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Enhancements to Document Generation – Employee Central in 1511

Dear All,

thanks for the tremendous response to the intial blog. It reaffirms our decision to invest in this functionality. The holiday season is about to start. Lets start that with something positive to think about 🙂 Would like to share with you the enhancements to the document generation functionality available with release 1511.


1) Support Multiple Values : Until release 1511, only single value placeholders were supported. With release 1511, support for multiple value placeholders is provided. For example , pay components. It would be possible to list all the pay components a person is entitled to. Similarly, to list all the national IDs associated to a person. To do this, you need to enter the placeholders with multiple values using a table. To insert a table into the template, select the Table icon in the RTE and put the placeholders within the table.



2) Support As-Of-Date : Until release 1511, documents could be generated only as of today. With release 1511, it is possible to also generate document effective as of a certain date. Thus it would be possible to generate promotion letter effective of a certain date in future or list the compensation a person was getting in the past.


Mapping PastAndFuture.png

In order to achieve this, mapping type has been extended by past direct and future direct mapping. Using past direct mapping means the system will retrieve the data that was in use before the current data when mapping the placeholder to the template. You can do this by using the As of Date field. In this field you enter a date in the past, which the system will then use when retrieving the employee’s data. For example, if your As of Date is 10/12/2014, and you choose Past Direct Mapping for the lastName field, the system will retrieve the data from the last time you changed and saved the employee’s information before 10/12/2014. Similarly for Future Direct Mapping the system will retrieve the date effective record changes in future.


On generation, it would be possible to generate the document effective as of a certain date.




For more details, the Document Generation Guide can be seen here.


Eager to hear back from you as always. Wish you all merry Christmas, Happy New year and a great holiday season with friends and family.


Best Regards,


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  • Hey Priyanka,

    thanks for the great updates! One question: Is it possible to generate a document via URL? Or at least get the direct link to a specific document to generate?

    Kind Regards,


    • Thanks Chris. Sorry, I am not clear with your question. Until 1511 we have only the admin center activities via which document can be generated. Could you please elaborate on "generating document via URL" ?

      Best Regards,


      • Thank for your fast reply.

        I want to link to the document generation from a MDF object. So I want to create a checklist with details of a new employee. That Checklist should come out of the document generation.

        Instead of creating the document manually (going through admin center and so on) I want a to create that document automatically out of the MDF object. Maybe that could be done with a business rule?

        Alternative would be a link to that respective document to generate out of the document generation (and for that I would need a link and parameter -  e.g. document id or so?!).

        Kind Regards and thanks again,


  • Great guides Priyanka. Many thanks.

    Got this set up to evaluate and everything working fine apart from one issue i have on Event Date from Comp Info. Its my own Placeholder and mapped to CompInfo/Event Date. when i try to generate the document i get the error :

    You do not have permission to access the following placeholders : EVENT_DATE

    I have full admin access to the instance so confused as to why this should come up and how to resolve it.

    Any suggestions?



      • Hi Priyanka, Yes i have full RBP access as a Super Admin and the RBP role is granted for the entire population - this is why i cannot explain why it would return a permission error.

        Other issues include the mapping not returning the appropriate data - e.g. Pay Component Description returns no value whereas the Pay Component does return the code. Obviously in a letter the description is more useful than the code.

        Does this sound like an issue worth raising as a ticket?



        • Hi Doug,

          for pay component, if you need anything other than code, please map it to pay component name or description and ensure that description is maintained for pay component.

          For RBP issue, please create a ticket and we will check it.

          Best Regards,