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#askSAP Analytics Innovations Community Call: SAP Cloud for Analytics Recap

I was late, but I am sure that the legal disclaimer applies, that all future and forward looking statements are subject to change.  Also these are my notes as I heard them.

The session yesterday started with a poll:


Figure 1 – Source: SAP


Figure 2 Source: SAP

Gerrit Kazmaier said Cloud Analytics was created as a “system of one” for unification of workflows, analytics, and rethink modern system architecture – network of systems that interact dynamic – cloud and on premise.  It “unifies analytic needs with semantic layer and self-service analytics”

Question and Answer (part 1)

Q: SAP invested in BI, why come up with another tool?

A: Gerrit said this was a “bold decision, do better, to create beautiful software to seamlessly work together”

He has a demo on how connect to on premise system

Ivo: customers ask for native HANA solution in cloud

Q: Still invest in Lumira/Web Intelligence?

A: Yes, still invest

Q: This looks great, why not part of my existing license?

A: “Your investment is safe”

Customers are looking for a low-cost option, self-service, SaaS

Q: Who is the ideal customer for cloud?

A: Ivo – any customer is ideal

Customers who are comfortable with the cloud

Software as a service “let us take care of this environment”

Looking to add predictive, GRC

Customers have heard of HANA – do they need to operate it themselves?

“Opportunity to get your hands on HANA” and “Start small”


Figure 3: Source: SAP


Ordinarily I don’t like to share screen shots from demos, but in this case, the call was mostly demos and question and answer, and I hope the screen shots help explain the features.


Figure 4: Source: SAP

Connects to Multiple systems


Figure 5: Source: SAP

HR information is from SuccessFactors

Features include interactivity


Figure 6: Source: SAP

Data is from Cloud for Customer


Figure 7: Source: SAP

Figure 7 shows Geo graphic charts

Features include comments

It integrates planning


Figure 8: Source: SAP

Also a value driver tree was shown, and it was “plannable”

Also a slider was shown for “what if” analysis


Figure 9: Source: SAP

Collaborate with co-workers

Connect to Google Drive

Predictive is planned as the “next tile”

Run predictive algorithm based on data


Figure 10: Source: SAP

“Plethora of charting options” with “top N sorting” and zoom in features


Figure 11: Source: SAP

Features include Lasso selection, point of interest layer, “using core services from HANA”


Figure 12: Source: SAP

Faceted navigation like Explorer

Handles currency conversion

Models use a spreadsheet paradigm

Digital Boardroom:


Figure 13: Source: SAP

Features include ETL, mapping, stories, planning

Live Oak Bank demo:

Question & Answer (part 2)

Q: Is it based on HANA Cloud Platform?

A: Yes

Q: Does all the data have to be in Cloud

A: No, supports cloud hybrid – connect cloud with on premise systems

You can upload to cloud

Queries for on premise “never leave your system”

Q: What can I reuse from what I have today?

A: Now answer – use the models in BPC, BW content, connect to BW queries, HANA content

Future – S4, universes, Salesforce

Next year – “deliver a data source every other day”

New release every two weeks

Can push Lumira datasets to it

Universe coming Q1

Q: Can it be linked to Google spreadsheet

A: yes

Q: Access on mobile device?

A: Have a mobile app for it

Have a Mobile solution

Can use parts

Not using HTML5 rendering; creating true mobile applications around this

Unique to device itself

Current mobile app has limited functionality; real mobile cloud come next year

Q: Is Infinite Insight connected?

A: Next year will have bigger announcement for Cloud for Predictive

Q: Security questions – detailed, reuse security

A: respect source system authorizations

SAP ID, identity providers

Mapping option

Cloud for Analytics authenticates with source system

Cloud for Analytics has multi layerauthorization concept

Q: If want to use Cloud for Analytics, is there any other SAP software needed?

A: Yes

Q: partners – how will this work with partner landscape?

A: working with partners already; providing a set of API’s

Publish first set of partner API’s – part of the roadmap

SDK and embed API’s coming next year

Q: How does pricing work?

A: Subscription based, per user per month

Another poll:


Source: SAP

Question & Answer (part 3)

Q: only cloud or cloud on premise?

A: only cloud

Offer private edition and public edition

Run in HCP data center

Q: will we be able to designate data center?

A: Your call

Q: How do data mashups?

A: You can model these

Q: Offer in multiple languages?

A: offered in top tier languages including English Spanish French Russian, Portuguese

Q: New features for Cloud for Planning?

A: merged Cloud for Planning with Cloud for Analytics

Building more enhancements

Q: What is the release schedule?

A: release every 2 weeks

Features framework- decide if you want to adopt or not adopt

Will make accessible to customer to opt in or out

Will be weekly soon

Register at SAP Cloud for Analytics for trial


Source: SAP – resources

Note: I missed 10 minutes of the question & answer, but at the end SAP said they would publish the full question and answer later


ASUG Webcast Series: Cloud for Analytics

January 12, 2016 – February 3, 2016

Join the ASUG Business Intelligence Community for this five-part series on SAP’s new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that redefines analytics by providing all analytics capabilities for all users in one product.

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