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Author's profile photo Sushma Sandepogu

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio – Report to Report Interface


This blog concentrates on how to use the Report to Report interface within the Design Studio. The Report to Report Interface (RRI) feature allows to call a jump from source application to the target application. In order to use the RRI feature, first it needs to be configured in the backend system. In this blog we will try to use the RRI feature with BEx queries in Design Studio .

Following steps gives a brief overview of how to configure the RRI from one BW query to another BW query in Design studio local mode:

  1. Create two Applications in the Design Studio – RRI_Source_test and RRI_Target_test. One Application for source query and second application for target query.
  2. In both the Applications, create a Data Source by connecting to BW system and use two different BW queries for each application.
  3. Assign the Data Source to the crosstabs in the Applications
  4. In the RRI_Source_Test Application, specify the target jump Application under the Preferences.
  5. Run the RRI_Source_test Application
  6. On the context menu of crosstab in the RRI_Source_test select the jump query.

Before I go into detailed steps , I want to thank my colleague Ravin Angara for his help and guidance on this topic.

Detailed Description:

Step 1:

Login into the Design Studio Client and create a basic Application (RRI_Source_Test) with crosstab component in it. Create the Data Source by connecting to a BW query. Drag and drop the required fields into Rows and Columns by editing the Data Source / Query in the Edit initial query option. Once done assign the Data Source or query to the Crosstab.



Step 2:

Similarly create one more Application (RRI_Target_Test) with crosstab by connecting to a different BW query.



Step 3:

Go back to the RRI_Source_Test Application, select Tools from menu – > Preferences and on the left side select the Application Design. In the same window on the right side the Application Design options will appear. At the bottom you will see the Report to Report Interface option, select the RRI_Target_Test from the drop down as the Jump  to Application. Basically here we are selecting the Application to which the query jump will happen when we select a value from the source application. The selection parameter will be passed from source query to the target query and the necessary filters will be applied based on the parameter selection.



Step 4:

Now login into the BW system with the valid credentials and go to the Transaction code “RSBBS”. This is where we will configure the source query and target query.


Step 5:

Give the name of the query used in the RRI_Source_Test Application in the Sender Text box and click on the “Create” button. Maintain the Sender Query and Receiver Query names correctly.


Step 6:

Select the BW Query Radio button under the Report Type option and under the Report Option, give the query name used in the RRI_Target_Test Application. Once the source query and target query info is maintained click on the Apply button.


Step 7:

Once the assignment info is maintained you will see all the available BW receiver query information. To crosscheck your assignment simply select the sender query and click on Display or change to edit.


Step 8:

Go back to Design Studio client and if the RRI_Source_Test is already open, simply execute the Application.

Step 9:

In the runtime once the Application displays data in the crosstab, on the context menu of the crosstab you will see the “Jump to” option. Click on the arrow on this option to see the available receiver queries. Select the target Query from the list of available queries.

On the context menu remember what field or cell you are selecting as it will only display those fields in the target query application for e.g. if you are selecting EMEA region then the target query application will display values for all the regions located in the EMEA as shown in the figure.



We have successfully used the RRI feature within Design Studio in local mode by creating two application which are using two different BW queries and finally jumping from source application query to the target application query. This concludes the blog.

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      Author's profile photo Marco Jehle
      Marco Jehle


      with Design Studio 1.5 I used the RRI (RSBBS) in combination with OpenDocument to jump from a DS Report to a Crystal Report with the selected characteristics.

      Since we upgraded from BIP 4.1 SP6 and DS 1.5 to BIP 4.1 SP7 and DS 1.6 the RRI doesn't work anymore, so I wanted to use this method but I don't have a RRI Part in my preferences within the DS 1.6 client.

      You wrote the RRI feature must be configured in the backend. Do you mean the customizing in TCODE RSBBS or is there something else to configure?



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      2 questions from my side:

      - In the preferences screen I don't get the bottom report-to-report interface option (I'm running version 16.2.1). Do you know what could be wrong?

      - Even if I don't maintain the above property I can see the Jump-to option in the crosstabs. Is it possible to do the same from Infocharts (I don't get it in the context menu)? We are currently jumpting to detail reports from graphs in WAD


      Author's profile photo Lee Lewis
      Lee Lewis

      I appreciate the article and having similar issues as Marco and Domingo.

      Have DS 1.6 SP05 and have maintained BW RSBBS entry as type web

      and receiver object with string (below)

      The jump target choice is displayed, and a new window opens the receiver query, it returns all results and not the expected filtered view as we are familiar with bex analyzer.

      In RSBBS, the only assignment option is URL Parameter, so this would not provide for BW backend filtering.

      In DS Tools> Preferences, the Report to Report Interface shown in step 3 is not present.

      It seems that DS is still only an RRI sender and the receiver is unaware.

      With Gratitude,


      RSBBS Web Url entry:


      Author's profile photo Marco Jehle
      Marco Jehle

      Sad to hear this, since this feature worked well in DS 1.5.

      Did you open a SAP ticket?

      My workaround was to use a parametrized OpenDocument link and a "jump to" button, but this will only work for targets within the BIP and only if you find a way to select all needed data.

      In the end the best solution is to get a fix from SAP.

      Author's profile photo Lee Lewis
      Lee Lewis

      Hi Marco,

      Turns out we are on DS 1.6 SP00 and 'true' RRI is delivered in 1.6 SP02 and our admin thought the version in help about meant SP05. Oops.

      My understanding is that with SP02, we can then define RSBSS as bex query and make the assignments as info-objects so that the filtering is performed in BW before DS.

      And then, that the DS Tools > Preferences, Report to Report Interface option will then direct the jump target to the assigned application, because currently in SP00 it attempts to open the bw query in Bex Web.

      Trying to get SP02 applied here...


      Author's profile photo Marco Jehle
      Marco Jehle

      Is there any news on this?

      We are on SP03 but I still can't find the RRI part within the DS preferences.

      Is it visible with the latest SP?




      Author's profile photo Marco Jehle
      Marco Jehle

      btw I found out that the RRI part within the DS preferences in 1.6 SP3 Patch1 is only available in local mode

      Author's profile photo Sh. F.
      Sh. F.

      Hi Sushma,

      I could not find this function under preferences although I have a 1.6 version. Do you have any idea how to fix it?


      regards, Sherif