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Author's profile photo Prabhith Prabhakaran

Real Time Data Replication to BW Using SLT From SAP Source System (ODP Scenario)

Hello All,

These days many customers are checking the feasibility of doing a real time replication to BW using SLT.

In this document, I will like to demonstrate a similar data flow.

My source is an SAP Utility ECC System and data would be flowing from the same to a BW System with SLT System acting as an intermediate one.

ODP/SLT functionality would be utilized for meeting the requirement in this case.

System Level Prerequisites:


In this scenario, we would be using 3 system landscape(basically 3 boxes) as below:/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/2_861093.png


1) Create a RFC Connection between SAP ECC System and LT System.

Here I have named the RFC Connection as ECA_100 ( We will be using this at a later step in the document).

2) Create a RFC Connection between LT and BW on HANA System.

Here I have named the RFC Connection as SH2_001 ( We will be using this at a later step in the document).

3) Create a SLT Configuration in the LT System.

a) Go to the LTR Transaction code in the LT System –> Specify General Data


Here am giving the following details:

The Configuration name was given as SAP_ECA_100

And description was given as SLT for Utilities.

Authorization group was left blank in our case.

Click on NEXT button to move to the subsequent step.

b) Specify Source System.


Here we need to provide the Source System information.

Since it’s an RFC connection, click on RFC radio button and provide the relevant details.

RFC destination –>   ECA_100 (Created in Step 1)

It would be a good idea to check the box ‘Allow Multiple Usage’ in case of further usability.

(Else in future the steps mentioned in the note 1898479 – SLT replication: Redefinition of existing DB triggers might have to be implemented for switching between 1:1 and 1:N replication)

Read from Single Client check box can be avoided.

c) Specify Target System.



Click on the NEXT button to move to Step 3, where the Target System details needs to be mentioned.

It’s again a RFC connection and hence the RFC Connection check box is clicked.

RFC destination —>  can be kept as NONE

Scenario for RFC Communication  –>  ODP Replication Scenario

Queue Alias –>  Can be some custom number. We have used 123456.

NOTE: This will further get reflected in BW side.

A specific BADI should be implemented to run the ODP/ODQ replication scenario:

Press OK to move forward.


Press Yes to Continue.


You will now see the following message.


d) Specify the Transfer Settings available in Step 4.

e)  Step 5 will give an overview of the configurations that we have done from 1-4.

Click on Create configuration and a new configuration with the mentioned name is created.

Summary screen would look like below:


4) BW Relevant Developments:

In BW side, we need to create source system under ODP – SLT Queue


Right click on ODP_SLT and create a Logical Source system


In our scenario, we created logical system named ECA_SLT.

A meaningful source system name was provided.

When you click enter, the RFC destination screen will appear. Enter the earlier created RFC destination (SH2_001 – Created in Step 2) and click on the Back button which will take you to the following screen.


Please Note that the ODP Context will automatically come in the above screen, based on the configuration that we had done in step 3C.

Provide the password for ALEREMOTE or Your Landscape Background user Credentials.

Now since all the required configurations are ready, we will go ahead and Create a data source under that.

In our scenario, we are pulling data from a standard table in the utility system (DBERCHV)

Enter the Operational data provider name as DBERCHV and select the type of data source.(in this case its Transactional data source)

When you click enter, and data source with the same name is created (in this case DBERCHV)


Now our Source Datasource (DBERCHV)  is created.

5) Creation of DSO:

Create a DSO on the BW side as per the requirement (in our case, we have created a DSO named ZODP_SLT)


6)   Creation of  a Transformation:

In our case, we have created a Transformation from the source table/datasource  named DBERCHV and a target DSO named ZODP_SLT


7)    Creation of DTP

Create a DTP on top of the transformation. (here we have a created a DTP DTP_00O2TFZM3ZEQUMJFM8BUGO96J)

The DTP settings will look like the following:




8) Execute the Init load to bring in all the records available in the source table DBERCHV to the target.


