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Activation of SAP BPC optimized for S/4HANA Finance and Embedded BW Reporting (aka / pka Integrated Business Planning for Finance / IBPF)

Hello! Today, I’ll tell you how to activate SAP BPC optimized for S/4HANA Finance and Embedded BW Reporting (also known as / previously known as Simple Finance / SFIN / Integrated Business Planning for Finance / IBPF) and how to solve issues, that appear during this process.

SAP BPC optimized for S/4HANA Finance (Integrated Business Planning for Finance) is a new planning tool, which is deployed at the S/4HANA side. Briefly, it is a BI business-content, which replaces old ERP planning transactions at Analysis for Office planning interface. In this article we will activate it and perform some testing. 

Components requirements


All that is described below is valid for conditions:

1. You need to use IBPF functionality

2. Embedded BW is not activated yet

3. You have installed the following components:

    a. SAP_BASIS 740 SP10 (or higher)

    b. SAP_ABA 740 SP10 (or higher)

    c. PI_BASIS 740 SP10 (or higher)

    d. SAP_BW 740 SP10 (or higher)


If the version of the components installed on your system is above mentioned before, you may have other errors or no errors occurring at all.

To activate the IBPF, you should have an active embedded BW. Let’s activate it!


Activation of Embedded BW

  1. Preparation Steps for Activation of Embedded BW

    The activation of the embedded BW has to be conducted in each system (development, test, production) separately. This activity is part of the system setup and not part of Customizing.

    1.1 Decide Which Client Is to Be Used as BW Client

        First decide which client to use as BW client. Log on to this client and execute all subsequent steps within this client. In most cases, the productive client is used as the BW client.

    1.2. Check for Existing Settings for the BW Client in the System

         In some cases, there is already a setting for the BW client in table RSADMINA, even if no BW is used in the system. Check the situation beforehand and correct as necessary.

                a) Use transaction SE16 to display all data in the RSADMINA table.

                b) Under CUSTOMIZID, if the entry is BW but the corresponding entry under BWMANDT is not the client used above, start transaction SE37, enter function module RS_MANDT_UNIQUE_SET, and click Test/Execute (F8). Enter the BW client you want to use in field I_MANDT and click Execute. The BW client is now set. If there is no such entry, or the BWMANDT field is empty, then there is no need to run function module RS_MANDT_UNIQUE_SET.


    2Customizing Steps for Activation of Embedded BW

2.1. Assign Logical System Client

               a)  Under Controlling -> General Controlling -> Planning -> Setup for Planning -> Define Logical System, define the logical system, and then assign it to your BW client.

               b) You must define a logical system. If you do not work with logical systems, enter a dummy name for the technical name and a brief description.

               c) Choose Assign Logical System to Client.

               d) Under Controlling -> General Controlling -> Planning -> Setup for Planning -> Assign Logical System to Client, select the client that you have chosen as BW client.

               e) Check the settings of ‘Cross-Client Object Changes’. Use one of the following settings:

                No changes to cross client customizing

                Changes Repository and cross client Customizing allowed

               f) Set the logical system to the one you created before.

    2.2. Set BW Namespaces to Modifiable

               a) In the Transport Organizer Tools (transaction SE03), choose Administration -> Set System Change Option, and then Execute.

               b) In the System Change Option screen, select the namespaces with the prefixes /BI0/ and /BIC/ as modifiable.

