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Author's profile photo Zenon Kowalewski

Delete ALL EM Event Handlers and Messages – DO NOT USE IN PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTS!

Hi All.

Be careful with this one!!!

I often find that I need to delete all Event Handlers and Messages in the Sandbox or Development environments.

This will do the job quickly!!




*Zenon Kowalewski 23 Decemeber 2015



DATA:   lt_evm_hdr         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_hdr,

         lt_evm_cst         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_cst,

         lt_evm_edl         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_edl,

         lt_evm_lai         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_lai,

         lt_evm_lid         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_lid,

         lt_evm_mer         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_mer,

         lt_evm_ned         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_ned,

         lt_evm_nev         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_nev,

         lt_evm_pai         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_pai,

         lt_evm_pid         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_pid,

         lt_evm_thd         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_thd,

         lt_evm_txl         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_txl,

         lt_evm_afb         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_afb,

         lt_evm_afc         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_afc,

         lt_evm_afh         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_afh,

         lt_evm_afr         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_afr,

         lt_evm_ref         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_ref,

         lt_evm_sta         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_sta,

         lt_evm_par         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_par,

         lt_evm_eem         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_eem,

         lt_evm_doc         TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/evm_doc,

         lt_evm_0t20e       TYPE TABLE OF /SAPTRX/OT20E,   “remember to add message extension tables

         lt_evm_unpr        TYPE TABLE OF /SAPTRX/EVM_UNPR.

DATA: lt_eh_hdr        TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_hdr,

       lt_eh_authr      TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_authr,

       lt_eh_cntrl      TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_cntrl,

       lt_eh_eehst      TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_eehst,

       lt_eh_ermsg      TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_ermsg,

       lt_eh_evmsg      TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_evmsg,

       lt_eh_expev      TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_expev,

       lt_eh_info       TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_info,

       lt_eh_qryid      TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_qryid,

       lt_eh_seteh      TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_seteh,

       lt_eh_stat       TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_stat,

       lt_eh_sthst      TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_sthst,

       lt_eh_task       TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_task,

       lt_eh_trkid      TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_trkid,

       lt_eh_evmad      TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_evmad,

       lt_eh_measr      TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_measr,

       lt_eh_mehst      TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_mehst,

       lt_eh_hier       TYPE TABLE OF /saptrx/eh_hier,

       lt_eh_odt20      TYPE TABLE OF /SAPTRX/ODT20. “remember to add Header extension tables

DATA: ls_eh_hdr        TYPE /saptrx/eh_hdr,

       lv_objectid      TYPE cdhdr-objectid.


*Step 1) Archive


    USING SELECTION-SET  ‘ZEKO’    “name of variant


*Step 2) Delete Event Messages

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_hdr INTO TABLE lt_evm_hdr.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_cst INTO TABLE lt_evm_cst.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_edl INTO TABLE lt_evm_edl.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_lai INTO TABLE lt_evm_lai.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_lid INTO TABLE lt_evm_lid.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_mer INTO TABLE lt_evm_mer.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_ned INTO TABLE lt_evm_ned.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_nev INTO TABLE lt_evm_nev.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_pai INTO TABLE lt_evm_pai.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_pid INTO TABLE lt_evm_pid.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_thd INTO TABLE lt_evm_thd.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_txl INTO TABLE lt_evm_txl.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_afb INTO TABLE lt_evm_afb.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_afc INTO TABLE lt_evm_afc.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_afh INTO TABLE lt_evm_afh.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_afr INTO TABLE lt_evm_afr.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_ref INTO TABLE lt_evm_ref.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_sta INTO TABLE lt_evm_sta.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_par INTO TABLE lt_evm_par.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_eem INTO TABLE lt_evm_eem.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_doc INTO TABLE lt_evm_doc.

   SELECT * FROM /SAPTRX/OT20E   INTO TABLE lt_evm_0t20e.

*Remember the Extension tables!

