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Step by Step Guide to Setup HCI-DS Agent On Premise

In this series of blog, I have captured the screens and the process of setting up the HCI-DS. This blog is targeted for first time users who are new to HCI-DS. At the bottom, I have added HCI DS Product details. When I started to use, HCI Data Services Agent 1.0.9 (build 1962) on which I had many issue to setup the datastore connections. With the latest release on Data Services Agent 1.0.10 (build 2102), the connections works much more smooth and easy.

We shall understand the following details in this blog:

  1. Set by Step Guide to Setup HCI-DS Agent On Premise
  2. Understanding HCI Web UI
  3. Extract data from SuccessFators to FileFormat (.csv) using HCIds  


  1. Admin Access to HCI Web UI
  2. Admin access to HCI DS Agent
  3. Access to Succeess Factors in you want to configure it

  1. 1. Setup HCI-DS Agent – You may Download the agent in case you dont have it. Please refer to PAM for Server OS requirements.

Once you download it, all you need to do is just right click and select “Run as Administrator”. You should be able to see the following screen:


Ensure you do not close this window. You will be able to see the screen as below. 


Select the installation path. In my case I have installed in D drive and used the standard ports. The Username and Password should of the System on which you are installing the HCI-DS. Click Install.


It will start installing the following components:

Configuring environment

Generating certificates

Configuring internal database

Create an event to purge SQLA log files

Creating repositories

Configuring job server

Upgrading adapters

Starting agent service

[Installation Log]

D:\HCI Data Services Agent\log\Install_2015.


Success: Installing files

Success: Configuring environment

Success: Generating certificates

Success: Configuring internal database

Success: Create an event to purge SQLA log files

Success: Creating repositories

Success: Configuring job server

Success: Upgrading adapters

Success: Starting agent service

Completed successfully.


In case of any issues you can look at the installation log file as listed above. Now click on finish and the HCI-DS gives you an option to configure the SAP DS Agent, Click Yes.


At this stage we need to get the Configuration Agent file from HCI Web UI. Go to our HCI WebUI URL and login with your details. Navigate to Agents tab as below.


Click on New Agent, Enter the agent details “Name”, Description which is optional. Based on your requirements you may either create a new group or add the agent to the existing group. Click on Next.


In this screen you will be able to see the option to Download “Configuration File”, click on it to.


Once the file is downloaded, click on close.


Now Copy the file which is downloaded, Go to the system where you are installing your HCI DS Agent and paste on your desktop. Now, open the HCI DS Agent configuration screen, You need to enter the HCI Web UI user name(email id), password and select the agent configuration file path.




In case you have a proxy, please add the proxy server details and then click on upload. I my case I do not have a proxy system. You will see a pop up with the following message, click on Yes.


The Agent should upload and restart successfully.



Once the Agent is restarted, get back to your HCI DS Web UI Scree, you should still see the Red symbol which indicate that the server has not connected yet. Click on the Refresh button next to “New Agent”


You should be able to see the Green status with all the Version and connection details as below.


You have now successfully installed the HCI DS Agent and connected to HCI Web UI. In the next blog we shall discuss about creating a HCI Web UI and its operations.

To know more about the HCI Product, you may look at the blog

SAP HANA Cloud Integration for Data Services – an ASUG Webcast

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  • Hi Nagesh,

    I am unable to configure the agent. The first time when i install the agent and configure it closes automatically after entering the details , but doesn't open back. when i try to configure the agent the second time i am getting the below error.

    Thanks in Advance.

      • Yes Nagesh this was because the second time when i was executing the agent i was not running it as Administrator ….

        Now when I provide all the details and click on upload the agent doesn’t restarts but just closes., when i check the logs i see the certificate successfully generated. But in HCI the agent status is still not green.

        Any guess on what could be the issue ???

        The Version of Agent i am using is : DSODAGENT11P_6-10012291  

        This is Log generated..