    2.3. Activation of Technical Content

      The report is started with the DDIC user, which must contain the profiles SAP_ALL and S_A.SYSTEM.

               a) Start transaction SU01, enter user DDIC and press the Change pushbutton.

               b) Go to the Parameters tab. Enter parameter RSWAD_DEV_MDVERSION, and 072 as the value.

               c) Enter parameter RSWAD_SKIP_JAVA and value ‘X‘.

               d) Save your entries.

               e) Now start transaction RSA1.

               f) In the Replicate Metadata dialog box, choose ‘Only Activate


Error while activating infocube 0PPM_VC1

At this step I got an errors. Go through errors and finally get:

error rstco_admin.png

(this is a screenshot from the log of activation content from transaction RSTCO_ADMIN)


The best way to solve this issue is manual activation:

  1. Start transaction RSDCUBEM.
  2. Select “Content” as version and “0PPM_VC1” as infoCube, as follows:


    3. Select “Subsequently activation” as option of activation:

subsequnetly act.png

  4. Start transaction RSA1 InfoProviders and find cube 0PPM_VC1. It will be inactive. Open cube for edit and activate it manually.


Let’s try to activate technical content one more time.

  1. Start transaction RSTCO_ADMIN.
  2. Click “Start installation” and wait.
  3. Done!


Well, we’ve successfully activated a technical content. Go ahead.

To perform a first test, start transaction RSD1 and check, whether infoobjects 0RSPL* exist in active version. Test passed succesfully:


We’ve succesfully activated an embedded BW.


Switch ON business function for project planning and CO planning

Start transaction SFW5 and select business-frunctions FIN_CO_CCMGMT (if you want to use project planning) and FIN_CO_CCPLAN (if you want to use cost center planning).Then, press activate changes and wait. To track progress of activation, use transaction SMX (keep track of job SWF_ACTIVATE_SFOX).


Activate Content Bundle for New Financials Planning and BW Reporting

  1. Activate DataSource 0PROFIT_CTR_0106_HIER

          a) Start transaction RSA5

          b) Expand the complete SAP structure.

          c) Use the Find functionality to jump to DataSource 0PROFIT_CTR_0106_HIER

          d) Activate the DataSource: place the cursor on the DataSource, press Select Sub-Tree and Activate DataSource.


Error of activation an extractor

During activation of extractor 0PROFIT_CTR_0106_HIER I got a list of errors like this:

erros in act extr.png

(I saw it throught the transaction SLG1)


This errors are associated with the fact, that application component EC_PCA_IO is inactive. To activate it:

  1. Start transaction SE11 and check whether there’s application component EC-PCA-IO with D version in table RODSAPPL

check table.png

If you have “D” in field OBJVERS of this table, you need to call T-CODE RSA9 and click YES in a pop-up window.

Then, try to activate extractor one more time. It will be successfull.


     2. Activate Content Bundle

a) Start transaction SPRO and activate Content Bundle /ERP/SFIN_PLANNING under Controlling -> General Controlling -> Planning -> Setup for Planning -> Activate BI Bundle Content for Planning

          b) Under Business Category, select 03 for Business Functions

          c) Select the line with the technical name /ERP/SFIN_PLANNING and click Activate.

          d) On the next screen, click the RFC Mapping button. In the dialog box, create one entry with “Dialog RFC connection” = NONE and “Background RFC connection“= NONE Also ensure that you select the Local checkbox.

          e) Under RFC Destination for Content Objects, enter NONE.

          f) Select No Data Source Replication.

          g) Under Treatment of Already Active Content Objects, press the Copy radio button and select the Install all Collected Objects checkbox.

          h) Click Activate.

        Note: Other options could be useful for later activations: In future, press the Match radio button if you have changed the content delivered by SAP. For content objects delivered by SAP, you are then asked if the new content version is to be merged with the active object. Deselect the Install all Collected Objects if only new SAP delivered objects are to be considered. Automatic choices between Match and Copy depend on the object type (See flag MERGEFL in table RSTLOGOPROP).

          i) Start the activation (If you want to transport the activation in the test and productive system click ‘Activate with transport’).

          j) The Select Source System dialog box appears. Do not select a source system, click Cancel.

          k) Check the activation log.


Error of activation content bundle

After almost 20 minutes of waiting, I got a list of errors:

errors of activation SFIN.png

For solving it, you must patch your SAB BW 7.40 to SP11 or above.

