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SCN Design Studio 1.6 SDK Components (ver 3.0)


If you have upgraded to Lumira Designer 2.0, please go here


Now that Design Studio 1.6 is available, Karol Kalisz and I have taken strides to port over our existing SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community components to the new 1.6 SDK patterns that Reiner Hille-Doering has mentioned here: What’s New in Design Studio 1.6 SDK

I previously mentioned some changes in a blog post here (Sneak Peak – SCN Design Studio 1.6 SDK Components), however I am creating an SCN Document this time so that others can modify this document going forward to keep everything up to date.


Why 3.0?  At certain points along the way, we’ve had to make the decision to commit future development to a newer version of Design Studio that means no further support for older versions.  With Design Studio 1.6, many new features along with SDK changes to support the new sap.m mode mean that we must make a clean break.  This means that Design Studio 1.6 is a pre-requisite for anything related to our 3.0 components, just like for our 2.0 components, 1.4 was required.  You can still download the older 1.0 and 2.0 components from GitHub.


Download Links


Version Required Design Studio Version
Download Link
1.0 Design Studio 1.2 or higher Download
2.0 Design Studio 1.4 or higher Download
3.0 Design Studio 1.6 (Works mostly in Lumira Designer 2.0) Stable | Preview
[NEW] Lumira Designer 2.0 SP2 READ HERE

Source Code

Source Code can be found on GitHub here:


GitHub – org-scn-design-studio-community/sdkpackage: SDK Package of SCN Design Studio Community


Community Components Blog List/Timeline


From most recent to oldest, here is a collection of all blogs by the SCN Design Studio SDK Community team in reverse-chronological order, with certain milestones called out.  You should note that the further back in time you delve, the more primitive, and in same case, irrelevant, some of the older components may be, hence calling out the dates.  Nevertheless, those wishing to see what is possible, or to get source code examples, need look no further than these blog posts written by the SCN SDK Community.





Component Library & Documentation


We can offer the overview of all components and documentation on functions.

     You can find it here Component List 3.0 – SCN Design Studio Community

Besides the list of components, you can find also “Download” link and instructions how to install. It is better for you to use the ZIP installation (direct links provided above) as this allows you to store the installed ZIP locally. But, github is also having versionized ZIPs – in case your copy is lost.

What Has Changed?

We’ve made all attempts to not disrupt any existing components or properties so your transition to 3.0 shouldn’t be too bumpy.


Simplified Categories


In order to try to save a little space and keep things tidy, we now have only 4 categories:


  • SCN Community BasicsThese are meant for simple interactive/selector-type components.
  • SCN Community VisualizationsThese are meant for components that visualize data, either with a graphic or tabular output.
  • SCN Community PrototypesThis is a catch-all category for either proof-of-concept or ideas that are not fully baked, as well as deprecated components that we aren’t ready to discard quite yet.  Basically this is the ‘wild west’, proceed with more caution here.
  • SCN Community UtilsThis category is for components that at their time, had no need to be on the canvas, however due to SDK limitations technically had to exist there when really their purpose was more for scripting and debug utility.  In today’s world with 1.6, these ideally would become ‘Technical Components’ but in short-term, we’ve preserved them where they are today, perhaps some day we can remove this category and refactor them to true ‘Technical Components’ and free up even more space.


M Mode Support


With 1.6, SAP has offered up a more official support for UI5 sap.m components.  As a result, existing SCN Community components that are based on sap.m will be supported first in ‘M’ mode, and for a time being in ‘Classic’ mode.  As we see M mode mature hopefully in future versions, people will make the switch to ‘M’ mode for their apps.  You will also see new SCN Community components that we not possible in ‘Classic’ mode before (without ugly hacks) become available now only in ‘M’ mode (such as Switch and Slider and more.)


Streamlined Additional Properties Sheet (APS)

Nearly all components, no matter what category or original author, now support an easy to use APS that generates itself.  This means consistent UI for designers, and less time spent by developers in the community to implement, as the APS generation code really takes care of it all for you.  A separate technical document for community developers (old and new) will be posted with the details.

Component Quality


We have made many important internal code re-factorings using the RequireJS module pattern which has been an opportunity for us to make a few bug fixes along the way, as well as streamline some old code.  There may be some initial bumps in the road early on with 3.0, but a goal is to re-visit existing components and FIX either bugs or incomplete features in order to make this a more reliable and appealing package for the community.




