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S/4 Finance- Blog series-6- 1511 changes in details

Hi Guys,

It is the holiday season and want to sign off with one last blog πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

In my last attempt to outline the changes of 1511 in blog:-S/4 Finance- Blog series-5- 1511 and its details

I was more focused on overall changes in S/4 HANA and some bit on Financial related changes. In this blog, I will try to delve more into the changes and features of 1511 version or SP03 of 1503 S/4 HANA Finance.

Migration & getting on 1511

With 1511, there are some significant changes like ML becomes mandatory & Credit management ( AR) is removed and FSCM is the way to go.

These are also reflected migration steps and flow

So your steps and prep steps in 1503 would look like:-


and the next version (1511) will be:-


Note the highlighted steps which has come as part of 1511. This means that migration to 1511 will have these additional steps to be performed.

I will cover migration separately as that is a vast topic.

Implication- ML & Credit management changes will mean that any client migration to 1511 should review and have a Credit management & Inventory valuation design in place. This is especially for client going by upgrade route from 6.0X to 1511

Other changes & features

Changes in IBP & Planning solution

In the 1511 release, SAP has brought about a new feature of simulation for IBP. This is a wonderful addition and make the IBP solution more robust.

So with this you can perform simulation and create various planning scenarios.


New Fiori apps to make life easier

SAP has come out with a few more very interesting Fiori apps inn 1511 release.

Asset master list

This will get you the report on various type of asset and their current status. You can drill down and evaluate more details

asset master.jpg

Check Management

This is a very nice area where SAP focused on providing Fiori apps. This should help to better manage checks and flow of money


Here you have an apps which simulate your checkbook and provide you usage details


This is a Fiori apps for our check register and will provide details on status of the checks

Other apps

-Carry forward ( to analyze the balance carry forward & execute the process)

-Post Currency adjustments manually

-Post taxes manually

-Audit Journal-for Audit related reporting

Changes in Credit Management

FSCM-Credit management is the way to go with 1511, with AR-Credit not being supported. Hence you need to perform a initial migration.

There are also changes in technical architecture & solution offering.

Changes in Inventory valuation

SAP will be using new table structure for inventory valuation and this mandates usage of Material Ledger ( though not actual costing).

Availability & Localisation

Below given chart shows the availability of 1511 solution & current set of localisation that are available


With this I come to an end to this blog,

Hope you guys found it useful, do provide your feedback in comments & messages,

Once again have a good break and wish you a wonderful new year.



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      • Hi Rishab,

        I found a note where SAP mentioned that though they are supporting Biller Direct for 1511 but this is not in their target architecture. Did you find any document or if you have any information on how SAP is replacing this functionality?



  • This is good content when looking at the financial migration steps.

    It is worth noting the timing of the steps within the migration, or to put it another way - steps you can perform in a non-S/4HANA system prior to moving to S/4HANA.

  • Dear Rashib,

    thanks for the informative blog.

    We just finished a PoC with sFIN Version 1508 SP 02 and now, with 1511, again such fundamental changes are released?

    What to come with Simple Finance 3.0 (1602)? Do you know some insights?

    I see it crucial from a reliability point of view when in nearly every new release such deep changes are released "casually ".

    Thumbs up for unveiling all the sFIN secrets.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


    • Thank you Nikolaus for your appreciation

      On the 1602 version, I would strongly advise you to have a full read through on the SAP simplification list for 1511

      SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition – SAP Help Portal Page

      SAP is coming with a lots of change, and we too must know and understand these change.

      What is really good is that SAP is giving a good amount of details way ahead πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ( you will find some of the changes too outlined in the simplification list for 1602)

      So its back to school for all the SAP folks out there πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚



      • Hi,

        I'd like to share with you something i found out now from SAP incident message.

        We are new customer that starts with package SAP S/4HANA Simple Finance, on-premise edition 1503. Then, during proof-of-concept we have patched the system with latest SPS03 (called 1511). Then i was checking simplification list and other info related to: SAP S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511... But now i know these are 2 different products... (!?). So it means that Business partner usage is not obligatory for us and we are not impacted. Also other changes to Finance included in Simplification list is not valid for us... I was heavily surprised as names are similar and confusing... 1511.

        Now i realized that i was mixing these and i'm not sure about you guys... But i wanted to share that info for all.



          • Hi,

            And also confusing is naming convention, now it will be S/4HANA Finance replacing SAP Simple Finance. SAP Note 2171868.

            SAP now stated today in incident that S/4HANA Finance, on-premise edition 1602 (=3.0) will be successor of Simple finance and should have simplified financials functionality as it is in S/4HANA, on-premise edition 1511. So even they are confused now as previously they stated that we are not impacted by e.g. business partner usage... I will follow this up and try to get all answers to be able to plan the implementation properly.

  • Hey Tomek,

    Thanks for your comment, your points has made this content more rich.

    It makes the comments too very interesting in this blog πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚



  • Hi Rishab Bucha

    ThanksΒ  to share this Blogs (1 to 6) make to understood and get update on the changes inΒ  SAP-S4 HANA toΒ  all FICO consultants very helpful at this juncture.

    All are very helpful update quickly.

    Further have you published any blogs on HANA update versions 1605/1610.

    Thanks & Best Wishes