        [Oct 14, 2016 16:09:27] INFO : Loading.. from DSConfig
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:09:27] INFO : AgentDirectories.dirCount : 1
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:09:27] INFO : AgentDirectories.dir1 : C:/ProgramData/SAP/DataServicesAgent/workspace
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : Is Agent Service running, return value:false
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : Config file content :
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?><configuration><agent>VIG</agent><organization>removed by me</organization><dataloader></dataloader><agentmanager></agentmanager><dsod></dsod><ssl>true</ssl><timeout>20</timeout><deployment>NEO</deployment></configuration&gt;
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : agent : VIG
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : organization : removed by me
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : dataloader :
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : agentmanager :
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : dsod :
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : ssl : true
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : timeout : 20
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : deployment : NEO
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : running generate_dsod_agent_keys.bat
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : Agent Name = VIG
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : Org Id = removed by me
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : UTC timestamp = 161014102520Z
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:20] INFO : Execute Command: “generate_dsod_agent_keys.bat VIG”
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:21] INFO : Working directory: C:\Program Files\SAP\DataServicesAgent\bin
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:21] INFO : Return Code: 0
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:21] INFO : running generate_dsod_agent_keys.bat…Done
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:23] INFO :
        Using the following for upload certificates:
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:23] INFO : dsodBaseUrl =
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:23] INFO : certFile = C:\Program Files\SAP\DataServicesAgent\ssl\dsod_agent\dsod_agent.crt
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:23] INFO : tenantAdminUser = removed by me
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:23] INFO : orgGuid = removed by me
        [Oct 14, 2016 16:10:23] INFO : deployment = NEO

          • Hi Nagesh,

            Could you Please provide some information on the concepts behind how the communication between the agent and HCI takes place ??

            Is there any prerequisites that needs to be taken care before configuring the agent ??

            Did you provide the proxy details while configuring the agent ?

            Thanks in advance
            Vignesh J

          • Hi Vignesh,

            You can find the details in the link below:


            Any further questions or issues. Please raise a new thread.


  • Hallo Nagesh,

    If customer has 3 System (e.g ERP,CRM,BW  or more),then what will be possiblity to install SAP Data Service Agent?I dont find in official guide clearly where to install data Service Agent.


    • Hi Biral,

      I guess you have to setup 1 to 1. I have not much explored on this scenario. Please post a question to hear from experts.


  • Hi Nagesh,

    We are trying to integrate BW-HCI-DS-C4C to bring customer key figure data into C4C from BW by using C4C OData service we have done below setup.

    1. Configured agent setup.
    2. Done configuration in HCI-DS by using C4C Custom OData URL.

    But we are getting below error in HCI-DS while running a job.

    Kindly help in this issue.




    • Hi Siraj,

      Please post question about the same. From the screen I see that the adapter is not started. May be the folks on the open forum can give more details about it.



    • Hi Pablo,


      To get started, we can run it with a minimum of 4gb RAM, 2core processors and approximately 10gb of HD size.


      You can refer to product availability matrix -:

      Hope this helps.





  • Hi, we are having some disconnection and agent seems to be red, after a restart of agent host It gets fixed, is there a way to send am alert by mail or by any other way to be able to restart it asap? thanks.

    • Hi Joze,

      I have not see any such option by default. Please post your question on the forum, hope someone could answer your question.




    • Hi,

      I am also getting HCI DS agent Down and showing red ..please let me know hot to make it green..please help me out ..

      2nd ..I was installed HCI ds on my local system and getting the issue of DS agent down again found the same thing when I opened it through other system.


      please help me the step ..I am quite new in the SAP HCI DS.



  • Hi Nagesh,

    I am getting issue while connecting SAP ECC ..

    Please advise..


    Test failed for the default configuration 'default' of datastore: 'KP':
    Cannot connect to SAP Applications datastore <> using host <12.350.2.311>, client <400>, user <STEP>, and system number <04: CRFC error: RFC_COMMUNICATION_FAILURE-
    LOCATION CPIC (TCP/IP) on local host with Unicode
    ERROR partner '12.350.2.311:3304' not reached
    TIME Mon Nov 26 18:24:38 2018
    RELEASE 721
    COMPONENT NI (network interface)
    VERSION 40
    RC -10
    MODULE nixxi.cpp
    LINE 3283
    DETAIL NiPConnect2: '12.350.2.311:3304
    SYSTEM CALL connect
    ERRNO 10060
    ERRNO TEXT WSAETIMEDOUT: Connection timed out
    COUNTER 34
    [SAP Partner]>. Please make sure the SAP server is running and the login information is correct.


    Thanks ..