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Author's profile photo Ratheesh Bhaskarapillai Suseeladevi

Classification of HTS for Multiple Legal Regulations using Number Set

We can use number sets to classify a product for multiple customs codes for more than one country and for multiple application area .

Here we can check how to implement this feature in SAP GTS.

1. Defining Number Set Schema

Execute transaction SPRO.

Global Trade services -> General Settings -> Numbering Schemes -> Define Numbering scheme and structure of Numbering set


2. Define Number Set Structure

Now We have to define a reference structure to which the user and system can refer during the classification process in product master.

Reference structure you can copy from the existing numbering scheme .


For creating the entries,I have used EUSTA as reference structure .

3. Assign Numbering Schemes to Set Schema for Classification

Global Trade services -> General Settings -> Numbering Schemes -> Assign Numbering scheme to Set Schema



Save the entries.

4. Create Number Set

SAP Global Trade Services -> SAP Customs Management -> Classification -> Number Sets -> Assign Numbers to Sets


Select Create Number set



Use the input help to enter the generic part of the customs code number. This input help functions in exactly the same way as the standard classification help function.

Use Generate Set Number ,The system generates the number set and displays the generic customs code number in the field next to the name of the number set at the top of the screen.


Save the entries .

5. Classify Product using number set

Select assign numbering set



Select the schema’s and use Assign Set button


There is an optimization to number set functionality available for the  below releases from the mentioned SP on wards.


Please refer the note  2170205 – Optimization of number set functionality in product classification

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      Author's profile photo Holly Stein
      Holly Stein

      Can you explain the business scenario that would prompt you to use number set functionality in product classification? The concept of a number set has never been clear to me. Thanks.

      Author's profile photo Ratheesh Bhaskarapillai Suseeladevi
      Ratheesh Bhaskarapillai Suseeladevi
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Holly,

      Actually I never had a business scenario for using the number set , but  came across this  concept when looking for a solution to requirement like "Usually product will be classified a 10-digit HTS code. But for intermediate / raw material items in the BOM 6-digits would suffice ".

      May be you can have a look at the below link for more details on number sets .

      Maintaining Number Sets for Classification - Electronic Compliance Reporting - SAP Library


      Ratheesh BS

      Author's profile photo Goodrich CRM Log-on
      Goodrich CRM Log-on

      Hi Holly,

      I have had clients that want to use this functionality when they have to maintain classification for multiple countries.  For example, if they classify the part in the US with 8803200060, then they want 88032000 to auto-assign to the EU code and 88032000901 to assign to Germany and 8803200085 to assign to to Japan. It means they maintain the Number Set once, which auto assigns, instead of having to type in the tariff code under 5 countries for every material.  This way in the future after Number Set is set up, they assign the Number set only and it auto-assigns all other values that you designated in the Number set.


      Jessica Hill

      Author's profile photo Goodrich CRM Log-on
      Goodrich CRM Log-on

      Looking at the Number Set functionality, the document hyperlinks to but that is not a valid link.  Have also tried to search for 2170205 on Marketplace and there are no results returned. Is there a new Note number? Maybe this was a typo?