After patching your system, clear the tails of your previous trying of activation content bundle:

  1. run report RSR_MULTIPROV_CHECK in SE38.
  2. Scroll the bottom and flag ‘All InfoProviders
  3. Press Execute



After execution of the report, try to activate function /erp/sfin_planning again, it has successfully activated now.


     3. Activate Analysis Office Workbooks

Remark: You can activate the Analysis Office Workbooks in each system separately, but you can as well transport this activation.

          a) Start transaction RSOR to activate the Analysis Office Workbooks.

          b) Ensure that in the right panel Grouping is set to Only Necessary Objects and Collection Mode is set to Start Manual Collection.

          c) Choose BI Content -> Object Types, select More Types -> Analysis Office Excel Workbook -> Select Objects.

          d) The Data Warehousing Workbench: BI Content box appears. Select all workbook starting with /ERP/SFIN_* and click on Transfer Selections.

          e) The Select Source Systems dialog box appears. Do not select a source system, click Cancel.

          f) Select all objects for installation and click on Install (If you want to transport the activation in test and production system chose ‘Install and transport’).



To use new Financials Planning, you need to create and maintain relevant categories. Categories can be created in each system separately but as well be transported into test and production system.

Do this creation in Customizing in SPRO, under Controlling -> General Controlling -> Planning -> Maintain Category for Planning.

   1. Category for Actual Data

    Create category ACT01 (maintenance view FCOMV_CATEGORY).          

   2. Categories for Plan Data

    Create categories for your plan data, for example, for optimistic or pessimistic forecasts.

    If you want to transport categories mark the categories you want to transport and select in the menu ‘Edit‘ and ‘Include in request‘.

Perform a First Test

Start transaction SU01 and open your user profile for edit:

     a) Under System -> User Profile -> Own Data, set the user parameter CAC for the controlling area.

     b) Use transaction RSRT for a first technical test.

     c) Under Query, select /ERP/SFIN_A01_IRQ0001.

     d) Under Query Display, select HTML.

     e) Press the Parameter 1 radio button.

     f) In the text box, enter variable_screen =x

     g) To run the first test, click Execute (F8)

     The Query selection screen appears. Some values are defaulted, for example, the currency with the controlling area currency. Enter at least a category, a company code, and a fiscal year.

     h) Click Execute and see the first result.

     This test result proves that the planning functionality has been installed and configured correctly.

Bonus: Activate Planning and Consolidation Unified

If you plan to use BPC 10.1 embedded model (also knows as unified), you should activate this instrument.



     a) You are using a SAP HANA database.

     b) You have activated the SAP Business Warehouse Planning Applications Kit. For more information, see SAP Note 1637199.

          This activation can be conducted in each system separately but can also be transported if needed.


     a) Run transaction SM30.

     b) Enter the RSPLS_HDB_ACT table view.

     c) Add and activate the following parameter: BPC_ACT: BPC-PAK integration active (or “BPC Embedded Model Active“).

         If you want to transport this parameter mark the categories you want to transport and select in the menu ‘Edit‘ and ‘Include in request‘.

         For more information, see SAP Note 1919631.


If you get errors, which differ from described above, let me know. I’ll try to help you. Thank you!



SAP Business Planning and Consolidation 10.1, version for SAP NetWeaver – SAP Help Portal Page

SAP notes

1972819 – Setup Integrated Business Planning for Finance and Embedded BW Reporting

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  • I have a question in term of the client for ECC and embedded BW you descriped in the above article.

    In S/4 HANA, the master data and transaction data will be share by ECC and BW, does the client number define in table RSADMINA has to be the same with the ECC client number, if not how the master data and transaction data will be share in ECC and BW?


    • Hello, Jian! For sharing master data, in our system landscape we select variant, where ECC and BW have the same client number. If you have different variant, master data and transaction data will not share and this variant very similar to BW and ECC in different systems. So, yes, in RSADMINA c ECC and BW have the same client number.

