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New SAP Fiori Road Map available

SAP Fiori Road Map

You can also find it from the road map landing page,

under “Cross Topics” in the section on Product Road Maps.

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    • Hi Renald,

      Due to the sensitive nature of road map information, SAP’s policy is only to grant access to them via the Service Marketplace, so unfortunately I can’t send it to you as an attachment.

      You can request an S-User for yourself by using the link on the left in the "Related Resources" section of the SAP Product and Solution Roadmaps page in SCN:



  • Hi Tom

    I hope you are well.

    Have you got the future roadmap for the S/4HANA Fiori apps?

    I can see that there are a number of Fiori apps that work on SAP ECC - but are not yet available via S/4HANA.

    I am interested in Engineering, PS and Project Execution.



    • Hi Mark, The roadmap which I linke in my blog contains the future road map for the S/4HANA Fiori apps - slides 48 to 89. Look for the "SAP S/4HANA..." banner on the top right of the slide - if the slide has that, then it is planned for S/4HANA. Slides 81 and 82 specifically cover the road map for the Project System. Regards, Tom

        • Hi Mark, Based on the information in the road map I would expect those mentioned under "Planned Innovations" to be released some time this year. As you probably know, we can't be more specific about planned deliveries until they are actually available; all forward looking statements are subject to change, including the one I made above! Regards, Tom