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About to start EC Time Sheet Implementation? consider below key points

We have recently gone live with Employee Central along with Time Off and Time Sheet functionalities, so thought to share my experience with the community.

A couple of month’s back I wrote a blog on Time Sheet and Time Valuation ( SuccessFactors Employee Central Time Sheet and Time Valuation) which gives more of technical details to configure Time Sheet,  rather than actual scenarios we encounter in project or pain points/challenges anyone  face during the implementation.

In this blog, I would like to emphasize on few key things which are commonly required to use Time Sheet feature efficiently in any implementation. Let’s get started with my findings.

Additional Fields:  

In any organization, it is quite common to track the employee time spent on each project. In standard solution, we have the option to charge time to cost centre, and sometimes this may not be sufficient to capture enough details like for which project employee is charging time.

To cover this, we can add additional fields easily as Time Sheet objects are built on MDF framework. It is also possible to upload attachments if required.  Below is the screen shot with additional fields to capture employee time.


Reports play vital role in any product, we have below 2 standard reports for Time Sheet, but they may not be so useful especially if customer specific fields are defined in Time Sheet to track additional information. However, the alternative is you can define your own report which is quite easy.

1) Employee Times Overview

2) Time Pay Type Overview

We have created few reports (example below) to track employee time on the daily basis and weekly basis.

Note: In below report, Hours field is a calculated field with the formatting option set to 2 decimal points.  For some reason, Analytics system is showing around 10 decimals (for example 7.6 in EC is being shown as 7.5999999) in reports, therefore, use calculated field with formatting to get the desired result.


Workflow Notifications and Approval:  When it comes to notifications, in particular Time Off and Time Sheet, notification template is very generic, therefore enough details are not provided in the notification as of now.  However, SuccessFactors is working on building template-based notification to address this issue which is very similar to template based document generation. Once this feature is released it may be so handy to build the notification relevant to the object.

Another challenge we have with Time Sheet approval is, no statistics (such as a total number of hours in the week etc.)   are provided in approval page for the approver to get a quick view before approving the time sheet.  Apparently this is also in roadmap so soon we can have better approval version.   As a workaround solution custom report such as below can be created to meet the purpose. In the below report, Weekly Recorded Hours is an aggregate calculated field.


Current Time Sheet Approval Page


Custom fields for Reporting: By default, custom fields are not available for reporting, therefore   ticket must be created to get them enabled for reporting.

Important :  Enabling advanced reporting may take longer time as there are a couple of activities involved in this process.  As an implementation partner we need to raise a support ticket, then “customer support” team has to raise an internal ticket, then batch jobs have to be run etc…

In a nutshell, make sure that you are giving enough time to CS team to get advanced reporting enabled.


In summary, based on my experience with the product, Time Sheet is perfectly meeting the customer requirements to capture employee time, and the customer satisfaction is superior so far.

I hope this blog may help the community to understand a bit more about EC Time Sheet functionality.

I am more than happy to receive comments if anyone has faced any challenges with Time Sheet and how they addressed the challenge.

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  • Thank you Ramanjaneyulu, Very useful notes, I have one question though.

    The reports what you have created , were they from standard reporting tools or did you use EC Advanced reporting ?

  • Hi Ramanjaneyulu,

    If the EC Time sheet is set up with the start and end time to capture the hours spent working for an employee and all the evaluations etc happen in the system as they happen normally THEN is it possible to import the start and end time information via an MDF import ?

    Will the evaluations or workflows work when the start and end time is imported ?

    Just evaluating the functionality

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi Ramanjaneyulu,

    Comparing SAP CATS with EC timesheets is possibly not the right thing for me to do but has been tempting while evaluating EC for our customers. Your solution seems to plug in a big chunk of functionality that I felt was 'missing' in EC. Good job.

    Also considering Bob Vos's  inputs on clock time availability in 2016, the solution is looking a lot more complete now.



  • Nice work Ram. Good to hear that there are consultants out there that can make use of our EC time sheet in an innovative way. I would like to learn some more on your customer project - can you get in contact with me?

    Volker Ruof

  • Ram:

    First, let me say great article!  It answers many of my questions.

    In a previous blog post, you mentioned that there was a limitation on the Work Week.  I believe you stated that EC Time Sheet only supported a Sunday to Saturday work week. Is this still the case? 

    Also, can time punches from a system like Kronos be imported into an EC time sheet?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Joe,

      definition of work week is planned and will come soon. Check my regular blogs on new time sheet features for each new release. But it won´t be a definition like bi-weekly, semi-monthly... You will be able to define the start day of the week. This applies for time sheet UI and for calculations like weekly overtime calculations.

      For time recording terminals: Very soon an import service will be released where you can upload working time into time sheet. However, this is not yet a full support of terminal integration cause time sheet will accept only duration based records for the import.

      So, when you have got terminals and can derive out of the terminal software a duration, you can upload this via a CSV file. Time Sheet than performs all time evaluation like overtime calculation, shift premiums and so on. A real terminal integration is on the roadmap, but this will take time.


        • Not provided. You need to record a record with Start AND end time. Single clock in / out events can´t be recorded or replicated. You need externally do the pair formation and send a full record with start / end times to EC Time Sheet via the External time data API.


  • Good Job Ram

    I know it is a long time but I am just using EC Time Sheet.

    have you used field criteria in EC Time Sheet Custom fields

    I try to filter the list of projects to be filter by employee's line of business

    Any Help


    • Hello Emad,

      check my blog on this - it is possible since Q3 release.