   DELETE /SAPTRX/OT20E     FROM TABLE lt_evm_0t20e.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_hdr   FROM TABLE lt_evm_hdr.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_cst   FROM TABLE lt_evm_cst.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_edl   FROM TABLE lt_evm_edl.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_lai   FROM TABLE lt_evm_lai.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_lid   FROM TABLE lt_evm_lid.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_mer   FROM TABLE lt_evm_mer.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_ned   FROM TABLE lt_evm_ned.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_nev   FROM TABLE lt_evm_nev.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_pai   FROM TABLE lt_evm_pai.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_pid   FROM TABLE lt_evm_pid.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_thd   FROM TABLE lt_evm_thd.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_txl   FROM TABLE lt_evm_txl.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_afb   FROM TABLE lt_evm_afb.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_afc   FROM TABLE lt_evm_afc.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_afh   FROM TABLE lt_evm_afh.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_afr   FROM TABLE lt_evm_afr.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_ref   FROM TABLE lt_evm_ref.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_sta   FROM TABLE lt_evm_sta.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_par   FROM TABLE lt_evm_par.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_eem   FROM TABLE lt_evm_eem.

   DELETE /saptrx/evm_doc   FROM TABLE lt_evm_doc.

*Step 3) Delete Unprocessed Messages

  SELECT * FROM /saptrx/evm_unpr INTO TABLE lt_evm_unpr.

  DELETE /saptrx/evm_unpr FROM TABLE lt_evm_unpr.

*Step 4) Delete Event Handlers

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_hdr INTO TABLE lt_eh_hdr.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_authr INTO TABLE lt_eh_authr.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_cntrl INTO TABLE lt_eh_cntrl.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_eehst INTO TABLE lt_eh_eehst.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_ermsg INTO TABLE lt_eh_ermsg.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_evmsg INTO TABLE lt_eh_evmsg.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_expev INTO TABLE lt_eh_expev.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_info  INTO TABLE lt_eh_info.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_qryid INTO TABLE lt_eh_qryid.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_stat  INTO TABLE lt_eh_stat.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_sthst INTO TABLE lt_eh_sthst.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_task  INTO TABLE lt_eh_task.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_trkid INTO TABLE lt_eh_trkid.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_measr INTO TABLE lt_eh_measr.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_mehst INTO TABLE lt_eh_mehst.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_evmad INTO TABLE lt_eh_evmad.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_seteh INTO TABLE lt_eh_seteh.

   SELECT * FROM /saptrx/eh_hier  INTO TABLE lt_eh_hier.

*Extension tables!

   SELECT * FROM /SAPTRX/ODT20    INTO TABLE lt_eh_odt20.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_hdr FROM TABLE lt_eh_hdr.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_authr FROM TABLE lt_eh_authr.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_cntrl FROM TABLE lt_eh_cntrl.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_eehst FROM TABLE lt_eh_eehst.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_ermsg FROM TABLE lt_eh_ermsg.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_evmsg FROM TABLE lt_eh_evmsg.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_expev FROM TABLE lt_eh_expev.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_info  FROM TABLE lt_eh_info.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_qryid FROM TABLE lt_eh_qryid.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_stat  FROM TABLE lt_eh_stat.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_sthst FROM TABLE lt_eh_sthst.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_task  FROM TABLE lt_eh_task.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_trkid FROM TABLE lt_eh_trkid.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_measr FROM TABLE lt_eh_measr.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_mehst FROM TABLE lt_eh_mehst.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_evmad FROM TABLE lt_eh_evmad.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_seteh FROM TABLE lt_eh_seteh.

   DELETE /saptrx/eh_hier  FROM TABLE lt_eh_hier.

   DELETE /SAPTRX/ODT20    FROM TABLE lt_eh_odt20.

* delete corresponding change documents

   LOOP AT lt_eh_hdr INTO ls_eh_hdr.

     MOVE ls_eh_hdr-eh_guid TO lv_objectid.



         objectclass                       = ‘/SAPTRX/EH_DATA’

         objectid                          = lv_objectid


         no_authority                      = 1

         no_changes_found                  = 2

         OTHERS                            = 3.

    IF sy-subrc <> 0.






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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Zenon for sharing to us...



      Author's profile photo Steffen Georg Butschbacher
      Steffen Georg Butschbacher

      Hi Zenon,

      there is also a standard report doing this:


      and also for messages:


      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Zenon Kowalewski
      Zenon Kowalewski
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Steffen.

      I think the standard programs require a Residence time setting up and the minimum is 1 day which means you have to wait a day before you can delete the previous day.

      The program I wrote ignores Residence time.  Maybe useful if you want to delete all EH related data in a test environment..



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Zenon,

      Yes you are right.

      If we don't give residence time then SAP EM takes default 100 days or else we need to specify minimum value e-g 1 day as you said.