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Remote Enabled Function Modules in Personas 3.0

Just captured all the mandatory checks and steps to call remote enable function modules in Personas 3.0

Reference Link:

Requirement: Fetch Employee Full Name and Last Logon Date using Personas 3.0

Step 1:

Personas SP level in our landscape:

Personas Version.png


Step 2:

Mandatory Checks

  • Make sure, Function module is Remote Enabled in SAP System
  • Function module to be included in Table/View ‘/PERSONAS/C_RFCW’

FM Check.png


Step 3:

SICF Path for the Personas URL

Transaction SICF -> Click ‘F8’ -> Navigate to Path-> default_host->sap->bc->personas

SICF Path.png

Step 4:

URL: http://FQDN/sap/bc/personas?sap-client=100

  • Provide Credentials of your personas system
  • It will take you to initial login screen
  • Also, check whether it contains ‘P’ icon ( Screen Personas )

Initial Login Screen.png

Step 5:

Execute “SU01” transaction in the command prompt


Step 6:

Click on “P” icon, Create a flavor for “SU01” transaction. It opens below screen


Step 7:

In our case “SU01_3.0” is the new flavor which we created as a copy to standard “SU01” transaction.


Step 8:

  We modified the flavor “SU01_3.0” as below

     i)   Introduced two new fields Full Name and Last Logon in the screen.

     ii)  Introduced Script button.( Details )

    iii)  Changed the background colors, Font colors etc..


Step 9:

Click on Scripting button as shown below


It will open the below screen, add the below code and replace the session id’s with your screen session id’s for ( Full Name and Last Logon Date ). Save it.



var uname=session.findById(“wnd[0]/usr/ctxtSUID_ST_BNAME-BNAME”).text;

var FM = session.createRFC(“BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL”);




var address = JSON.parse(FM.getResult(“ADDRESS”));

var admindata = JSON.parse(FM.getResult(“ADMINDATA”));

session.findById(“wnd[0]/usr/txtPersonas_1441340599673”).text = address.FULLNAME;

session.findById(“wnd[0]/usr/txtPersonas_1441340612163”).text = admindata.TRDAT;


In the Script button “Details” , Import above script

Step 10:

Enter the user name and click on Details button, it will fetch the data using Remote Function module “BAPI_USER_GET_DETAIL” and populate the date in the respective fields


Note: This approach will also be help full for all other Remote Enabled Function Modules

We are done!

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      Author's profile photo Wesley Feimster
      Wesley Feimster

      Let’s say that I also want the date & number format.  These are in the DEFAULTS structure as DATFM and DCPFM.  When you retrieve these from this BAPI, they come across as with domain values.  I want to translate these to the text.  For example, my user has chosen YYYY-MM-DD as her format.  For domain XUDATFM, this is value 6.  I want "YYYY-MM-DD" to appear in my flavor's label.  I have been trying with RFC_READ_TABLE to read from DD07T but have not been successful getting results.  Any suggestions?

      Author's profile photo Devarishi Jha
      Devarishi Jha

      Hi ,

      I am new to SAP Screen Personas , I tried this script exactly same as written below but its showing me error on line where we are using set parameter:


      its saying - Argument of type 'string' is not assignable to parameter of type 'object'.

      I am not able to understand , am I missing something over here.

      Please your help would be great!