In the past, SCN comments have provided one channel to report bugs or ask for features or provides general feedback and ask questions.  For general feedback and questions, please provide them here on SCN as always, but we’d encourage you to post actual feature requests and bugs on GitHub as an issue so that they can be tracked and not lost in the sea of comments.  This helps you and the SCN developer community.  The place to do this is here:


Issues · org-scn-design-studio-community/sdkpackage · GitHub


Going forward look for additional new components and more reliable existing components!


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  • Hi


    I'm trying to use the Bullet chart, but when I add it to the canvas the app just freezes and the component is not loaded, I just keep seeing the loading image


    Please help



  • Hi,


    I´m trying to use the Data Top/Flop Chart / Data Leader Board Component in Design Studio 1.6. When I try to enter an URL for a Fallback Image, I get an error message

    "Reference Error" "value" is undefined.


    This happens in local mode and also in BIP mode.

    A Report which includes the component worked in 1.5 but now throws the same error in Design Studio 1.6


    Thanks a lot.



  • Hi Mike and co,


    Thanks very much for this.


    I am starting a new app (with DS1.6) and I am trying to decide between M and "Classic". I am leaning towards the M mode; however I note that in the latest (stable) version of the package the utilities are not available in the component browser. I did find the component manager in the technical components menu, but no others.


    Am I looking in the wrong place? If not, are you able to give an indication when the utility components will be available in M mode. I am specifically interested in the Array, Collection, Client Information and Component Manager utilities.


    Regards, Pat

    • Hi Patrick,


      We moved the util components to the technical components because they don't use canvas space. This a new Option since the new Version of the SDK

      The SAP standard pdf and global scripts are located there too.


      We haven't migrated all of our util components yet. But you will find the Array and the component Manager there already. I will update the repository just now so that the next build will get you the collection and the Client Information too. I did only rough tests therefor we would be grateful if you could let us know if you encounter any issues compared to the behaviour you are used to.




      • Thanks, Martin - I see you've made the changes.  I have a few to make, too (Change Component Manager and Client Information back to visual components as some people had the need) - I'll rebundle them today along with your changes.

        • Perfect Mike and thanks for adding. Another example why we need to try to establish one point of contact like GitHub issues for those requests. Karol keeps asking people but we seem to end up here all the time 😉




    • M mode has a lot of bugs with non-visual components (Data Source and Technical), I'd wait until at least SP1 if you use those types.

  • Where can I get the SDK? The help-file says i can download it in the service-marketplace. To do so I need an S-user. Support says as a byDesign-Customer one can not get an S-user.


    Many thanks for help

    • Hi Markus,


      You can just take the stable link from the download links section above and use the DesignStudio client to install using the link (don't click the link itself! You need to paste it on the client install dialog). Our latest deployment runs on top of DesignStudio 1.6. Make sure you grab the correct version for your client.




  • Hi,

    I have created a Dashboard with the a "range slider" and a "KPI View 2.0" from the new SDK Components  3.0. I have a pie chart and a geomap too

    My Dashboard works fine in "Execute locally" mode but into BiPlatform, all the SDK components disapear with errors "web item rangelsider_1 could not be found in current web application" and same think for KPI view "web item kpiview_1 could not be found in current web application".

    My Platform is a BI 4.1 SP6 on Windows 2008


    /wp-content/uploads/2016/02/error_webitem_884674.jpgOK_webitem.jpgThank you for your responses



  • Hi,


    Thank you very much for all this.


    I downloaded the .zip file for from the 3.0 stable link for DS 1.6, tried installing it in the same way I did for previous versions by following the steps given in SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community

    I have recently upgraded DS 1.5 to 1.6 by installing SP00 for DESIGN STUDIO CLIENT 1.6


    I get the following screen after browsing for the zip file and clicking ok.


    Could you please help?






    • This means you have already installed it (or a prior version) - You can instead perform an update via the Help menu to update the component.  Or, remove the existing version via the Help menu, and then install the newly downloaded one.


      I wish SAP would move the Update/Remove to the Tools Menu, and hiding it in the Help window is a bit confusing.

      • Thanks for the reply Mike.


        I searched ways to uninstall but looks like the Help menu has changed (See below). I am not able to find a way to uninstall the components. Could you please help?


        Also, I came across scn questions where it says that DS does not uninstall the components completely and hence does not pick up new components when installed. Do you know if this issue is resolved?






    • Hi,


      the package 3.0 is a continuation of 2.0, so you cannot install both. you need to upgrade.


      when you already have installed the 2.0 release, the way to upgrade is:


      * either uninstall 2.0 and install new using the menu Tools->Install Extensions

      * go to menu Help->About, Button "Installation Details", select the extensions and press button "Update". for this, you have to place the ZIP at the same folder as the original one was during the installation.



