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Author's profile photo Monika Patel

Remove the OLD, MAKE place for THE NEW !!!

Happy New Year !!! Wishing you all fantastic 2016…. !!!

As we all do (in one way or other), either at “eve of last day of old year” OR “NEW Beginning at first ray of NEW Year”  – we all do take stock-of-things, identify and remove the old and unwanted,  thus make space of the “NEW” and “Required” !!

I felt a similar “sense” when I “Study & Observe” the happening in SAP Product world….


Today, we see a number of products from SAP based on HANA platform. Yes at times it’s confusing and bit overwhelming to see “the old becoming obsolete” and “the NEW” being “pushed towards us” at “much-faster” pace.

However with a large-many-number-of-products in market ( SAP HANA BASED Products : SAP S/4HANA, SAP IBP, SAP Hybris, SAP FSCM, SAP Revenue Accounting  & Reporting, SAP GTS, SAP Ariba, list-goes-on …………) it makes all the MORE sense to “take-a-stock of-current-solutions”  and  “clean-the-stack” keeping in mind the DEMANDS on Business – TODAY &  years to come.

The current version and STATE of SAP HANA-BASED Products RIGHTLY projects the transition as all about


(b) Code-optimization to take benefit of HANA processing powers.

This trend is seen across SAP Products based on HANA – be it ERP (S/4HANA Enterprise Management) or high-end products – CRM, SCM, as well as cloud based apps  hybris, ariba, IBP and so on…

A trend clearly found in 201511 and continued to be experienced in 201602 / 201505 [ initial-releases….]

As per my understanding –>> This (Consolidation & HANA-OPTIMIZED code) is JUST a BEGINNING …. tip of an ICEBERG ..

TRUE benefits and business value will get REALIZED once SAP starts to “release” — “NEW CAPABILITIES” & functionalities – e.g. like “using” the “output” of complex processing or predictive analysis “INTO the PROCESS”….

We can expect such functionalities in years & releases to come (may be 201611 & beyond releases)…. a natural move, post the “consolidation of solutions-preparing platform for the same”…. once SAP baselines the “Technical-version / compatibility”  across the solutions to an “x-level” –

& this in a sense will be “TRUE” Business-Benefit / driving force for Businesscase

Well, when this base-lining will complete/happen in a year or two or so….Or may be earlier that an SAP insiders will require to tell.

Have you have seen/read any such functionality in any of ROAD-MAPS (SCM, IBP……) ?? 

The above (in blue) are “MY Expectations & projections” – & when this happens the “current turmoil and massive changes” will all FIT-in & make better sense.

The unanswered question is –>

1. HOW will MARKET & CLIENTS respond to current “transition-phase” & accept/reject this “much visionary & bold step” in HANA world?

2. Will market show / has “PATIENCE” to wait-and-watch to “see & understand” the “end-result” ?


3. “Is the EXPECTATION EXTREMELY HIGH” from first release itself, that it backfire (without reaching it’s true potential)?

(of course, if things BACK-FIRE then one of the reason to point could be the Curiosity & HYPE created around 1511 or S/4HANA for that matter)    

Well I do hope the “house-cleaning” is completed soon and we get a chance to “experience” the “REAL NEW” experience, real soon.

Once again, Wishing you an extremely fruitful and fecund 2016 !!

I look forward to your comments and views  :-

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      Author's profile photo Somnath Manna
      Somnath Manna

      Good summarisation of S/4HANA 1511 On Premise Simplification List - what is not apparent from S/4HANA Overview presentations is the amount of house-cleaning (long due probably) that has undergone in 1511. This tremendous effort probably explains why the "expectations from Simple Logistics" were not immediately fulfilled.

      However the foundation has been set in terms of data model re-architecture. So simplifications can continue to come - bigger question is around how SAP will package and deliver those in future to On Premise version.

      Technically Support Packages are bug fixes correction notes but can contain minor functionality additions too, but typically these are reserved for Enhancement Packages. So we need to wait and see how ECC6 EhP8 functionalities (Finite Capacity Scheduling of PPDS and GATP capabilities in ECC?) will be delivered in S4CORE100. Will it come as SP1 - has to be because it does not make sense for S4CORE to NOT have these new functionalities delivered. BTW SAPK-10001INS4CORE already has 3195 Notes assigned to it and its scheduled to be available only in March 2016 😀

      Author's profile photo Monika Patel
      Monika Patel
      Blog Post Author

      Somnath Thx for your comment.

      Yes, 1511 is "a start-release"  - more of house-cleaning & creation of BASE

      However with current limitations and pending-list-of-functionalities, it does not make a strong case to convert to S/4HANA, as on TODAY.   (please refer to DOC-68846).

      I am equally eager for "Feature Pack" release - to understand what and how things will be delivered... 🙂