      • Hi Pavel, thanks for your response, I have another question:

        When I login to BPC administration console, I choose the dimension button, in the dimension area, there are edit members,edit hierarchies, view structures and process tabs, when I tried to click these tabs, none of them is working, even "view Structure" which is in dark activated color is also not working, is this supposed to be?

        dimension member screen.png

        dimension member screen.png
        • I answer your question, using /erp/category as example, like mini-guide:

          1) Let's go to RSD1 in your BW system and maintain /erp/category. On "Master Data / Texts" tab we can see the following:

          Maintain master data in ERP IO.png

          2) Go to HANA Studio and open mentioned SAP HANA VIEW for reading. We can see attribute view, which provide that data:

          SAP HANA VIEW.png

          3) Go to this attribute view and we'll see the tables, which contain CATEGORY data: Attr_view.png

          3) Go to se11 and open table FCOMC_CATEGORY:


          So, /erp/* characteristics provide us data from ERP tables, consequently, you can't change master data of this characteristics

          • Hi Pavel,

              Thanks for the detail explanation, However, I still did not get the clean answer about the "View Structure" which is in activated dark color, when I click it, does it suppose to show the structure screen for business area?

          • Yes, you're right. By pressing "View structure", supposedly, you can see attributes of selected dimension (for example, chart of accounts for controlling area). As I can see there:


            (page 11/20), somewhen you can edit structure of dimension for "usual" infoobjects, and can view structure for virtual objects, like /erp/*, described by me earlier. Now, button "View structure" does not work for me and I could not find anything about that issue. For editing or view the structure of dimensions, I use transaction rsd1 or rsa1.

            Let me know, if you can find anything about "View structure" in web-client. Thank you!

          • For me, none of the four tabs are working for the standard infobject start with /ERP or 0, but those customized infobject, I can view, edit the structure and hierarchies.

            Here is the screen shot for it.

            dimension structure screen shot.png

            dimension structure screen shot.png
          • May be, it depends on Java version. Thank you for sharing your case with "View structure" tab.

            P.S. Hope, I helped you with understanding of embedded BW and dimension tabs.

          • according to SAP support team,those dimensions from ECC will not be able to view the structure or edit hierarchy in BPC. I am wonder how can we view the structure/hierarchy in BPC?

      • Hi Pavel,

        Do you know if Embedded BPC have similar offline template like the BPC 10.0?  We have users that do not log onto BPC but wants to perform planning on Excel offline.

        Thanks in Advance,


        • Hi Sean,

          In Embedded BPC we need to activate the workbooks separately from BI Content. For Embedded we need to use AO only.



  • Hi Pavel,

    Many thanks for posting this. Much appreciated.

    I am a bit new to this, so please excuse the question.

    The content you refer you to. Are these the templates that provide support for?:

    • Cost Centre Planning
    • Internal Order Planning
    • Project Planning
    • Profit Centre Planning
    • Cost of Sales Planning
    • P&L Planning
    • Market Segment Planning
    • Liquidity Planning
    • Balance Sheet Planning

    (I assume this is the support for SAP BPC 10.1, optimized for S/4 HANA Finance. Also, I take it that it refers to the Embedded Model within SAP BPC)

    Kind Regards


    • Hi, Nick! As I remember, there are templates that provide support for:

      • CC planning
      • Internal order planning
      • P&L planning
      • Market segment planning
      • Liquidity planning
      • Balance sheet planning

      I don't sure about PC planning and cost of sales planning, but I can see it in Sunday or Monday and tell you 🙂 Nowadays, IBPF is positioned as tool, that replaces "old" planning transaction. But you should bear in mind that the provided templates, first of all, demonstrate the capabilities of IBPF and is not the only way to planning with embedded BW.

      If you have any qusetions, let me know.

