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Step by step guide for accessing SAP Fiori Launchpad on Portal

This document is for demonstrating how to configure SAP Fiori Launchpad on Portal (FLP). This document provides steps on how to enable the Fiori Launchpad which is present in the SAP Portal. It covers how we can convert existing portal roles and convert iViews into tiles in Fiori. It mainly covers how we can Launch Web Dynpro ABAP and SAP GUI transactions from the Portal Fiori Launchpad.

This wiki is the inspiration from the wikis: written by  Shani Limor written by Sibylle Brehm

I have tried to elaborate it and have provided more detailed steps.

SAP Fiori launchpad on portal is available for portal customers as of NW 7.31 SP12 and NW 7.4 SP7 and above.

With FLP on EP, portal administrators can control which applications appear in the launchpad for desktop, mobile and tablet devices. SAP Portal iViews appear as tiles in the Launchpad.

It provides the detailed step by step instructions in configuring and building a demo role to access SAP Fiori on SAP Portal.

1. Check for URL Alias portal/fiori

Portal by default comes with URL alias “portal/fiori”. Check and make sure its present if not then create a new one as per the screen shot.

Navigation: System Administrator->System Configuration->Portal Display->URL Alias Manager



Assigning Fiori Desktop to URL Alias

We have to assign the Fiori desktop to the url alias “portal/fiori”

Navigation: System Administrator->System Configuration->Portal Display->Desktops and Display Rules->Portal Content->Portal Administrators->Super Administrators->Master Rule Collection

If URL alias = portal/fiori

Portal Desktop = pcd:portal_content/every_user/general/defaultFLPFrameworkContent/FLPDesktop


URL for accessing FLP

After applying this rule, to access Fiori on portal, we have to use the url


3. Device Group Manager Configuration

Device group manager is the place where we can specify what types of devices that are supported. We need not make changes to it unless we have any specific requirement.

Navigation: System Administrator->System Configuration->Portal Display->Device Group Manager

Object IDs: Observe the Object Ids, we need to pass the object ids to the iViews so that the respective iView can be accessed from desktop/smartphone/tablet devices.

If an iView has to be acceded in all the 3 devices i.e. in Desktop, Smartphone and Tablet then the Object ID of iView should have value:;;


4. Fiori Launchpad Categories

Using the Categories iView we can manage the tile catalog of Fiori. The iView by default comes with few preconfigured sample categories; we can edit them or can define a new category in the same iView.

Navigation: Content Administrator->Portal Content Management->Portal Content->Portal Users->Standard Portal Users->iViews->Fiori Launchpad->Fiori Launchpad Categories

PCD: portal_content/every_user/general/iViews/FioriLaunchPad/FioriLaunchpadCategories

Here is the screen shot showing the pre-configured. The category has the Category ID, Category Order and Category Title.


For demo let’s add a new category:


Category Order: 8

Category Title: My Company Apps


5. SAP Fiori Role Creation

Create a free style or any other kind of role as needed. For demo let’s create a role “My Organization Fiori Apps” and add couple of iViews, we can add different type of iViews like URL, Wb Dynpro, SAP Transaction, App Integrator, UI5 etc iViews to the role.


We can take the existing SAP Portal roles and can convert the iViews into tiles in Fiori. For this we need to set the following properties for iViews, pages and roles.

    a.      Category Assignment

    b.      Object ID of device group

    c.      Icon URI and Image type

How to set these properties are described below in detail.

a. Category Assignment for iView

We need to set the Category Assignment property for the iView so that the respective iView would be visible in the Category Group in Fiori.

Let’s assign the Category ID which we created in step 4 i.e. MY_COMPANY_APPS

iView can also belong to multiple categories, then in Category Assignment we can have multiple categories with semi colon separated.

If an iView belongs to categories WebDynpro and MY_COMPANY_APPS, then Category Assignment should have value: WebDynpro;MY_COMPANY_APPS


b. Set “Object ID of Device Group” property for iViews, Pages and Roles

For all the iViews, Pages and Roles used in Fiori we have to set the “Object Id for Device Group” property.

Note:  This property is Mandatory; if we don’t set the property then the iView will not be displayed in FLP. – this value will make the iView visible in FLP for desktop users. – this value will make the iView visible in FLP for smartphone users. – this value will make the iView visible in FLP for tablet users.


c. Setting the Icon URI property for the iView

For displaying the image on the Fiori tile, for the iView we have to set the “Icon URI” property


Setting the Icon URI and Image type properties, we can see the image on the Fiori tile as shown below.


d. Image Repository on Portal

We can find the SAP delivered images on portal in Web Resource Repository.

