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A common use case in business system landscapes with multiple applications is the navigation to business documents and master data objects across applications.

SAP Business ByDesign supports this use case by providing parameterized URLs, that can be used by external applications to launch ByD UIs and open ByD business documents. In ByD this integration point is called External Object-Based Navigation or short External OBN.

This document describes how to assemble parameterized URLs for External Object-Based Navigation.




URL Schema and Parameter

The URL schema for External Object-Based Navigation is

<hostname>/sap/public/ap/ui/runtime?bo_ns=<namespace>&bo=<business object name>&node=<business object node name>&operation=<OBN operation>&object_key=<BO instance key value>&key_type=<key type>&param=<additional parameter>

URL Parameter:


URL encoded BO namespace like specified in the OBN in-port


URL encoded BO name like specified in the OBN in-port


URL encoded node name like specified in the OBN in-port


URL encoded OBN operation like specified in the OBN in-port


optional: URL encoded BO instance UUID, no “-” separator is allowed and all characters must be upper case


optional: BO instance key type (technical name of the Global Data Type)


optional: any additional flat parameter that is required by the OBN in-port


optional: disable SSO


SAP partners can get the URL parameter values using the UI Designer of the SAP Cloud Applications Studio. You find the URL parameter values in the Inport Configuration of the corresponding ByD UI screen.

Please note that ByD screens support external object-based navigation only if the UI screen provides a stable anchor and is released for external navigation.

The object key is typically the business document UUID. You get these UUIDs from ByD query and read web service APIs or the output management xml integration. If you create business documents using web service APIs, then you can pick the business document UUID from the web service response as well.

You find more information about ByD web service APIs and ByD integration scenarios on SAP Help: SAP Business ByDesign – SAP Help Portal Page.

The deprecated endpoints /sap/public/byd/runtime and /sap/byd/nav are still supported for compatibility reasons, but should not be used anymore.
New features will be supported for the new endpoint /sap/public/ap/ui/runtime only.
The endpoint /sap/byd/runtime is no valid endpoint for External OBN, but launches the “normal” ByD UI.



Launch supplier overview of supplier with UUID 0000000000011DEFBA9FCC99416B7576:

Some applications/browsers may require URLs without special characters. In this case replace the characters “:” and “/” in parameter bo_ns by the corresponding %-syntax:






Single Sign-On (SSO):

Logon using single sign-on can be implemented by using the corresponding single sign-on hostname.

Logon using SSO

Logon without SSO
with parameter &saml2=disabled

Logon without SSO by using the SSO hostname
with disabled SSO (not recommended)


External Object-Based Navigation using the ByD HTML5 UI

The parameterized OBN URL currently redirects you to the ByD Silverlight UI. We plan to change this such that the parameterized OBN URL points to the HTML5 UI as soon as the ByD HTML5 UI becomes the default ByD UI.
For the time being you can add the parameter client_type=html to use the ByD HTML5 UI as navigation target.




Example URLs

Supplier Overview: Launch supplier factsheet of supplier Miller&Son (ID S100700, UUID 0000000000011DEFBA9FCC99416B7576):


Account Overview: Launch account factsheet of account Almika Inc. (ID 1000000, UUID 0000000000011DDFB9FF7CEB3214ABF2):


Business Partner Overview: Launch business partner factsheet of business partner HPA Sweden (ID CP100993, UUID 0000000000011DDFBA8490E446493CE3):


Contact Overview: Launch contact factsheet of contact Peter Shaw (ID 7, UUID 0000000000011DDFBA8490EA2E421CE3):


Material: Launch material factsheet of material P100101 – Heater (22.8 KW) (ID P100101, UUID 0000000000011DEFBAEA3D295D4F87A6):


Service Overview: Launch service factsheet of service product 300002 – Engineer (ID 300002, UUID 0000000000011ED083A11BE19763A75F):


Purchase Order Overview: Launch purchase order factsheet of purchase order 225 using the PO UUID 0000000000011EE18AFB8B871861C45F:


Supplier Invoice Overview: Launch supplier invoice factsheet of invoice 820 using the invoice UUID 0000000000011DEFBEB1F2413765FEA4:


Opportunity: Launch opportunity UI of opportunity 1171 using the UUID 00163E04F79D1EE3AFC592CAFF2317D0:


Sales Order Overview: Launch sales order factsheet

… using the sales order ID 1096:

… and using the sales order UUID 0000000000011ED087AC4D40499ADB24:


Customer Invoice Overview: Launch customer invoice factsheet of invoice 1INV-88-2015 using the invoice UUID 00163E0E25A61ED5A3C0CE5B77268C36:


Project Overview: Launch project factsheet of project CPSO3 – Analyzer Implementation with UUID 00163E04472B1EE2B28E10DAAC413856:


Project Task Overview: Launch project task factsheet of project task CPSO3_3110 – Software Set-Up & Configuration with UUID 00163E04472B1EE2B28E10DAAC44B856:


Outbound Delivery Overview: Launch outbound delivery overview of outbound delivery 55 with UUID 00163E0658BA1EE69DB1D65F7DD94321:


Incoming Cash Payment Overview: Launch incoming cash payment overview of the payment monitor:


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  1. Andrey Rybakov

    Hi Knut,

    Could you advice on this method but using -sso.

    First I tried to use this URL:
    but it show me proposal to enter login/password

    After some checks how -sso URL looks for me after login, I came to this variant with word “public” deleted:
    In this case it works. First variant worked only if I already have existing session to that tenant opened. Is it my tenant-sso specific behavior?

    But more important topic for me, is it possible to change this URL not to simply open sales order, but for example open it with “pressing”  “Preview” button, or “View All” mode”, or open existing outputs in this Sales Order?

    Best regards,

  2. Rudhra Udayakumar

    Hi Knut,

    Im trying to get the URL for Custom BO,

    we tried the same as you mentioned in the blog, facing the problem in &key_type=.

    I.e where to find the technical name(&key_type) for Custom BO


  3. Matt Evans

    Hi Knut. We’re glad to see the new HTML5 parameter!

    I have a very specific question and I don’t know if the following is possible as we do not have access to the cloud studio.

    I mentioned this in a question but was directed back here. We have an external email notification scenario – the message content and send time is defined outside of ByDesign but we want to link directly to system work lists and functionality without a specific object ID.

    With some direct links we’d be able to save time and clicks, in general across our organization over time that could be a huge benefit.

    We want to prepare hyperlinks directly to the following functions:

    • Edit Time Sheet – from the home work center, self services
    • Approvals as under the Project Management work center
    • Approvals as under Managing My Area
    1. Knut Heusermann Post author

      Hi Matt,

      the 3 UIs that you are referring to do follow the pattern that I described in my blog post and hence I don’t know how reliable the information is that I can give you. However, the following proposals seem to work, but they might be subject of changes and may need to be adapted in future releases.

      Edit Timesheet (Home > Time > Edit Time Sheet):
      You can access the new HTML5-UI as well by simply appending the parameter &client_type=html.

      You can open the Manage My Area and Project Management Approvals work list screens directly using the link displayed by your browser (simply open the ByD UI and copy the link), but these links contain software-version dependend parts, such that you may have to update the link frequently.

      However, providing stable parameterized URLs to access work center views and work lists directly might be a requirement that is worth to be submitted in the ByD Idea Place.

      Best regards,

      1. Matt Evans

        Hi Knut, Thanks for your answer.

        We understand the drawbacks to using this simple “just copy the URL” method but when testing we noticed that users that are not logged in are redirected to a login page although we are using SSO links. Is there any workaround for this problem?

        We noticed the same problem with the time sheet link too, but removing /public/ from the URL seems to work.

        1. Knut Heusermann Post author

          Hi Matt,

          as mentioned above the copied URLs are not intended for deep linking and I don’t know how to use them with SSO.

          Please feel welcome to submit the requirement to provide deep linking on static UIs via ByD Idea Place.

          Best regards,

  4. Rigoberto Soto

    Hello, very interesting answers. I am trying to launch via URL a specific individual customer in SAP C4C. Do you know of anyway of achieving this? Thanks in advance, regards. Rigoberto Soto

  5. Rigoberto Soto

    Hello. Very interesting post. I am trying to open a specific individual customer via URL in C4C. Do you know of any way to achieve this? Thanks in advance for your quick reply. Regards.

    Rigoberto Soto

  6. 穆 冑

    Hello, Knut

    Clould you tell me how can link to custom BO from mail.


    I tried this URL want to enter to Edit Screen.


    As a result, I could not enter the edit screen.

    Could you tell me how to write URL?

    Thank you

    Best regards,

    Mu Zhou


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