This document describes how to setup a backend System for the Fiori Reference Applications to run them in the WebIDE.

The Fiori Reference Applications are based on the Enterprise Procurement Model (NW-EPM) which is available in every SAP NetWeaver system as well as the Fiori Reference Applications.

This guide focuses on the setup of an embedded scenario where Gateway and Business system are the same.

To connect your own backend System to the WebIDE the following 3 steps are necessary (as default all Reference Apps are delivered with destination ‘RefAppsBackend’):

  1. Connect your WebIDE to a backend system
  2. Activate the service in the backend system
  3. Generate data in the backend system

Detailed description of the three steps:

1. Connect your WebIDE to a backend system

    1. You have already a backend system configured for your WebIDE -> Replace ‘RefAppsBackend’ in file ‘neo-app.json’ with your backend system
    2. You don’t have a backend system configured for your WebIDE: Start the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Therefore open the WebIDE and choose Tools -> SAP HANA Cloud Platform Cockpit.
      In this Cockpit select ‘Destinations’ on the left side and then ‘New Destination’

               Maintain the following entries:

      • Name:  RefAppsBackend
      • Type: HTTP
      • Description: RefAppsBackend
      • URL:  Port information of the backend system
      • Proxy Type: Internet
      • Authentication: choose an appropriate authentication

               Additional Properties:

2. Activate the service in the backend

You can find the description how to activate a service in this document: Activate and Maintain Services The service used in a specific Reference App can be found in Component.js (applicable for SAPUI5 Version 1.28):

e.g.: serviceConfig: {      name: “EPM_REF_APPS_SHOP”,      serviceUrl:“/sap/opu/odata/sap/EPM_REF_APPS_SHOP_SRV/”     }

3. Generate data in the backend System

To get data displayed in the Reference App the data must be generated before first run. Therefore run the Report ‘REF_APPS_DG‘ in TA SA38.

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  1. Diego Campana

    Hi Martin, very useful blog. I tried to run a Reference App, the shopping app pointing to my backend ERP system, but I get an exception at oData service level, saying that the database query is not supported. I guess it’s because I don’t use a HANA DB, I’m thinking to redefine the oData service implementation methods. Have you faced with this issue? Thank you. Diego.

    1. Marita Kruempelmann

      Hi Diego,

      what is the version of your backend system? If you use NW 7.40 you need a HANA DB for shop and for manage products. You might want to check out the approval app. This runs with any db.

      Best regards, Marita


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