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Copy System PLD Layout to another Database

  1. Open The Database from which we are trying to copy system PLD layout.
  2. Now, I am copying Sales order System PLD layout
  3. We need to open Layout designer from tool bar after opening sales order
  4. It will give us Layout and sequence window ,here we can select the layout which we want to copy ,then click on manage layout button.
  5. Then it will give us Report and Layout Manager, here we need to click on edit button in the bottom
  6. It will open the layout work space like below
  7. Click Select All option from edit in the tool bar
  8. We will get promt like “select hidden fields” click ‘Yes’
  9. After selecting all, click copy option from edit in tool bar
  10. It will give us prompt like “Select hidden fields” click ‘yes’
  11. Close the source database.
  12. Then Open the Database in which you want to paste the PLD System Layout  .
  13. Do the same what we did ,when we are copying PLD till select all option,
  14. After ‘select all’ again click ‘delete’ option from edit in tool bar
  15. It will give us the blank layout ,here
  16. Now, Click paste option from edit in tool bar, to paste what we copied before
  17. Here we will get one system message , click ‘yes’
  18. We finished copying  the layout, now we need to save as with new name.
  19. Click save as option from print layout designer in  tool bar
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