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Author's profile photo Bernd Dittrich

Activate the TM Quicksearch

This posting is about how to activate the TM quicksearch, a nice way to access TM transactional documents directly from the NWBC search bar.

Basically it looks like this, enter a search string in the NWBC search bar, get a result list instantaneously:

Quicksearch Example

If you are interested in the functionality, you may check TMP033 ( ), the podcast episode about the topic.

Now, how to activate the TM Quicksearch for you:

1. Install note 2260864 which is available from 9.1 onwards and comes with the required classes

2. Check and/or activate the SICF service:

To make the search classes available they must be accessible as a service. This is done in transaction SICF. The path is sap->bc. In there add a service      named tm_quick_search. The only tab where you need to maintain something is the handler list, in there enter the      class /SCMTMS/CL_QUICK_SEARCHPROVIDE. It should look something like this:


3. Activate the service

4. Enter the Search provider URL: The easiest way to test the service is to enter the search provider explicitely in the NWBC search provider list. This can be done from the NWBC menu:

Search Provider Menu path

The URL is composed as follows:

  First part:

Your system url and port (you can get this from options->settings->connections in the NWBC menu)

Important: Define the connection as an https connection, so you are on the save side for both functionality (non-https-connection are not working) as well as                          Transport Layer Security :->)

Second part:


Third part:

Optionally you can add some parameters like restriction to a certain search class, here is the list of the currently available parameters:


Parameter Comment
&stopathit=X If one of the queries found at least one hit, the search is stopped and no other queries are executed -> Recommended for performance optimization
&minimumletters=n n stands for the minimum characters that must be entered before the query is really executed, e.g. &minimumletters=6 means, if the string entered in the search bar has less than 6 characters, the search is not done
&docflow=X Activates the inline document flow -> negarive performance impact, of course, but enables faster navigation if the target of navigation is not the found focument but e.g. a follow-up document of it
&class=classname1,classname2 Defines the class names or class-shortcuts to be used in the search, a list of classes/class shortcuts and the respective usage can be found below, example would be &class=TRQR,TRQ,CFIR to search for TRQ by ID and reference(defined by TRQR and TRQ) and for CFIR(defined by CFIR)


Here is the list of classes with the respective shortcuts and explanations, if nothing is defined for the class-attribute,all default classes are used:

Class name Class shortcut Explanation Active by default
/SCMTMS/CL_QUICK_SEARCH_TRQREF TRQR Search for TRQ based on Reference ID from document reference node, not active by default
/SCMTMS/CL_QUICK_SEARCH_TOR TOR Generic Search For TOR documents by ID X
/SCMTMS/CL_QUICK_SEARCH_OCEAN OCEAN Search for Ocean bookings by Vessel ID or container ID X

With this, you are done and can use the TM Quicksearch!

4b) You can also integrate the TM quicksearch in the PFCG-role, the required steps are described here

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      hi ,

      We are trying to implement this functionality and did the changes as directed above.

      However we are getting an error. Can you please help us with this issue may be i have missed any steps while i was doing the changes.

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

      - <OpenSearchDescription xmlns="" xmlns:moz="">

      <ShortName>TM Search</ShortName>


      <Description>Transportation Management Objects Search TRC100</Description>

      <Url type="text/html" method="get" template="HTTPS://:/SAP/BC/TM_QUICK_SEARCH?type=result&class=&stopathit=a&minimumletters=8&docflow=&q={searchTerms}" />

      <Url type="application/x-suggestions+xml" method="get" template="HTTPS://:/SAP/BC/TM_QUICK_SEARCH?type=suggestionsXML&class=&stopathit=a&minimumletters=8&docflow=&q={searchTerms}" />

      <Url type="application/x-suggestions+json" method="get" template="HTTPS://:/SAP/BC/TM_QUICK_SEARCH?type=suggestionsJSON&class=&stopathit=a&minimumletters=8&docflow=&q={searchTerms}" />




      Author's profile photo Dragos Mihai Florescu
      Dragos Mihai Florescu

      Did you add the URL manually (It seems that the server part is missing), or per PFCG role? As per my other comment, try using a PFCG role, and implement the latest note as well. It should definitely work afterwards.

      Author's profile photo Dragos Mihai Florescu
      Dragos Mihai Florescu

      UPDATE: implement SAP note 2354881 to bring in the latest fixes and enhancements (e.g. possibility to navigate into an external system).

      We strongly recommend to publish the quick search to the users via a PFCG role (follow the hyperlink posted by Bernd in the last paragraph). This way, the client (NWBC) derives automatically the server and port. Adding the URLs manually not only is cumbersome, but also requires maintenace for all relevant systems (e.g. one for test system, one for productive system).

      When defining the URL for the PCFG role, you must merely provide the service path (sap/bc/tm_quick_search) followed by parameters. Examples:

      • /sap/bc/tm_quick_search?type=OpenSearchDescription&stopathit=X&minimumletters=4 (search using default classes)
      • /sap/bc/tm_quick_search?type=OpenSearchDescription&stopathit=X&docflow=X&minimumletters=3&class=TRQR,TRQ,TOR,CFIR,SFIR,AIR,OCEAN (search using all classes, and additionally displays the document flow)


      Note that the document flow is displayed if and only if the search returns one hit only.