  • Hi,

    I was trying the MultiComboBox in 3.0, it works fine when executed on local but hangs on BI Platform. After installing the components on the platform I have restarted APS. Is there anything I am missing?


    Is this control working for anyone on BIP?


    ~ Sudheep

    • Hi Sudheep,


      Could you be so kind and open an issue on GitHub so that we can keep track of this better? Find the page here Issues · org-scn-design-studio-community/sdkpackage · GitHub.


      In addition to that I would like you to be more specific what your error is. Did you install all SCN components to BIP or just the databound ones? Like I said, please move this discussion to GitHub.


      I checked the latest version in commons and m mode a couple of minutes ago and it is working good.




  • Hi all,


    In M mode on DS1.6, inclusion of the JSON Object component causes Infocharts in the application to stop displaying category axis labels.


    I've raised an issue in GitHub, but thought I would also post here in case others come across this problem.


    Cheers, Pat

  • Hi guys,

    I am using scn design studio 1.6 sdk components 3.0 on Design Studio 1.6 and works fine. However When I try to run a Dashboard from BI LunchPad I got some erros related to ORG_SCN_COMMUNITY_BASIS_GAUGE

    My question is: how to update this components on my BO BID server? Which is running on 1.6 too.

    What do I have to do to be able to run my Dashboard from BO BI LunchPad without getting error from ORG_SCN_COMMUNITY_BASIS_GAUGE.


    If I extract design studio 1.6 sdk components 3.0 on Design Studio 1.6 in some folder of my BI BO BID server does it will work?


    Thansk and regards

  • hello karol, a consultation on component UI5 Table, as could make the painted cell function to a second column, bone instead of placing the value for the validation and colored cell I wanted to use a second column for example the bugget,.../wp-content/uploads/2016/04/example_929416.jpg


    Please if you could tell me how to make the painted cells is dynamic in function to the bugget column, I am very grateful for the answer.

  • Hi Guys

    I seem to have hit a bit of an issue with the Data Leaderboard component.


    When I select Bottom 3 entries it is sorting them as below

    1. Material 1

    Value 30

    2. Material 2

    Value 20

    3. Material 3

    Value 0


    I am in fact showing the top 3 materials but the lower the value the better it is.

    SO I selected bottom 3 materials from list but would want the list to be displayed in reverse order? They are labelled 1, 2 and 3 but in-fact I would want number 3 to be number 1 and work backwards?


    Any scope to get that into the component or not?

  • /
  • Hello Colleagues.


    We have installed SDK Extensions 3.0 (stable version) on Design Studio 1.6 (client side). After that we have uploaded "Design Studio SCN Community Utils" component to the Portal side (notice: we don't use BI Platform as a Portal; we use SAP NetWeaver Java 7.4 SP14 (BI-Java usage type) instead).


    Since the SDK Component was uploaded to the Portal, all of our Dashboards on the Portal side had stopped work (when we try to run a Dashboard from the Portal we got some erros; see error logs below). Although it works fine on Design Studio 1.6 client with the SDK Extensions installed (in "Execute locally" mode).


    All Dashboards work fine on the Portal side if we do not upload the SDK Extensions to the Portal (or if we remove the SDK Extensions installed on the Portal).


    Is it a known issue? Should the SDK Extensions work whith SAP NetWeaver Java platform? (it seems like the cause of the problem is a difference between connection mechanisms of BO BI Platform and NetWeaver Java platform)

    Maybe these SDK Extentions were made only for BO BI Platform?




    Piece of system logs whith error description:

    " No connection factory found for type"


    "Exception thrown: Error: Template Service could not be loaded!"


    "java.lang.ClassCastException: Cannot cast class (loader to class (loader"


    Please let me know if you need some additional information.

    Sorry for my English.



    Best Regards


  • Hi,

    If we upgrade to a new Service Pack of Design Studio 1.6 (SP2 which is due to be released soon), is there a possibility that components from Version 3 above, used in an exisitng dashboard be adversely impacted in any way?




  • Dear All,

    Today we noticed that method fireEvent doesn't work when Design Studio dashboard is executing on NetWeaver portal.

    Example: Please create new dashboard, add Donut component and add Application.log('whatever"); in OnClick event. Execute the dashboard locally - works correctly, on BO platform - works correctly, on NetWeaver - no error messages, no details in log, but fireEvent doesn't fire our BIAL code.

