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Tips & Tricks using SAP BW Modeling Tools (BWMT) in Eclipse

Eclipse provides a great set of features out of the box which can  be used with the SAP BW Modeling Tools.

This document summarizes the most important and most valuable tips you should be aware of and will be constantly updated!

We are also looking for your ideas, feedback and tips. Please feel free to comment or to reach out to me.

For more implementation details please also refer to this document.

  • Efficient Tab Handling
    • Enlarge and minimize individual tabs by double clicking:


    • Drag a tab to out of the eclipse window will create an open a pop up window for the specific object:


  • Configure Problems View that only active and object related messages appear (View menu -> Show) :


    • More you can add a timestamp to the problem view (View menu -> Configure Columns) :


  • Link BW Search with BW Repository and it will highlight the search result in the tree:


  • Use BW Search to find inactive objects (either Search -> Search or via the Search Icon):


  • Input Help by pressing STRG+SPACE for Search fields (possible whenever the “lamp” is shown next to the field):


  • Open the History View (to see and restore previous versions, e.g. to switch from active to delivered versions


    • By double click on the table entry you can open e.g. the “active” version and compare the differences


  • Save the view of a perspective, this will save how you configured and positioned the different panels



    • Resetting a perspecitve will restore the default layout of the perspective:


  • Attach HANA System to link the BW and HANA repository. This will e.g. allow you to search and add HANA Views in a CompositeProvider


  • Helpful shortcuts when working in eclipse  
Task Shortcut
Refresh active editor F5
Save object CTRL + S
Undo last change  CTRL + Z
Apply last change again CTRL + Y
Create new object CTRL + N
Search for BW object CTRL + H
Open BW object      CTRL + Shift + D
Close Editor CTRL + W
Check selected BW object CTRL + F2
Switch between open editors           ALT + Left-Arrow
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    • SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA will comprises capabilities of SAP HANA Studio (e.g. Developer Perspective) and SAP HANA Web-based Development Workbench. The BWMT are Eclipse based and will further be the strategic modeling environment for SAP BW.

      Modelling objects of BW and HANA modelling are fully compatible with each other.



  • dear Marc or colleagues,

    is there an option in place to install just the "query designing" capabilities of the BWMT or even a standalone version planned (for customers which have separate teams for backend and query development)?

    Thanks in advance and best regards


  • After you search on an object like a datasource, is there a way to locate the object in the tree? Is there away to see the dataflow when you right click on an object?

    I am new to this BWMT interface. So far, I found the old RSA1 is so much more powerful. This looks like a half baked product. All gimmick, no substance.