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Author's profile photo Ian McAlpine

Did you know… Configuring for Data Volume?

Larger Datasets

The default settings for Lumira Desktop are chosen for small to medium size datasets, including sample and demo datasets. However much larger datasets are typically used.

If there are memory issues with Lumira, these can be resolved by increasing the value of the -Xmx parameter in the SAPLumira.ini file. The default location of this file is C:\Program Files\SAP Lumira\Desktop\.

Aside: If you work with larger datasets ensure your machine has sufficient RAM (e.g. 8GB or 16GB).

Open a text editor with Administrator rights and edit C:\Program Files\SAP Lumira\Desktop\SAPLumira.ini file.

The -Xmx parameter determines the amount of virtual memory allocated to Lumira. The default value is 1024m.

Depending on the dataset size and machine RAM, increase the value of the -Xmx parameter to 4096m or 8192m or more.

larger datasets.png

Save the file then restart Lumira.

Maximum Data Points for Visualizations

The SAPLumira.ini file contains the Dhilo.maxvizdatasetsize parameter. This defines the maximum number of data points that can be displayed in a visualization. Beyond this value, the visualization will display a message saying that the number of data points has been exceeded.

Open a text editor with Administrator rights and edit C:\Program Files\SAP Lumira\Desktop\SAPLumira.ini file.

The default value of the -Dhilo.maxvizdatasetsize parameter is 10000. You can increase this value to satisfy your requirements, however this parameter is considered a “safety belt” parameter and if it is increased excessively there may be a resulting impact on performance.

max data points.png

Save the file then restart Lumira.

“Did you know…” is a series of short blogs by the BI & Analytics Competence Centre, a global team within SAP engineering focused 100% on customer success. They are a useful reminder of Lumira hints, tips and best practices.

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      Author's profile photo Vincent Dechandon
      Vincent Dechandon

      I'm used to configure the .ini file a lot, but what is unfortunate from my point of view is that this configuration file keeps on getting resetted everytime I install a new Lumira version šŸ™ .

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      What is a very large data set ? in terms of count. Which would need 4GB to 8GB RAM.

      Author's profile photo KIRAN BONAM

      Hi Ian,

      DO you have any update on the .INI file parameters limitations for larger data setsĀ  ?

      likeĀ  parameters Vs 1Million record/cells or >2 Mi

      This could help lots of Users to update their .INI file accordingly.