Console (transaction SMOEAC)
  • CRM middleware parameters from table SMOFPARSFA

For ecommerce and  mobile scenarios please recheck  SAP  Note 886104 – System Landscape Copy for SAP CRM

APO  Specific

2.1 – Save  important information/data of components of the target landscape.

Save especially  all SCM related information like logical systems etc. as outlined in the Best  Practice.


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