Navigation: Content Admin->Web Resource Repository->Web Resources->Pictograms


6.  SAP Fiori Home Page

We can access the SAP Fiori home page by using the url


Assign the role which we created for Fiori for a user id and test it. Let’s see how ours apps will be displayed in Fiori.


a. Monthly Lead Time Report tile

It will display the POWL based application.


b.    Employee Self Service tile

Clicking the Employee Self Service tile will access the backed ECC Launchpad and will display the apps configured in the Launchpad. Here we are displaying the ESS Launchpad in the tile.


c.    Analyse Material Cost Estimates tile

It will display the backend Web Gui SAP transaction: S_P99_41000111

Analyse Material Cost Estimates tile.png

d.    WDA Image App tile

It will display Web Dynpro for ABAP application: salv_wd_test_image1


e.    Search Documents tile

It will display the custom portal application built for searching the documents in KM Repository.


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      In step 6:  You show the tiles automatically appearing on the home page.  When I do this, the tiles appear in the Tile Catalog, but not on the home page .. the home page is blank.  I even checked the 'Default app in home page' property with no luck ...

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      For me the checkbox "default app on home page" worked! Thanks for mentioning

      Author's profile photo Murat Yurtoglu
      Murat Yurtoglu

      Hi Tim,

      the same in my case. The apps appear only in the tile catalog.

      Any idea how to configure this?



      Author's profile photo Kanchanapalli Sridhar
      Kanchanapalli Sridhar

      It seems, by design - If you assign roles to user after logged into the portal default tiles does not show up. You need to clear cache from System Administration -> Support -> PCD Tools -> Personalization Data Cleanup. You can search for user / remove personalization for all the users.

      Author's profile photo Mahendran Balasubramani
      Mahendran Balasubramani

      Hi Tim,

      I have followed the same and when I run the URL with /irj/portal/fiori, it is loading the fall back theme i.e. the classic framework. I also get an error "Can't get theme - theme does not exist. Fallback to default theme". What might be the reason?

      Author's profile photo Kanchanapalli Sridhar
      Kanchanapalli Sridhar

      Your theme has issue. Can you go to Content Administration -> Portal Display -> UI Theme Designer -> Customize Blue crystal theme and assign to your desktop. If you do  not see Theme Designer, you need to activate theme designer.

      Author's profile photo Abhishek Malani
      Abhishek Malani



      I have web dynpro application which are not loading very well. means UI is not looking good.

      Also when I click on tile it's launching in another tab/window what to open in same tab how to do that.

      Author's profile photo Harsha Sinha
      Harsha Sinha


      We have followed the steps provided above but  still unable to launch the portal from the tile on the FLP.

      Below error attached:

      Please provide some suggestions.


      Author's profile photo Rocha Flavio
      Rocha Flavio

      Did you find a solution?

      I have an similiar error, in my case, it worked like a charm, but when i added another catalog, this error pop up:

      Any help would be awesome


      Author's profile photo Sam Kumar
      Sam Kumar



      We have done this way and it is working excellent. However we found an issue, when we access this fiori launchpad version on mobile/tablet, we see the old app name is cached(in the header area) and stays same for the rest of the session. This does not cause any issue however header shows one app name and content area is different. Please see the image below. Any idea how this can be fixed?

      Look at the image below. Initially Salary Statement app was opened.. Second time I went to Timesheets and you see the "Salary Statement" . This stays on for the entire period of this session. Anyhelp is appreciated.




      Author's profile photo Abhishek Kumar
      Abhishek Kumar

      Hi All,


      I have a Query, Using the Same Fiori Framwork We want to show multiple backend system on the Fiori Framwork Page from where user can directly login to SAP System, In the Category if we have 4 iView, I don't want to Show all the Iview to all users. Can we restrict visibility of Iview in the category as per the different Users.



      Author's profile photo Thangaraj Swaminathan
      Thangaraj Swaminathan

      Hi, Please help as I new in this area. How do I get SAP Fiori launch pad full path address using java script? so that I can write a script to navigate before session exceed time from any view in sap ui5 custom application. thanks.