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ASUG Webcast Q&A: What’s New in 1.29 and Update on Roadmap for Lumira Server for BI Platform

This was an ASUG webcast from yesterday and a few questions from today’s SCN Dataset Linking webcast are included since the number of questions was small.

NOTE: All SAP forward-looking statements are subject to change

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Q: Is it currently possible or in road map to pass HANA Variables in a Open Document call as URL parameter so the user does not have to provide them on open.

A: Hi, we (SAP) are working on Opendocument enhancement. In next version we are working on supporting Bookmarks. ( Bookmarks are pre defined filters ). By passing book mark you could achieve filtering.

Q:any plans to get data model viewer capability n future releases?

i understand we can put in our request in ideas portal but just checking if you have it already in your roadmap

A: Hi, It’s there in our Backlog, at this point I don’t have information when it would be available.

Q: Will Lumira Desktop be using the Velocity Engine? If so, this will require a lot of memory, correct?

A: Yes Lumira uses Velocity Engine… Memory based on user requirement. You could refer to PAM for the basic and recommended configuration

Q: With 1.29 fit page, fit width and various % options are available. What all of my users are asking for is a Fill Page options where both the height and width are re-sized to fit and fill the display. Is this on the roadmap?

A: Hi, Thanks for the input, we will look in to this

Q: Any improvements on SMART-SIZING of the LUMIRA Story-Boards based on Screen-Size and Aspect-Ratio of the DEVICE that is Viewing the LUMIRA document..?

A: Yes, it does. We are demoing how the stories are rendered in Mobile BI application in a shortwhile

Q: Up to now, we have been saving/sharing our LUMIRA documents via he free SAP LUMIRA CLOUD service for Public-Consumption. That is no longer supported in version 1.29 – how do we share our LUMIRA documents now..? Free Cloud option..?

A: We recommend to stay on 1.28 for Lumira cloud support, additional details can be found in following blog: Hello SAP Lumira Server for BI Platform. Goodbye SAP Lumira Server for HANA and SAP Lumira Cloud.

Q: If i had joined multiple datasets,is there easy way to visualize all of these joins? For Ex: Data Model Viewer

A: No we do not have Data Model Viewer capablity

Q: Can you clarify on SAP’s plans on the integration between cloud for analytics and on premise products? This is very mportant for customers investing in on premise products now and plan to adopt CFA n future.

A: We are working on this plan at the moment, nothing concrete to share. We would have details early next year.

Q: How is the integration between Lumira and Cloud for analytics. For Ex: Can we publish from Lumira desktop to CFA ?

A: Not yet possible

Q: In future will you be able to create extensions which can be used by both Lumira and Design Studio?

A: This requirement is in our Backlog, at this point we cannot confirm the release version.

Q: When viewing a folder containing Lumira stories on mobile will they be viewed as thumbnails on the screen or as a list

A: List At present

Q: Are the Desktop sub updates 1.29.3 compatible with all 1.29 BI Server 1.29.x versions?

A: Yes, we would recommend to have both desktop and server in same version.

Dataset Linking Webcast Q&A:

Note: Please check out Mike’s excellent blog on Dataset Linking also at: Dataset Linking in SAP Lumira

Q: Can I link together Hana online & Excel & BW data?

A: currently linking is supported on offline – offline or online – online sources. support for online – offline sources is in roadmap

Q: Data merging and blending looks great and caters for both options of unique/non unique linking data values.  From a data linking perspective what extra functionality is coming in future releases?

A: Idea Place; We are looking at bringing in functionality for online and offline blending in future release. also looking at functionality to blend multiple datasets

Q: Can the final running totals be highlighted or bolded

A: You can use conditional formatting or an expression

Q:  Does Lumira have functions to create running sums as calculated measures independent of the chart or cross tab

A:  Yes; however they are bound to the viz

Q: The case we have is using  calculated totals on a  time-based line chart,  then forecast on it…That is when we run into the wall….the chart would not forecast on a running total based on the chart itself.

A: These are different; need to extrapolate data not in dataset


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