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Your users want high performance apps… yet at the same time they expect to leverage the features of mobile devices like integrating with camera, location, and calendar. If you plan for mobile when you start your SAP Fiori projects you’ll be one step ahead of the game. I’ve put together this list of resources to better explain the product and ensure you can find everything you need to learn more about it.

So what exactly is SAP Fiori mobile service?

It is part of SAP Fiori cloud edition and it helps you optimize SAP Fiori for mobile performance. SAP Fiori provides the best possible user experience; the mobile service takes you beyond accessing SAP Fiori apps from a Web browser and provides secure and streamlined integration with complex deployment scenarios.

Here is a list of resources that provide you with more information on managing the entire SAP Fiori app lifecycle with SAP Fiori mobile service. 

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  1. Navdeep Singla

    Hi Milja,

    Is it mandatory to have “HCP Fiori Cloud edition” subscription and “HCPms App development (SMP)” subscription to use this? from what I can see “HCP Fiori mobile” can also  work with on-premise Fiori front end server if I put in that server as source.

    Not sure if enabling plugins for HCPms (Kapsel plugin) would put a dependency on acquiring HCPms app development licenses?


    1. Britt Womelsdorf

      Navdeep – SAP HCP, mobile service for SAP Fiori is sold as part of SAP Fiori, cloud service, premium edition.  That’s currently the only way you can purchase the solution.

      The mobile service supports Fiori apps that are deployed in the cloud AND it supports Fiori apps that are deployed on-premise.  It also provides access, for the purpose of mobilizing your Fiori/UI5 apps, to the mobile service for development and operations (FKA HCPms).  For the most part however you shouldn’t have to go into that service directly, as we try and handle everything from the Fiori mobile cockpit service. 

      Let me know if that answers your questions!



      1. Navdeep Singla

        Hi Britt,

        Thanks for your response.

        It definitely answers first part of my questions and confirms that we need SAP Fiori, cloud service, premium edition to make it work in Mobile Secure.

        I am not totally clear about the second part, which is do I need an active subscription of “Mobile service for development and operations” to complete the mobilisation of fiori app through mobile secure? e.g. in this video “https://” when we enable plugins some plugins like Logging and analytics may come from HCPms. or are these optional and i can stick to standard plugins which come through SAP fiori client?

        Warm Regards,


        1. Britt Womelsdorf

          Starting in July, Fiori mobile added the ability to add custom plugins to the Fiori client.  Logging and analytics are also part of the solution.  I think Fiori mobile service is all that you need!


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