    • /
      Content IBPF.png
    • /
  • Hi Pavel Ramanouski,

    Very informative blog. It helped a lot.

    I have followed blog for 2 systems. I am facing 2 different problems.

    1st system is Development system - After following all the steps correctly and even queries are working correctly, when I try to transport into Quality system, I am getting errors like these. - Inactive Objects - /ERP/FC_AL05, /ERP/FC_AL06, /ERP/FC_AL07, /ERP/FC_AL08, /ERP/FC_MP05,

    /ERP/COOM_V03, /ERP/FC_IC04, /ERP/SFIN_R01.

    When I try to active these objects, It gives lot of error for these 3 infoobjects - CMP problem occurred in /ERP/HBACC, /ERP/HBANK, 0FISCYEAR.
    In Simulate Installation, it gives error of HANA Attribute view is missing in many infoobjects.

    2nd System is Sandbox system -

    2.3 (e) - I did not have any dialog pop up for RSA1. So I replicated metadata from Datasource. I hope that is right. I did not get any error for that. But there is no infocube named 0PPM_VC1. I could not find why it was not there. But Activation of technical contents was done successfully in RSTCO_ADMIN.

    In next steps, when I try to activate 0PROFIT_CTR_0106_HIER datasource in RSA5, it logs as generating datasources and never get activated Icon in RSA5. It does not even have error in logs.
    When I try to activate workbooks, it gives lots of errors - components (version a) do not exist on the database. components (version d) do not exist on the database.

    Here components are long numbers, so could not find what component is missing.

    Please help to solve these problems.

    Thanks in advance.

    Meet Vajaria

    • Hi, Meet Vajaria!

      Some thoughts about your first problem:

      As I see, mentioned objects are objects from the BI-content for liquidity management. Thus, it may be, during the activation of BI-content, you choose $tmp package and, as a result, activated BI-content is not tranferred to Q system. There are two ways to solve it:

      1) Go to $tmp package, change package for those objects and transport it

      2) Install BI-content in Q system (if possible) and try to transport your query one more time

      For answering on your second question, I need more information. Please, post screenshot of errors, that you got.

      • Hi Pavel Ramanouski,

        Thanks for quick reply.

        Regarging your 1st suggestion, those objects are not in $tmp. They are in standard Packages.

        2016-05-04 10_13_29-Data Warehousing Workbench_ BI Content.png

        When I activate these objects I get this error -

        2016-05-04 10_28_03-Data Warehousing Workbench_ BI Content.png

        Details about my 2nd question -

        After doing steps till 2.3 (e), I manually replicated Metedata in RSA1 - Datasource coz there was no popup to ask. After that I check if 0PPM_VC1 is activated. But there is no 0PPM_VC1 infocube.

        2016-05-04 09_59_27-.png

        After that, in RSTCO_ADMIN, I successfully activated technical contents.

        2016-05-04 09_59_44-.png

        After activating datasource 0PROFIT_CTR_0106_HIER in RSA5, the icon still is the same as inactive.

        2016-05-04 10_00_42-.png

        After successfully activating Content bundle /ERP/SFIN_PLANNING, when I try to active workbooks, I get this error.
        2016-05-04 10_03_05-.png

        2016-05-04 10_03_50-.png

        Thank you.

        Meet Vajaria

          • Hi Pavel Ramanouski,

            Progress -

            1st Scenario -

            I have collected all the objects in my package and transport request.

            Now I am getting this error at time of transport release.

            2016-05-04 15_13_06-Transport Organizer_ Requests.png

            When I try to active these objects, I get this error.

            2016-05-04 15_15_44-Data Warehousing Workbench_ BI Content.png

            2016-05-04 15_20_57-Data Warehousing Workbench_ BI Content.png

            I could not find infoobject COMP_NAME anywhere.

            2nd Scenario -

            I finally activated 0PPM_VC1. But no idea why it gave so much trouble.

            But I still get the error whwn I try to activate workbooks in RSA1 - BI Contents.


