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Improvement of Public Transport – India

Since the invention of wheel and its assimilation into human existence as its integral part, means of transport have evolved in synchronisation with the evolution of human mind. The use of means of transport have become simply indispensable for man.Movement from one part to other part requires use of Public Transport System.

Public Transport is used as morde of Transport by majority of people to reach their destinations.Barring a few options of luxury travel offered by some Public Transport systems, Public Transport system for common people needs to be revamped and a lot of improvement is required for the overhauling of the entire system.

This will benefit the persons travelling from one place to another. We can do analysis by the use of SAP Lumira and conclude that this will drastically save time and also will bring safety precautions in India which can reduce the crime rates. I will make use of SAP Lumira Cloud for creating Stories and Visualisations.

I have got the PublicTransport Bus system dataset from the website

In the first place, we will look into the problems faced by commuters by the current public transport system of India and then we will analyse what improvement we can do.

Problems involved in the current public transport system of India.

Buses are too much overcrowded. Sometimes people sit on the roof of the bus if they do not get seats inside the bus.This is very risky.They are playing with their lives.The persons who are inside the bus also feel suffocated by the overcrowded bus.

Buses do not have a tracking system. For safety measures one must be able to locate the coordinates of bus at any moment of time.

Some seats should be reserved for online booking so that there is less exchange of cash and also for those who want to prebook their seat.Some seats should also be reserved for current booking.

Proper Annoucement and Automated LEDs display should be there on each and every bus. This will keep the commuters aware of bus stoppage at any moment time so they never miss their drop down stoppages.

Improvement in the current public transport system that can be done

Bus Driver and Conductors should be given strict instructions that only those many commuters are allowed to travel in bus as there are seats in bus. No standing persons are allowed.

Some seats should be reserved for online bookings and some for current bookings. Current bookings are especially for persons who are not able to use Internet in villages and towns.Therefore, they will also have equal opportunity to travel conveniently.

Tracking devices such as GPS  should be installed in each and every bus. This will help to keep track of coordinates of bus at any moment of time. This will help to increase safety measures as bus will never deviate from the original path.

Automatd LEDs Display and proper Annoucement should be done on each bus so as to make commuters aware about all in between bus stoppages.


Commuters would be more interesting in analyzing how many buses will hit their pickup location at any moment of time.

With the implementation of this idea, commuters just have to enter the bus stoppage code and it will show all the buses available on that route, the recent coordinates of bus on route and how much time it wil take to reach the pick up location. This will save a lot of time of commuters. Commuters does not have to wait many hours for the bus as bus coordinates are easily located by commuter at any moment of time.

1)  TM needs to enter source and destination stoppages and it will list the total number of buses operational on that route. This visualization is created using Numeric Point chart in SAP Lumira. This will help him to add or delete buses according to the strength of commuters on particular route.


When the Source Stoppage is selected then it will list down total numebr of operational buses from source system.This visualisation is also created using

Numeric Point Chart in SAP Lumira

getfile (1).jpg

2) Operational Buses available between source and destination stoppages. This visualization is created using Tree Chart in SAP Lumira. As the commuter pickup location will be picked up by GPS device on their IPad, he needs to select the destination stoppage and SAP Lumira will help to list all the buses operational on that route

getfile (2).jpg

When Destination Stoppage is selected, then it will show all operational buses to destination. This is created using Tree Chart of SAP Lumira by creating input control of Destination Stoppage.

     getfile (3).jpg

3) If commuters wants to do analyses on the distances between source and destination stoppage, it can be easily be done using SAP Lumira. The visualization created by using Bar Chart is

getfile (4).jpg

If commuter wants to see the buses timings from one location to another, one can enter the source and destination stoppages and it will list all the buses timings between the two stoppages and also the distance between them. We can use the 3D visualization for analyzing the same

getfile (5).jpg

I have also submitted this idea in the DataGenius IV contest. The Link of the idea submitted there is as follows :-

Improvement of Public Transport – India : View Idea

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      Author's profile photo Niladri Bihari Nayak
      Niladri Bihari Nayak

      Wonderful Idea with pure Analytics & Visualization mindset !! Hope Ministry of Road Transport  & Highways listen to it 🙂


      Author's profile photo Saurabh Raheja
      Saurabh Raheja
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks a lot Niladri. Thanks a lot for appreciating the idea 🙂