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This blog is intended for Developers / Modelers who  want to learn debugging  Hana views and doesn’t have prior experience in working with Hana studio or any eclipse based IDE. Myself I found it very difficult to understand debugging with studio as I was having only experience of debugging ABAP programs, which was pretty much  straight forward for me with /h ( F5, F6 F7 🙂 ).

  • Once you have logged on to your Hana system, in the systems view find the name of your scripted view under the schema SYS_BIC under procedures. For all scripted views, system will generate a .procedure file under SYS_BIC, your script will be listed along with the package path here. Locate and open the procedure.


  • Go to Run -> Debug Configuration -> HANA Stored procedure -> New configuration and select catalog schemas and browse for your Procedure / Scripted View under SYS_BIC


  • Name your configuration and click on apply
  • Go to Debug perspective


  • Set break points by double clicking on the left side of margin as shown below.
  • Go to Run->Debug Configurations-> select the configuration created and press Debug


Variable and Breakpoints will be visible on the top right window, where you can right click and get a data preview. Press F8 to continue to next break point,also if you want to debug the same view once again, right click on the configuration and Relaunch it.

Thanks & regards

Deric Pavoo 🙂

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  1. madhusudhan kalithireddy

    Informative ,

    when I tried to debug the procedure from the _SYS_BIC related to the scripted calculation .. it is saying that I can not put the breakpoint.. so can you please let me know the how and what are the privileges to be assigned to my user account


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