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ITSM & ChaRM – Reminder / Escalation emails using Date Management (Dates and Durations) Part 3

This is the continuation to the Part 1 and Part 2 blogs.

ITSM & ChaRM – Reminder / Escalation emails using Date Management (Dates and Durations) Part 1

ITSM & ChaRM – Reminder / Escalation emails using Date Management (Dates and Durations) Part 2

In this part, the Custom Duration field is made available in the Web UI configuration for the relevant document type.

The sample requirement discussed in Blog 1 and 2 is again used for Part 3.This is the sample requirement in context of Part 1/2 of the Blog –

When an Incident has been forwarded, the requirement is to send a Reminder/escalation email after a specific wait time if the Status is still unchanged.

Below are the Steps:

SPRO Configuration to enable the linking of the custom duration to the BTDateSET



Custom Enhancement has to be created for the Standard component (In my Case it is Incident) AIC_INCIDENT_H. This has to be done before proceeding with the required settings for the Custom Context nodes.


**Refer the Blog by Harshit Kumar for completing the above step**

How To Enhance a Web UI Component in SAP CRM – CRM – SCN Wiki



Click Continue till reaching ‘Create Links to Custom Controller’ and then



The BOL relation as shown in the above screenshot is available only if it has been maintained in the SPRO as shown earlier in this document.


The Superclass in the Context node’s Implementation class is changed to CL_CRM_UIU_BT_DATE_CN to handle dates.



Delete the Check for the errors (Remove the extra Base_Entity_Name attribute from the class) and activate.


Log off and Logon to see the Attribute ‘Date’ available under the new custom node.


**The Blog from Chand Shaik is used as the base reference for the next few steps**

Adding Date profile’s Date type Fields as Context Attribute to the UI component

The below steps were done different from that of the blog to match to the DURATION specific requirement.

In the ‘ON_NEW_FOCUS’ method the replacement code was updated as below to refer the Z_FWDDURA duration created in SPRO date profile.



TIP : ***For Date, it is T and for duration, it is D for lv_category. The LV_date_type is the Date type or the Duration id defined in the Date Profile***

The GETTER and SETTER methods were activated for all the attributes below Date attribute (This may not be required- Did this as trial and error for getting troubleshooting ‘Not Bound’ text in the value of the field in the Web UI).



The Web UI configuration now will have the Custom node ZFWDDURA.




<—————End of the blog—————>

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