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Design Studio 1.6 Webcast – Question and Answer

SAP’s Jie Deng provided this SCN webcast today.  I won’t repeat the slides that have been shown elsewhere.  As always the Q&A is interesting to me.


Source: SAP

The usual legal disclaimer applies that things in the future are subject to change.


Source: SAP

Interop scenarios already available.  All tools based on common platform services which is the BI Platform

Design Studio is usually an IT tool.

Ready to run templates are offered which  have no coding effort – 3 ready to run apps


Source: SAP

This slide has been covered before, but there were questions in the Q&A below so I’ll include it here.


Source: SAP

Release 1.6 was released Nov. 26

Scheduling, broadcasting annotations, improve mobile layout are planned, along with interoperability with Lumira

High priority is interop with SAP Lumira

Composition reuse – your app can be based on master template, with inheritance character

Future direction – further deliver broadcasting, scheduling, support – local data calculation, projection for XCelsius scenarios

Question and Answer

Q: How is Design studio different from Design studio applications on the 1st slide?

A: Design Studio is the tool, application is ready to run apps

Q: has the data limit increased to 20,000 rows in DS 1.6?

A: Yes see what’s New

Q: Any plans for supporting UNV Universes as source in Design Studio?

A: no

Q: is there any public document on DS investment being only BI Platform?

A: that is in the updated roadmap

See official roadmap (SMP logon)

Q: Is there a beginners webinar, videobook, e-book etc. on DS besides official courses and the user guide

A: There is some free training at Learning Hub

Free tutorials at

There’s plenty of webinar recordings that should help you as well, see link:

If you are new, the ready-to run templates are a good start

Q: Are custom measures similiar to Calculated or Restricted key figures ?

A: Those are dynamic calculations at run time, similar to Analysis Office

Q: is the chart engine based on D3 and create custom extensions like in Lumira?

A: yes, and in fact, most of the Lumira extension should work in DS.

Q: Is crosstab supports for conditional formatting like charts?

A: Uses backend using BEx Query

Q: Does the Scorecard work with Universes (UNX)?

A: Yes

Q: Any plans for supporting UNV Universes as source in Design Studio?

A: No

Q: Can we import shape files in Design Studio like in Lumira and Webi using Galigeo add-on

A: Design Studio can generate GeoJSON file to define shapes, and import to DS

Q: Horizontal bullet chart is available in DS 1.6?

A: she showed horizontal bullet chart from 1.6

Q: sorry vertical bullet chart

A: Yes in the InfoChart

Q: Is it possible to see how to bind data with the new scorecard component ?

A: binding is in the properties of the scorecard – there’s a binding icon

Q: Can generic analysis template work with Unx, or only BW/HANA ?

A: see this thread on SCN for your answer online composition unx datasource

Q: Generic Analysis and online composition templates are available in DS 1.5, then what is new in DS 1.6?

A: features like recently used data sources are new

Q: How is data security handled? is it at the data source level?

A: Data source security is handled on backend – e.g. if using BW, it uses BW authorizations, etc.

Q: So if the source is Universe, the Access restrictions of Universe apply?

A: Check the admin guides in the help, dependent on platform used

See BI platform admin guide re: security

Q: Also, what about the Licensing for DS. Do we need to buy new licenses or we can use our current BI Platform Enterprise licences?

A: licensing I would check with SAP Account Executive; generally if you have license for XCelsius you have license for Design Studio

Q: Also, what about Audit? Do we have some auditing feature to find out Dashboard usage in DS?

A: auditing planned to be improved in BI4.2 SP’s per an ASUG webcast yesterday

Q: whats the difference between sap lumira and design studio.. for graphs ..they are quite similiar

A: Design Studio has online BW  whereas BW with Lumira is offline – see Data Discovery Comparison- Lumira and Design Studio

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      Author's profile photo Wolfgang Mayer
      Wolfgang Mayer

      Hi Tammy,

      are the "ready to run" apps only supported using BI platform as backend rather than HANA?



      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Wolfgang - please see slide below from SAP - does this answer your question?


      Source: SAP

      Author's profile photo Wolfgang Mayer
      Wolfgang Mayer

      Hello Tammy,

      I've installed Design Studio 16.1.1 (current version/patch) and updated the HANA delivery package HCO_BI_AAS to version 16.1.0 (current version), however, the ready-to-run templates are not available in Design studio.

      When I start Design Studio without using a backend system, the ready-to-run templates are present.

      I'll raise a SAP support message for this issue.



      Author's profile photo Wolfgang Mayer
      Wolfgang Mayer

      Hello Tammy,

      unfortunately, a lot of the new cool features don't work with HANA backend.

      You can find the relevant information in the Application Designer guid: Chapter #Working With templates#  pages 103, 104

      Regards Wolfgang

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Wolfgang - agreed, you can also look at the Roadmap on SMP - the appendix is good