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Everyone knows the admin guides and overview notes where you could ‘easily’ find the HANA revisions compatible with the SAP Business One version and patch you want to install. Knowing the HANA revision could also mean an upgrade of the OS (SUSE Linux). Especially now we are entering the ramp up of 9.2 and the introduction of SLES 12, the end of maintenance for version 9.0 it becomes a bit misty in the SAP Business One version for SAP HANA world. To make it more clear I created the attached pdf in the hope this may clear the mist! This post will be updated frequently when new versions comes out!

[20151215] Minor change in GIF. SLES 11 SP3 is also supported with 9.2 PL02 and 9.1 PL11

[20151217] Changed RU in EAC (=early adopter care) and Pl10 available

[20151221] Add remark about different setups (like High availibility)

[20160104] Upgrade of some libraries already needed for HANA Rev 97.03

[20160223] Support of SLES 12 is potsponed, not supported with 9.1 PL11 and 9.2 PL02

[20160303] 9.1 PL11 only supports HANA Rev 102.05

[20160504] Future patches 9.1 PL12 and 9.2 PL03 added

[20160624] 9.2 PL03 officially released

[20160909] 9.1 Pl13 and 9.2 Pl04 officially released. 9.2 Pl05 planned

[20161025] Added the gif bak to the post

[20161208] Changed HANA revision for PL05 to 122.03 and added Pl06

[20170301] Added PL07 and PL08

[20170628] Added Pl09 and SLES 12.1

[20171003] Added EAC version 9.3

[20180109] 9.3 Pl01 and 9.2 PL10 added

[20180423] 9.3 Pl03 added

[20180703] 9.3 PL04 and 9.2 PL11 added. Be aware as of 9.4 Pl04 SLES 11SP3 is not supported anymore. For new installations you it is advised to install SLES12 SP3

[20180831] 9.3 PL05 added

! This is not an official supported document, all rights reserved. Changes in delivered versions may occur!


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  1. Former Member

    Hi Jeroen,

    Is SLES 12 now supported…I tried it with the 9.2 preview release and the SAP labs guys told me it wasn’t supported and the documentation was incorrect.

    I have an SLES 12 instance with HANA Rev 97 loaded and I wanted to load 9.2 PL 03 on it (the EAC version)

    Thanks in advance


    1. Jeroen van de Waart Post author


      As far as I know EAC version of 9.2 is currently Pl00

      You can see in the image, SLES 12 is only supported as of 9.2 Pl02 (which is aimed to be the GA version of 9.2) and 9.1 PL11. (JvdW: support of SLES 12 is postponed till further notice, instead SLES 11 sp4 is still supported for all B1 versions)

      Hope this clearifies


  2. Korbinian Bachl

    There is an error in your slide; You say “upgrade of some libraries needed”- for PL10+ onwards on the SLES 11; That is wrong. The “upgrade of some libraries needed” is already required for HANA SPS 09 and thus for PL09 onwards as this uses 97.03 already;

    HANA SPS 10 needs same spec as SPS 09; (especially the older gcc compiler from SLES 11 SP2 + SLES 11 SP3-stock wasnt supported anymore)

  3. Former Member

    Hi, can we update the slide to include SLES 12 and SLES 12 SP1?

    Now that 9.2 PL03 is available, its supported on SLES 12 and SLES 12 SP1 ?

    1. Jeroen van de Waart Post author

      Hello Dan,

      According to Overview Note 2239786 SAP Business One 9.2 Pl03 version for SAP HANA support SLES 11 SP3 and SP4.

      Nothing is mentioned about SLES 12 not SLES 12 sp1 and to my knowledge this will not be supported

      Hope this helps.


      1. Former Member

        Noted. Thanks. Because I saw in your earlier replies last year that

        “You can see in the image, SLES 12 is only supported as of 9.2 Pl02 (which is aimed to be the GA version of 9.2) and 9.1 PL11.”

        1. Jeroen van de Waart Post author

          Thanks for the remark. You are correct, but because we are not supporting SLES 12 yet, we still support SLES 11 SP3 from SBO perspective.

          Of course it is recommended to use SLES 11 SP4

          1. Korbinian Bachl

            Since you talk about “we” I suppose you are from the SAP team.

            B1 HANA only supports SLES as of now.

            SuSe however changed their licensing drastically this year, cancelling the self-service-support-subscription options and this leading to a dramatically increased costs (now standard-support-subscription is cheapest entry level) by a factor of at least 3 compared to the old offering.

            HANA also runs on RHEL and I wonder if and when B1 HANA will also support RHEL. Could you please elaborate onto this?

            1. Jeroen van de Waart Post author

              Hello Korbinian,

              So far I’m not aware of any plan for the support of RHEL. I’m indeed ‘from SAP’ but I’m working in the field (partner enablement), not on development so I don’t have direct insights in this planning. As soon as I know more I will inform via this blog!


      1. Lukasz Chomin

        Hi Jeroen,

        I believe this chart should be also updated for SLES 12 and 12 SP1 as they are supported for SAP HANA. I hope B1 team will also certify Server Tools for these version.

        Also 9.2 PL04 should be marked as GA instead of EAC.

        Thanks in advance.

        1. Jeroen van de Waart Post author

          SLES 12 is not supported for SAP Business One server tools, so that’s why I decided not to add it yet. So far I don’t know of any plans SBO is going to support SLES 12 in the near future.

          I made some minor change on the slides to make it more clear PL03 and Pl04 are GA patches.

    1. Jeroen van de Waart Post author


      Seems the gif is lost with the migration to the new SCN, I also don’t get any feedback from comments on this blog. So sorry for the late reply.
      Trust they are working on this as we speak


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