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Layout-Oriented Storage Control process in EWM

Layout-Oriented Storage Control:

For specific storage types in the warehouse it might be necessary to move the goods via an interim storage type, for example an elevator to move from one floor to the other.


Set Up:

Maintain interim storage types

Spro-Img-SCM Extended Warehouse Management-Extended Warehouse Management-Master Data-Define Storage Type



LOSC Settings:

Spro-Img-SCM Extended Warehouse Management-Extended Warehouse Management-Cross-Process Settings-Warehouse Task-Define Layout-Oriented Storage Process Control



Create Inbound delivery in ECC

T Code : VL31N



HU is required to work with LOSC ,since we have not activated ID point ‘or’ pick point




Now ECC inbound delivery distributed to EWM as a inbound delivery notification


Sap easy access-SCM Extended Warehouse Management-Extended Warehouse Management-Delivery Processing-Inbound Delivery-Maintain Inbound Delivery Notification

T Code : /SCWM/IDN


One inbound delivery is created automatically through PPF actions


Create WTs


Check these are HU warehouse tasks


Now two WTs are created


Go to monitor to check the WTs against inbound delivery

T Code : /scwm/mon


Here we can see one WT from GRSTAGE area to final put away bin & second WT is from GRSTAGE area to intermediate bin

Now confirm the open WT ( GRSTAGE to intermediate bin)



Now one new WT is created ( from First intermediate bin to second intermediate bin)


Now confirm the open WT



Now check the waiting WT , it is updated with new source bin to final putaway bin


Confirm the open WT to finish the putaway activity



Now HU Is placed in bin as per the putaway strategy

T Code : /N/SCWM/MON



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