      Best regards,

      Dragoș Florescu

      SAP TM Development

      Author's profile photo a rahim shaik
      a rahim shaik


      we have upgraded our system from 9.3 to 9.4, and make related config for Quick search, but stil the quick search is not working.



      Abdul Rahim

      Author's profile photo Stefan Foerster
      Stefan Foerster

      I was at a client trying to make the TM quicksearch work and found out finally. You might find the following info helpful...

      regarding step 2:

      The initial screen of transcation SICF might not offer the the path for the default host => sap => bc . The upper part of the screen however works also like a query - put in "tm_quick_search" as the service and execute the search. Now you can see the by default deactivated and hence greyed service under this path. Place the cursor on the service tm_quick_search and use menu option to activate it, there is no icon on the toolbar.

      regarding step 4:

      The URL of the connection to the TM backend you copy from the connections setting as outlined by Bernd. If it has got a /NWBC at the end, you remove that part and add /sap/bc/tm_quick_search?type=OpenSearchDescription as explained in step 4. But /sap/bc/ certainly needs to be in the URL only once.

      Sometimes the port for the open search service might be different from the port to connect the NWBC to the TM backend. And sometimes it seems that the http service does not work as it requires user and password or other credentials etc.

      Check out transaction SMICM - the ICM monitor tells you which port is set up for the https service. If the TM Quicksearch does not work for you, you most probably need to use the https service and the corresponding port.


      Author's profile photo Vicky Gupta
      Vicky Gupta

      Dear All,

      I am working on a Project where we have upgraded from 9.0 to 9.4. I am able to successfully implement the quick search feature but when I am clicking on the result of the quick search, it is navigating to Creation page instead of display page of the search result. for example, I am search a FU 12345 and clicked the quick search result, it will navigate to FU creation and ends up in error as there is no FU type with this number.

      Has some one faced this issue earlier ? Can someone suggest a solution ?

      Thanks in advance for your support.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi All,

      Same issue as Vicky, only for freight unit display. For Freight Orders and Forwarding Orders, it works.

      Could SAP people suggest a solution to this issue ?




      Author's profile photo Dragos Mihai Florescu
      Dragos Mihai Florescu

      In the PFCG Roles relevant to TM (standard ones, or customer copies of those), there is a folder called OBN-Targets, which contains invisible menu entries that are responsible for resolving OB-Navigation activities.

      Due to a mistake, in the older TM releases these menu entries had an undesired application parameter (CHANGE_MODE = C) maintained. At first, it made no difference (that's why the error stayed undetected), but after some developments in core areas these parameters navigate to the Create screens instead of the display screen.

      So you must cleanup the relevant PFCG roles - inspect all menu entries under "OBN Targets" and remove the parameter CHANGE_MODE; if present.


      Author's profile photo Sjaak Van den Berg
      Sjaak Van den Berg

      Hi all,


      I have cautiously followed the steps in our TM9.3 system. The SICF node is now active and the Search provider is setup correctly (based on HTTPS). When I now enter a search term in the Business Client, the search will work but it always returns "No results found". Even when I enter a document number which is definitively existing in the system. We are running TM on a HANA DB. Do I need to setup anything else, like search connectors, enterprise search or the connection to the HANA DB in DBCO?




      Author's profile photo Sjaak van den Berg
      Sjaak van den Berg

      Please ignore the above. It is already working. What did surprise me though is that fuzzy search is not working here. Besides this the number of values we can search on is quite limited. Is there a reason why this technical solution was chosen and not, for example, HANA based searches or Search Connectors?


      Author's profile photo Bernd Dittrich
      Bernd Dittrich
      Blog Post Author

      The search is not limited to HANA, and we have to deliver db-independent features only in TM on premise. Of couse you can build your own search class using a cds view with or wirhout fuzzy search following the principles of the search classes.

      Author's profile photo Sjaak van den Berg
      Sjaak van den Berg

      Hi Bernd, Thanks for the answer. Indeed this makes sense. Thanks for clarifying. I will see what we do in the future, but for now this functionality will work. Thanks!

      Author's profile photo Nicole Thelen
      Nicole Thelen

      Hello Bernd,

      we switched with our TM to S/4 HANA on premise and are working with the fiori user interface. Is it still possible to use the TM quick search? It seems to be available only for Business Client as user interface.

      Is there another option e.g. using special TM catalogs in the fiori enterprise search?

      Enterprise Search | SAP Fiori for Web Design Guidelines

      I set up the app "Manage Search Models ( see SAP Fiori Apps Reference Library ( )

      But there are no TM usage areas available.


      I'm looking forward to your answer.


      BR Nicole

      Author's profile photo Bernd Dittrich
      Bernd Dittrich
      Blog Post Author

      The Quicksearch is only available in the Business Client, you are right. And so far there is no TM part in Enterprise search, to my knowledge