            I hope this helps to analyze the problem.

            Thanks in advance.

            Meet Vajaria

          • Hello again! About your 1 scenario:

            I tried to activate Infocube 0EPM_D_AO, mentioned in error,  and got this error, too. As I see, error is connected with IO 0EPM_BP_TXT. So, if we can activate this infoobject, may be, problem is eliminated. When I tried to activate this object, I had an error:

            Perspective SAP HANA AT_SNWD_BPA missing in the package sap.bc.epm.oia.apps

            Next, I went to sap notes and see the note about this package:

            There we can read, that

            All content in SAP HANA package sap.bc.epm.oia.* are only for demonstration and education purpose and have no production relevance.

            Therefore, these activation errors can be neglected.

            So, I think, unfortunately, you can't use this object without ticket in SAP. May be, I'm wrong.

          • About your second scenario: are you choose the parameter "Only the necessary objects" from the "Grouping" drop-down list ? This activates the queries from the selected workbooks with books.

          • Hi Meet,


            The activation of working books are not successful.

            your second issue is resolved. if it so please explain me.



  • i Experts,

    I am working on IBPF solution for our latest system S/4 HANA -1511 E.

    I am able to retrieve correct data from back end S/4 system  through Analysis for Excel by using Query.

    But when i change planning data & try to save / recalculate/ Lock it in AO for Excel - Planning Tab is disabled.

    i checked all the possibilities on Excel settings for Add -on Services - all are as per Config document but even i am not enabling Planning tab in AO for Excel as below screen

    Can any one having the idea what was missing & how to enable this tab for planned data?



      • Hi Pavel,

        Thanks for your wonderful document., - as per your document it supposed to have separate BW system for planning. -

        But in our latest 1511 E system we are using S/4 Hana system in build BW system. - Hence, system alias & also Planning : system data write back showing our S/4 HANA (HN5) only. (Below is the scree shot) - & not able to give check mark for Planning: open data source input Enabled as its showing in disabled mode.

        what are the option we have if it is in build BW system on HANA to enable Planning


        Many thanks for your help.!




        • On weekends I'm going to write, how to build input-ready query, using embedded BW, Analysis for Office and BPC unified. I think, you'll find the answers on your questions there.

          • Hi Paval,

            Thanks for your help..! Sure i will wait for your document.

            As you suggested earlier i am able to give check mark for Planning :Open Data Source Input - Enabled "- & saved it & when i reopen the same query again, still same problem i am facing as planning tab disabled as below.





          • Hello again! First of all, I recommend you to check your query, using rsrt. Are there any errors? Is the query input-ready there? If the query is input-ready in rsrt, but either in analysis, we have a problem with analysis. But if not - we have a problem with query (probably, with it structure)

          • Keep in mind, that you have to resttict all of the info-objects from aggregation level in your query (does not matter, by filter or by putting them in rows or columns)

  • Hi Pavel,

    Excellent document. Thanks for putting it up.

    We are trying to setup IBPF and embedded BW as per this.

    However we have different ECC and BW clients.

    The activation went fine but we are not able to see any master data.

    How do we get the ECC and BW clients to talk to each other?

    Appreciate your help on this.

    • Hi, Vineet! Very interesting question. Some time ago I faced it and asked it during the course A120 and got next answer: there are two ways:

      1) Load master data, as from ECC on another server

      2) Have one client for both embedded BW and ECC

      • Thanks Pavel.

        So it means if we have BW and ECC as separate clients even though on the same physical server we will not get real time master data and transaction data through the HANA views and will have to go through the classic ETL way.

        There will be scenarios where customers will have separate clients for embedded BW and ECC. Then what advantage ones get by using IBPF.

        I didnt come across any official SAP recommendation stating that one client be used for embedded BW and ECC.

