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HOWTO – SAP Cloud for Customer – Analytics – Create Conditions (Video Tutorial)

When you work with reports, you can create conditions to restrict the results area of a report in accordance with certain criteria. For example, you can create a condition so that you only see products that have net sales above a certain threshold value. You can also create a condition to display the five lowest selling products. In other words, you can use conditions to restrict the results area of a report so that you only see a part of the result area for which you are interested.

You create, edit, and delete conditions using the Manage Conditions dialog box. You can find the Manage Conditions dialog box by clicking Key Figure.

When you activate conditions for a report, you are not changing any values; you are just hiding the values that are not relevant for you. Conditions therefore have no effect on the values displayed in result rows. The result rows of a report with an active condition are the same as the result rows of a report without this condition.

Pooja Bhalla explains the concept in the embedded video tutorial below:



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