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SAP leading the EHS market according to Verdantix

Independent research and advisory firm Verdantix recently published a Global Survey on EHS Software Brands. It clearly underpins SAP’s position in globally leading EHS brand awareness. “Global IT provider SAP is leading on brand recognition, with over 80% of respondents recognizing its brand and 39% expressing interest in possibly engaging with it over the next year”  states Verdantix Being the only ERP vendor with significant EHS Management capabilities we are proud about this top rating over niche vendors in the sector of EHS applications since our customer can benefit from the integration of environment, health and safety aspects into business processes from purchasing and R&D through manufacturing and maintenance to sales and distribution. And this is even more important for Process manufacturers like chemical companies or Mining and Oil& Gas companies. Access the full report here

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  • Hi Marko,

    Yes, brand recognition is an advantage when it comes to SAP as against best of breed solution providers. I myself have done many process industry projects in EH&S and SAP EHS resonates with business. However, I request more capabilities (bundled/pre-packaged/rapid deployment) for transforming EHS management through digital concepts. This is still lacking as compared to other core modules of SAP like finance, HR, Logistics etc. As business cases are abound, I am looking forward to SAP's solution development team emphasis on digital solutions around EHS management in near future



    • Hi Pavan,

      many thanks for your comment. One reamrk at the beginning - yes the report is about brand recognition but I beleive that the positive recognition of SAP is based on on our powerful ability to deliver.

      Basically you ask two questions in your comment if I get it right. One is about implementation the other one is about digital transformation.

      If you refer to implementation I think that there is at least an RDS for Incident Management. In addition the SAP Best Practices for  template has scenarios which cover the area of EHS.

      In terms of digital transformation you could think about mobile scenarios for incident recording. A mobile  app for this is available. We definitively have to further drive mobilization to execute audits and risk assessments at the location they are referring to. Ongoing fiorization of EH&S on S/4 (provisioning of fiori apps for EHSM on our new suite for HANA) will make that happen.

      Another important area for digital ransformation is predictive analytics of technical data and vibration signals coming from techncial equipment. This can help to predict mal funtions as part of predictive maintenance but it improves operational safety at the same time. In that sense our new solution predictive maintenance could be seen as a predictive safety application too.

      If we look into the area of product safety and stewardship which we see being part of EHS the cloud becomes an important driver for digital trasnformation allowing to consume frequrently changing regulatory requirements easily without implementing and updating them in on premise deployments or to support the communication of compliance relevant information along value chains and within business networks. You could also think about SDS generation in the cloud while SDS shipments is triggered and done by your logistic system.

      • Hi Marko,

        Thanks for the detailed reply!

        Yes, besides brand recognition, I strongly agree of SAP's 'ability to deliver', and continually innovate. I am also aware of most of the digital solutions around EHSM you listed here, and these are already in demand as I understand.

        What I was trying to point towards was digital solutions around ORM (Operational Risk Management) and Process Safety by using the concepts of IoT and Big data algorithms. Similar to Predictive Maintenance, there is huge requirement of Risk Prediction (Part of which can be asset risks). These risks can be operational, due to changes (MoC), non-compliance to audit findings, Behavioral, Permit deviations, etc. There are huge data from SCADA/DCS/Sensors/Analyzers/Wearables/Data Historians which should be leveraged to predict risks, as I have tried to explain in my blog below. I think, this can be a big business case quite similar to Predictive Maintenance.

        Time to think of Digital EHS Management

        Also, I would like to see more of IT-OT integration connecting towards EHSM solutions. I know that SAP is already thinking and working in these directions, and I am sure that sooner we would have more smart solutions from EHSM/Sustainability kitty. 🙂



        • Hi Pavan,

          all good ideas. Having mentioned our existing predictive maintenence solution exactly points in that direction. But I have to say that there is also room for partner solutions based on SAP´s IoT / predictive analytics of big data framework provided by our HANA platform.

          Apart from that I am not authotized to talk about solutions to come in detail since this is a public forum and we have to have in mind that planned solutions can be always subject of change. But once things are ready to be announced I am happy to post it here as well.