    • Hi Vineet,

      BW/BPC Master Data infoobjects are based on HANA attribute / calculation Views to read ERP Master Data virtuelly. In the query properties of these views in HANA modeller there is the client filter option dropdown box. Set it on 'Cross Client' instead of Session Client to read data from all Clients both in the attribute and corresponding calculation view.

      As a result you should be able to see master data in BW.

      • Hi Dieter,

        Won't such setting bring MD from all clients? Is there a way to see data from only 1 client? I know that it's possible in MD Data Display as one of the URL parameters. Can it be done similarly for other functionality?

        Thank you,


        • Hi Gersh,

          the cross client setting will indeed read all available master data records from all clients.

          In the HANA views you could of course also enter a hard coded value for the client filtering e.g. 800 instead of cross client to read master data only from one specific client.

          • Hi Dieter,

            My customer wants having data in different clients of same box for different testing phases. Is there a more dynamic way to point BW to different clients? Like in Testing Phase 1 to client 100, Phase 2 to client 200 and in Phase 3 to client 300.

            Thank you,


  • Thanks for the info Pavel.

    How can I validate the component requirement number 2, I mean, how can I check if the embedded BW is not activated yet.



    • Hello, Felipe! It's very easy, just go through chapter "Perform a first test", described in the end of the my article. If everything is OK - you have activated embedded BW.

  • Pavel,

    First of all, thanks for a very nice, detailed walk-through! I have a quick question that you might be able to answer.

    We have a setup with the embedded BW in a separate client. I've followed the steps so far and gotten to the point of performing the first test. Note that I have set the user parameter CAC in order to specify the controlling area.

    Even so, when I run a query in RSRT, I get this error:

    "Parameter ID for controlling area (CAC) not assigned to user profile"

    I've double-checked - the parameter is set correctly. However, if I execute the same query in RSRT in the ECC client, it works without any errors?!?

    Do you have any idea what's the cause of this? I've probably missed some little setup detail... but I've been looking at it for a while now and I'm beginning to feel stupid  🙂

    If you have any thoughts, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for a nice blog!


    • Hi Lars,

      In SU01, "Parameters" Tab, please enter new parameter CAC (if it is not there) and Parameter value is controlling area. So for right controlling area, ask consultant and add right Parameter value for CAC.

      P.S. - Correct Parameter Value for CAC is important.

      2016-06-10 09_45_24-Clipboard.png

      Thank You.

      Meet Vajaria

      2016-06-10 09_45_24-Clipboard.png
      • Meet,

        Thanks for your reply. However, I have already added that user parameter. And I have checked it subsequently - it's there, and it's the correct controlling area. The weird thing is that it works if I run the query in the ECC client but it fails in the BW client...

          • Since you have different clients for ECC and Embedded BW, you may think, that you have usual BW, but not embedded. For correct work of all functionality of Embedded BW, you need to have embedded BW and ECC in one client

          • Pavel,

            Thanks for your answer. But are you saying that it is a requirement/recommendation for IBP that BW and ECC are in the same client? Do you have a link to that somewhere? I have not seen that anywhere in the installation guides and other documentation I have looked at.

            Because in SAPs positioning paper for Embedded BW, they recommend that the BW and ECC clients are kept separate. (Which I thought makes sense, because I have quite often seen systems with multiple productive ECC clients in them.)

            Thanks in advance,


          • Hi Lars,

            You said the SAP positioning paper for Embedded BW recommends that BW and ECC clients are kept separate. Do you mind providing the URL for this positioning paper?

            Thanks in advance.


          • Linda,

            I can't seem to find the correct link right now (I may have gotten it off PartnerEdge...)

            But I have the presentation. If you send me a mail at, I'll send it directly to you.


          • Pavel,

            Just a brief update. It turns out that it actually works fine even with separate clients. The trick is that the queries have to be executed from the ECC client. That's all there is to it in a multi-client setup. (That's not really clear from note 1972819 or any other documentation.)