    I created own simply component which only try to fire event, nothing else, it doesn't work on NW platform.


    I see that fireEven is used in many SCN components (Donut, Map, Timeout, BulletChart, Choropleth, Hierarchy, LeafletMap, LocationIntel, DataInterator, ComponentLayouter ...)


    Is it know problem? Should I report incident officially?

    or nobody uses Design Studio on NetWeaver?


    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards.

    • Important comment. Component "Client Information" also has script event but via fireDesignStudioEvent method. It doesn't work neither. Any idea?

      • fireEvent and fireDesignStudioEvent execute event script in BIAL. The problem is (as I see now) with APPLICATION.alert. Other method/functions work correctly. It happens only on NW.

        • Hi Emmo,


          For starters lot's of people use the NW deployment option. I just reproduced your problem description. Everything is ok except the APPLICATION.alert method like you said.


          I checked the SAP Design Studio 1.6 Application Designer Guide for that


          This behavior is by design. Read section " Error Analysis in Scripting" for reference. In essence you should use APPLICATION.createInfoMessage if you are not debugging code locally.


          So you don't have a SDK problem but application use.


          Kind regards


  • /
  • /
    • I think the question is whether or not the components are usable for DS 1.6 SP2?

      Can anyone answer this please? If they are not, when will they be?



      • Hi Pheno, hi Martin,


        I just ran the components with the latest client without any problems. Our repository is compliant with the new version SP2. Just so you know SAP promised to be as downwards compatible with the SDK as possible. Meaning there is a very high chance that all versions of our components work with every new Design Studio version. So far there has been no disruptive changes by SAP.


        Long story short, you need to try again installing. There must be another reason for your error.


        Kind regards


        • Hi All,

          One of my colleagues faced the same issue as Pheno has mentioned few weeks back, while he was trying to install the platform extensions after downloading them from the same link. DS Version: 4.1. He got the same error message as Pheno has shared.


          However, when I had downloaded the .zip file last March 2016 and installed on my local system/BI Platform (DS Version: 4.1) it worked just fine. I had the downloaded zip file on my local computer and I shared it with my colleague, and he was able to configure this time with no issues.


          So, I suspect that there is something wrong with the file that has been uploaded to the github site, can one of the moderators/admins pelase take a look?




          • Hi Taniya,


            It is possible that the offline install file was corrupt at some point in time. I donwloaded today the most recent files and tested from scratch. The installation works fine.


            Another thing I would like to suggest for future reference is to clean up the Design Studio client. Sometimes after lots of install/uninstall actions and/or client restarts jar files can be left over. To rule out that problem you can delete your Analysis-Config folder which will reset your client.


            Kind regards


  • Hey guys,


    I was wondering if there is a possibility to install only selected components.

    For a specific application I would only need the rapid prototyping component and the color picker 2.0 if we decide to use them. So it would be nice if there was a way to avoid installing all the other components delivered along with the SDK component package.

    Is there a way to accomplish that?

    Thanks for your help and BR



    • Hi Agnetha,


      This is not possible out of the box. You would need to clone our GitHub repository and alter the build logic to only incorporate what you need. We are sharing code throughout the components. That is why you can only install complete packages instead of individual components. We value the code sharing over the packaging.


      Kind regards


      • /
        • Just out of curiosity, what is it exactly that disturbs you so much to have the other components too? Could you elaborate a little on that?


          Kind regards


          • Sure: Imagine the scenario that I want to insert one of your components in an application after having installed the complete packages.

            I perform a right-click on the layout folder, choose "create" and I can see three new folders: SCN Community Basics, Utils and Visualizations.


            The problem arising is that I don't know in which folder the component is located. So I start browsing the folders. The first one feels like it contains 40 components, the second one about 10 components and the last one like 20 components. Of course these numbers are probably a bit exaggerated, but it's just the initial feeling I get when I open the folders.


            Fortunately the components in the folders are sorted alphabetically. So if I remember the component's name correctly, I have not sooo much trouble finding it. If I do not remember the name, I have to start browsing... Of course, as you know, users are always impatient.


            Still, this variety of components just strikes me down whenever I open the folders and it feels like I have installed about 90% of components that I actually don't really need. So my mind starts wondering what all the components that I never used are for (of course only if their names are not obvious like "color picker" ) etc. and suddenly I feel the strong need to tidy up.


            But this is just my impression. That's why I asked if there is a possibility to install only the components I plan on using..