Here we can see that 868 records have been uploaded to the target.

9)  Setting up the DEAMON for Real time data replication:

In the Execute tab, click on the ‘Assign Daemon’ button.


This will open up the following Real time data acquisition monitor screen, where you can see that a period of 2 minutes is set up for the earlier created DTP (DTP_00O2TFZM3ZEQUMJFM8BUGO96J)


10) Now we will have to test the Real Time Replication Behavior.

This is just a Demo that I am doing and Hence I will try to inject some dummy data (3 records) to the source ECC Utility System.

11) Refresh the BW System Infoprovider.

When you refresh in BW side, you can see the 3 new records under the manage screen of the DSO ZODP_SLT.


Please note that the Request will be in Yellow Status till the next delta load comes into the target.(through the RDA/Daemon)

Even though the status of the request is yellow, please be informed that all the loaded records are available for reporting.

Hope You were able to follow the above steps and replicate a similar Real time data replication in your landscape using SLT/ODP Mechanism.

Thanks for reading the document.



HelpFul Links:

1)  Creating an ODP Source System

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      Author's profile photo Krishna Chaitanya
      Krishna Chaitanya

      Thanks for sharing ............Good info....  🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Prabhith,

      Nice to see your post again on a very new topic, in the beginning of this new year itself.

      Very neatly explained and look forward for similar explanations on new topics in this 2016.



      Author's profile photo Nilesh Pathak
      Nilesh Pathak


      Good document - we are also doing same design but we require to load data via SLT to ODP and Adv DSO (BW 7.5)- i cant find a way to load via real time dtp to adv dso.

      please suggest if you have any idea?



      Author's profile photo Joseph Yeruva
      Joseph Yeruva

      Hi Prabhajith,

      Thanks for the document. Why RFC Connection between SLT and BW? In what scenario we will use DB connection between SLT and BW.If we use DB Connection can we do Real time replication and models through hana studio in BW HANA DB?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Prabhith,

      8) Execute the Init load to bring in all the records available in the source table DBERCHV to the target.

      In this step,how to init load if the dtp type is Real time.Or first init load by standard dtp , and modify dtp to real time?


      Author's profile photo Vivek Singh
      Vivek Singh

      Hello Prabhith,
      Just wondering how it will take care of delta, any idea ?

      Author's profile photo Uladzislau Pralat
      Uladzislau Pralat

      Hi Prabhith,

      I am working on SLT ODP replication to BW. I initialized delta load and then assigned my DTP to Deamon with periodicity 1 min. Deamon is started, there is yellow open request in target DSO, but delta changes are not being loaded. What I noteced is that there no BI_RDA_00* jobs in the system. Do you have an idea what can possibly be wrong?

      Regards, Uladzislau

      Author's profile photo Ravi Dasari
      Ravi Dasari

      Hi Prabith,


      Do you have any document or process on how to bring Real-time data to BW using SLT from Non- SAP source) using ODP scenario.




      Author's profile photo Ravi Dasari
      Ravi Dasari

      Hi ,

      Do you have any document or process on how to bring Real-time data to BW using SLT from Non- SAP source) using ODP scenario.

      Author's profile photo Sainath Kumar
      Sainath Kumar

      Hi all


      Has anyone tried to connect table via SLT to BODs. How can a table be enabled to extract data via ODP ?


      Thank you

      Author's profile photo Tania Ribeiro
      Tania Ribeiro



      I've seen successfull cases in daily work. To enable the table for ODP rep., first you need to have configured the whole SLT scenario, then you can do that. This is "pretty much" the same procedure as you would do for BW as consumer !! which means: instead of SAP_BW, you have

      BOBJ_DS as consumer. Take a look in the ODP WIKI; 

      And SLT Wiki 🙂


      Author's profile photo Shakthi Ramalaxmi
      Shakthi Ramalaxmi

      Insightful.. thank you so much ?