  • HI Pavel,

    Really very thanks for this Excellent walk through. 🙂

    Its is very helpful for our installation of IBPF.



  • Hi Pavel

    Thank you for your article.  I think that you have answered my question in previous comments, but I would like to ask the question for confirmation

    Is the SAP official recommendation to use a separte BW client on the ECC system, or use the same ECC client for the embedded BW seupt ofr IBPF?

    Thank you

    Andrea Cronje(ZA)

    • Hello, Andrea! As I said above, I asked this question on AC120 course (I took part in it in November 2015) and I got answer, that we need to use same ECC client for embedded BW, because BW masterdata client-dependent and if we use separate client, we need to load master data also, as when we have usual BW.

      • Hi Pavel,

        Only RSA1 doesn't work in a different client, all other BW transactions can be used. You can still load data in a different client using Process Chains.

        If you use BW data staging functionality extensively, then it's more convenient having same client for ECC as for IBPf. But the whole idea of Embedded is that you don't have to load this much data into BW.

        If you have a lot of loads then it's better to use a stand alone BW because it can negatively affect performance of ECC.



        • Hello, Gersh,

          Yes. of course, you're right. But the main idea of embedded BW is no loading data. Embedded BW is the right variant, if you want to build online reports more than, let's say. 70% based on data of ECC on which embedded BW installed.  If in your scenario many of loading data from different system needed  - embedded BW isn't your variant.

  • Hi Mr. Pavel,


    Thanks for your wonderful step by step in activating IBPF.

    However I still got error while trying to open one of workbook provided by SAP.


    1. An exception occurred in one of the data sources.

    SAP BI Add-in has disconnected all data sources. (ID-111007).


    2. Nested exception. See inner exception below for more details

    Error while executing function module\: BICS_PROV_VAR_OBJECT_VALUES

    Jco exception thrown while executing function "BICS_PROV_VAR_OBJECT_VALUES" against system "BED_a_5"



    What could be the cause of those errors?

    Thank you.




    • Hello, Anugrah!

      For some analysis I need to have technical name of mentioned workbook. Or you have some trouble with any standard IBPF workbooks?

      • Yes, I'm trying to use profit center or revenue planning from IBPF and using standard workbook provided by SAP:







        When I run ST22, I got short dump message:


        "CL_FCOM_IP_HRY_READER=========CP" bzw. CL_FCOM_IP_HRY_READER=========CM007





        • Hello again, Anugrah! Sorry for waiting.
          I tried to open mentioned WB and succeeded in it.  First of all, you need to check all IO, used in this workbooks.
          Could you view master data of following IO:

          If no, you need to maintain this settings in SPRO and try again later. Let me know, if you have access to master data of mentioned IO. And you still have a trouble

          • Hi, Mantri!

            When I saw a mentioned error again, I remembered, how SAP gets hierarchy. Let's see to virtual hier class for /erp/gl_acct, we can see the method "GET_DATASRC" inside and a list of required data sources (see screenshot). To avoid mentioned error, please, activate required data sources through RSA5.



  • Hi Pavel,

    Very nice post and helpful post.

    Could you please see the below thread, what we are facing the issues after activating the SAP BPC 10.1 Embedded.

    Please comment on this.

    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi Pavel

    this works for S4HANA 1511  , but I am getting errors in the Activate Content Bundle , and my First simple test is also failing for s4HANA 1610 . do you have any pointers for 1610

  • Dear, what about authorizations?  IBPF has separate user ID's from SFIN - S/4 HANA? Authorizations on organizational level need to be redefined or can be taken over?   txs!



    • Hello!

      IBPF may has separate user, if it needed, but by design it has the same user, as in SFIN.

      Also, you can redefine authorizations, but by design IBPF used such user parameters as, for example, controlling area (CAC) or company code. For this puroses used delivered variables of type sap-exit.

  • HI Pavel,


    Nice document.

    Could you please see the below Issue.