          • Thanks Agnetha for being so detailed about my question. When it comes to finding components maybe check the filter input box above the folders? That works pretty neat. the same goes for finding components on the outline tree for messy dashboards.


            I do get your feeling to tidy up though.


            Thanks for sharing.


            Kind regards


  • Mike,


    I'm confused on how to install the scn community visualizations as well as scn community utils.


    Any pointers appreciated ..I'm on Release 1.6 (Version 16.0.5)



  • Hi all,


    can you please check if the Fiori Slider (part of the Community Basics) is broken?

    I did a simple setup where the current value of the slider was supposed to be passed on to a text.


    However only the inital value is forwarded. The current value will never be displayed.
    The coding I used on the Slider for the 'onChange' Event:




    Best regards,

  • Hello All,

    I am using Design Studio 1.5 version. I am unable to open one report which gives error to first install Design Studio SDK Extension Sample KPI Tile on my local system.

    This extension is already available on Platform. However I am unable to install the same on my local machine.

    Would you please help me with the solution to install this extension.


    • Hi All,

      I have now also found zip file for KPI tile, however when I try to install it on Design studio local machine, it gives below error.

      How can i install KPI tile on my machine.


      • Hi Priyanka,

        This is not the right place to ask that question since your problem is not related to our repository content. Please open a new question for that.

        Regarding your error, the message is telling you that Design Studio could not find a SDK extension on your zip file. The person who deployed on BIP must be able to provide you the correct zip file.

        In addition to that you could read section 3.3 of the design studio developer guide on how to create an installable design studio extension. That way you will be able to create a valid zip from the standard SAP kpitile example.

        Kind regards

  • Hi Guys,

    Did you see that with the new SCN many links are broken ?
    For instance (SAP UI5 Table) or (Client  Information Component)

    Kind Regards


  • Hi,

    I'm testing the DATERANGESCROLLER and I have a question about it:

    I have an application that changes the viewType of the DATERANGESCROLLER using a DROPDOWN BOX. The change of the viewType works fine. But with the change of the viewType I want to immediately change the filter on a datasource, too. This does not work. I have to click the DATERANGESCROLLER first.

    1.) ViewType MONTH, DATERANGESCROLLER shows "January 2017", data source is filtered on 01/01/2017 - 01/31/2017

    2.) Now I change viewType to "Week", DATERANGESCROLLER shows "January 2 - 8, 2017" immediatly but data source still filtered on 01/01/2017 - 01/31/2017

    3.) Click DATERANGESCROLLER and apply filter to data source.

    So filtering a datasource with DATERANGESCROLLER.getStartDate() and DATERANGESCROLLER.getEndDate() only works after clicking the DATERANGESCROLLER once.

    Is there a way to automatically change a data source filter when the viewType is changed?

    Thank you for your comments,
    Alexander Oertel

  • /
  • Hi Martin Pankraz,

    How are you doing...

    I need small help, we are using SDK component in BO 4.1 SP7, now we are planing to upgrading system to BO 4.2 SP4, Please let me know SDK compatible with new version of BO server.




  • Hi all.

    I installed the components on my Design Studio Client 1.6 SP5 Patch 2 and used KPI Tile component, when execute the application in local mode all work fine but when try my application in sap netweaver portal show me two messages, one alert message "item de web KPITILE_1 not found in web application and one warning message ""ORG_SCN_COMMUNITY_BASICS_KPITILE" couldn´t be generate. Basis team consult TroubleshootingSDK document find a posible solution but continue the problem.


    Any idea. Thaks



  • Hello, Mike,

    your bring your own data source component is best! I use it throughout to merge and  manipulate data for charts or other things. I`ve recently updated to Lumira Designer SP2, and even though SAP said that custom sdk components will be compatible and work without issues. It woulds seems that it is not the case for BYO. Then i try to use the addRow() method it throws script errors ReferenceError: “balanceDimension” is not defined. () . Has anyone had any luck with making this component run on Lumira designer ? And are there any plans to port these community sdk to Lumira designer ?

    Thank you



    i poked around in the source code for the component that was throwing the error

    in the contributions.ztl i`ve changed var dims = balanceDimension(dimensions).split(",");

    to var dims = this.balanceDimension(dimensions).split(",");

    and while(dims.length<kfIndex){ to while(dims.length<this.kfIndex){

    recompiled the package installed it as Lumira designer 2 sp2 extension, reports started to work, installed on platform bpi lumira addon 2.0 sp2 and they started to work on the BI launchpad as well.

    Though i have no idea why that worked or if its even a valid solution 🙂

    There also seems to be this kind of an issue with data iterator component in getRows() method.

