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Did you know… Shortcuts in Lumira Desktop?

Below are some shortcuts that you may or may not be aware of in Lumira Desktop:

1) A dimension can be added in different ways:

  • Double click
  • Drag and drop
  • Select from the plus button


2) Chart builder panel can be shown on the right (default is left)


3) Click on the chart icon to pick a chart instead of the dropdown menu unless you want a specific type (Save one click!)


4) Under Measures, click on the Option button beside a measure to see a list of additional functionalities.


“Did you know…” is a series of short blogs by the BI & Analytics Competence Centre, a global team within SAP engineering focused 100% on customer success. They are a useful reminder of Lumira hints, tips and best practices.

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  • Hi Edward,

    I like the idea of your blog series and it is a nice way to share information, but isn't that a bit too basic knowledge to share as a blog? You know, Lumira has a strong wiki and a awesome set of documentation. It makes it easy to find all the information you shared.

    Nevertheless the idea is strong, so why not having a bigger example and maybe also create a github-folder (or something similar) to download some data to get the hands dirty and have a blog series which shows how to calculate and redfine the data.


    (Maybe to a real world example: sales-areas with ERP or S/4 datatables 😉 )

    • +1 to Florian. Also please note that "how-to's" are supposed to be posted as documents, not blogs (see here). Blog format would work if it was an announcement of a new feature in version X, for example.

      I understand the idea here is to have "short blogs", but if you look around you might notice that traditionally the SCN blogs have a little more "meat on their bones".