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How to request and install product license keys for SAP solutions

Can I apply my own license keys to solutions available under the Free Trial License Agreement or the Developer License Agreement?

No, you cannot apply your own license to solutions, available under the Free Trial License Agreement or the Developer License Agreement, until the trial period is not expired.

You can apply your own licenses ONLY to solutions available under the SAP Product License Agreement and the trial period is expired. The prerequisites are that you own the required SAP Product licenses and that you purchase the SAP Cloud Appliance Library subscription package. For more information, see Unlocking Solutions.


I just created a new solution instance. How do I get its license keys?

Obtain a license key through the License Key application on the Support Portal. Please find the detailed step-by-step guides on the License key starting page ‘How to request license keys’.


How do I install an SAP HANA license key via SAP HANA Studio?

1. Open the SAP HANA studio.
2. Navigate to the properties page of the database for which you have requested the license key.
3. On the properties page, choose the button for installing the license key.
For more information, see this SAP Note 1644792.


How do I download the SAP HANA Studio?

1. Open the SAP Software Download Center in the Support Portal:
2. Choose Support Packages and Patches , choose A – Z (Alphabetical List of my Products) -> H -> SAP HANA PLATFORM EDITION -> SAP HANA PLATFORM EDIT. 1.0 -> Entry by Component -> HANA studio
Alternatively you can install SAP HANA Studio Developer Edition which is part of SAP HANA Tools. Please note that this version comes with a community support only.


How do I install an ABAP license key via SLICENSE?

ABAP license keys can be installed entering the transaction SLICENSE in the GUI (Graphical User Interface). You should choose the SAP License Administration mode for your 24 digit key or choose the New License button for installing your digital signed license key.
For more information, see this SAP Note 870871.


How do I install a J2EE Engine license key via SAP NetWeaver Administrator?

In SAP NetWeaver Administrator, choose “Configuration Management” -> “Infrastructure” -> “Licenses”.


How do I log into my system, if my temporary license key has expired?

Whether your license key is valid or expired, you can always log into your system with the username SAP*. However, we strongly recommend that you request a permanent license key before your temporary key expires.

How do I install a license for SAP Lumira? 

For more information how to use the SAP License Key application for SAP Lumira, see this SAP Note:


How do I install a license for SAP Powerdesigner? 

If you want to use SAP Powerdesigner via remote desktop, you have to install the Sybase Software Asset Management (SySAM) as described in this SAP Note:

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  • Hello Lyubomira,

    I just downlodard the Licence TXT file from service marketplace and installed it via transaction SLICENCE.

    Unfortunately the CAL instance will always be stoped after several minutes with the information "Check the solution for expiration". If I look into the backend and check the licence status, everything looks fine and the licence status is green.

    Have I missed something?


    S/4HANA 1909 fully-activated running on Azure.

    Thanks for your help


  • Hello - I recently purchased a CAL system, and successfully generated and uploaded license keys via SLICENSE.

    I am now trying to generate SSCR keys for my users. However, the installation number (as seen in SLICENSE) is not available to register developers against.

    I tried registering developers against the "SAP CLOUD APPLIANCE LIBRARY" installation, just in case there was some weird association with CAL installations and their corresponding ECC installations, but as expected that did not work either.

    Am I missing something? Shouldn't I be able to register developers for my SAP CAL installation?

    • Just to follow up for anyone else having a similar issue - somehow I had an extra installation associated, probably from when I was trying to get it working as a trial. I removed both installations and deleted the keys from SLICENSE, then went back and started from 0.