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Certificate Provider Sample in Windows

  • WARN: windows platform for mobile is only supported on windows desktop! You cannot use a mac for this!
  • Install and set up environment
  • Make sure node and npm is installed
  • there is a bug: you can/should use the latest version but then you cannot use proxy, so use direct internet access !
  • Make sure cordova 5.0 installed (check with cordova -v)
  • Take a kapsel drop: this should contain the Kapsel plugins for iOS, Android, Windows.
  • Create and set up a new cordova app with logon plugin
  • cordova create PATH ID NAME

  • Go into the folder created by the previous command
  • Add the platform
  • cordova platform add windows
  • Add the Logon plugin
  • cordova plugin add kapsel-plugin-logon -sourcepath <path of ‘plugins’ in kapsel drop>This will add every dependency of the Logon plugin as well
  • Make sure all the necessary html/js is prepared for the platforms
  • cordova prepare
  • Open the solution (CordovaApp.sln)
  • The solution will automatically be  migrated to Win8.1
  • Remove the unnecessary 8.0 project
  • Add the SampleFileCertificateProvider
  • Download the SDKKapselSamples from latest version as a zip. Unzip it somewhere.
  • Take the SampleFileCertificateProvider project folder with all of its content (beside the .sln) and copy to the windows platform directory
  • download from github
  • copy to the generated app’s platform\windows directory
  • Add the SampleFileCertificateProvider sample project to the solution.
  • right click, add existing project… select the SampleFileCertificateProvider.csproj
  • Since the sample provider implements and interface which shipped in the kapsel drop you should set up the references: add the interface definition reference in the SampleFileCertificateProvider:
  • references right click, add reference…
  • browse the kapsel drop\plugins\logon\windows81\bin
  • select all files
  • select the SAP.CertificateProvider.winmd
  • In order to use it in the app you should set up the references to it (for the CordovaApp.Windows and Phone as well)
  • Add to the References: rigth click, add reference, solution/project and select the SampleFileCertificateProvider
  • make sure the rpoject dependencies are correct, so the SampleFileCertificateProvider will be built before the app: check build dependencies/project dependency to the SampleFileCertificateProvider
  • Add the necessary resources to the app
  • If you haven’t done in the previous step, download the SDKKapselSamples from latest version as a zip. Unzip it somewhere.
  • Go to the CertificateProviderCordovaSample folder
  • Copy the index.html to the app’s platform\windows\www folder and overwrite the existing file there
  • Copy and add an AppMetadata.json file to the app project (CordovaApp.Windows and Phone), this is used to load the proper provider class. Its content should be similar:
  • { “” : “SAP.Sample.CertificateProvider.FileCertificateProvider,SampleFileCertificateProvider,ContentType=WindowsRuntime” }
  • properties: Package Action=Resource; Copy to Output Directory=Do not copy
  • Copy and add the MAFTEST.p12 file to the project
  • properties: Package Action= content; Copy to Output Directory=Copy Always
  • Build and run
  • First click on the the logon button: a massge should appear as registration successful.
  • click on sendrequest: a html screen should present with a fiori app

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