    String balanceDimension(/*Dimensions*/String dimensions){*
      var dims = dimensions.split(",");
      for(var i=0;i<dims.length;i++){
      if(dims[i]=="") dims[i]=="#";
      return dims.join(",");
    void addRow(/*Dimensions*/ String dimensions, /*Measures*/ String measures, /*Overwrite*/ optional boolean overwrite){*
      if(overwrite) deleteRow(dimensions);
      var dims = balanceDimension(dimensions).split(",");
      var kfs = measures.split(",");
      var rows ="\n");
      var columnCount = 0;
      var newRow = dims.join(",") + "," + kfs.join(",");
      var newRows = rows.join("\n"); = newRows;
    • Audrius,


      Thanks for this detailed feedback.  While most of what I tested in the 2.0 beta was working with these components, I did not have the time to test all script APIs.  I will create a fix and update the community package.  Thank you so much for digging into it.

  • I've posted this in the Issues on GitHub, but after reading the Questions/Comments/Feedback section above, I think maybe I should have put it here.  Sorry for the double post.

    I'm trying to internationalize a dashboard we've built in DS 1.6 SP4 Patch 2. We're using the 3.0 SCN SDK components.

    I am returning dates from a Datastore. The date format coming back is determined by the locale I set for myself on the BI Platform. If it's English, the date comes back e.g. 06/01/17 for Jun 1, 2017. If I change my BIP locale to Portuguese (Brazil), the date comes back as 01/06/17.

    I wrote the dashboard to take the returned date and use the substring method to parse out the day, month, and year, which I then pass into the initialize method to get a REALDATE object. This method obviously won't work when the parts of the date string are in different places. I cannot find a way around this. Even using the getDay, getMonth, and getYear methods that are part of the REALDATE internals return the wrong values. Is there any way to use REALDATE to overcome this? Or any other method? Most of what I see from a Google search have to do with converting the current date, which isn't my situation.

    I guess I'm just wondering if there's a method in REALDATE, or some other component, somewhere that I'm missing, that deals with the different date formats.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Thank you for your efforts to keep the post updated.

    I downloaded the code for version 3.0 from the link from the post . While unzipping, I get the below error. If I press enter, similar error pops up for another file. If I keep pressing enter till the end and add the projects in eclipse, some of the .js files (eg. PropertyPage.js) are missing from the projects (last pic below). Due to this the components are not rendering.

    Have you seen these errors before? Could you help to resolve this?







  • Hi, I’m working on SDK design studio. I want to build a dynamic data table with the feature of changing columns header dynamically. I checked advance datatable I have to create the exact same table. I want to set the titles of the columns from the component menu. I need a guidance how I can add this facility in your Advance datatable component.

    can you clear me one thing is it possible to design this table in the HTML file and manipulate with this table in the component.js file? if is there any other approach that is best for this kindly elaborate it.



    I am working on a dashboard that’s utilizing some components from Custom SDK 3.0 stable.   Everything works fine in local mode but the dashboard doesn’t display anything on BIP.    Custom SDK components are installed to BIP as well.   I am on BI 4.1SP.  Developed the dashboard in local mode utilizing Design Studio 1.6SP4.  But on BIP, I am using Design Studio 1.6SP5 to make modifications.   BIP has Design Studio 1.6SP2 though.

    I created a new dashboard to replicate the issue, while doing that, it turns out KPI Tile2.0 that I am using doesn’t display the radial micro chart.  All other components are displaying fine.    Also worth noting is that the graph within the KPI Tile works fine.  It is the radial micro chart that’s not displaying.    I believe the micro radial chart was developed by @karol.kalisz  so you may have some in sight into this?

    Any help into this will be appreciated.

    Radial Micro Chart


  • Hi,

    I have been trying to get following things working with SAP Design Studio 1.6 SP05:

    • UI5 Table
    • MultiComboBox

    Background: We need to have conditional formatting and sorting by columns (individual). Standard crosstab doesn't provide this functionality. Our data source is Universe.

    So, I downloaded the SDK 3.0 and successfully tried my design and workflow that I require in original app. It worked for a while and then starting giving following issue:

    Everything goes white or in stealth mode (rendering issue I believe) and I can't view or edit components directly. Although I can view this components when running the app. Just wondering if anyone seen this issue before:

    // I can't see custom components even though they are set to visible

    // When app runs locally then I can see them

    // When I run it on BI Platform then I can see them

    Any suggestions would be really appreciated.