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     This report can help you to compare objects in transport requests across different systems. It allows you to analyze whole system landscape simultaneously and provides the information about relative versions. The program has user-friendly interface and it is easy to install, just copy paste the source code. It can be a useful tool for analyzing “hard” transport requests before importing. The program uses SAP Version Management mechanism for all objects in change requests. You can run it on any system (DEV, QAS, PRD), so you don’t have to import this program into other systems.

     After creating the program, run the report and enter the change requests. You can also set the target system and filter the choices by selecting object types.


     After entering the required data click on execute. The program select objects in transports (repository objects such as screens, reports, data elements etc.) and compare them in the development system with that in the quality assurance system and the production system. The report builds the dynamic ALV that will show the list of objects and their versions in the systems of current domain (it depends on your system landscape).


     This list helps you to understand the transport order and fix probable errors. Green objects are consistent. Red objects are importing in incorrect sequence. The colour of the objects depends on target system specified at the selection screen. If you don’t fill this parameter, the program will check for consistency through all systems of domain.

GitHub – MrBerezkin/ABAP_compare_vers

Hope my tool will be useful.

Regards, Sergey Berezkin.

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  1. Abhijit Barui

    Nice program …just wanted to know, what is the use of HISTORY checkbox, and are you planning to develop this program more for example version 2 of this Z report..

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hello Abhijit, this checkbox allows you to hide old versions of objects, old versions are before the versions from the transport requests and before the versions from QAS and PRD systems.

      for example


      i already have new version of this program where i fixed some bugs. I can share it, if you need.

      1. Abhijit Barui

        Hi Sergey Berezkin,

        Thanks for the information. YES, please share the new version of the program and let me know what all bugs you have fixed. Waiting for your reply.


        1. Former Member Post author

          Hello Abhijit,

          You can check the new version of program,

          I’ve optimized the code and now you can also see RFC connection errors in the output list

          1. Raoul Shiro


            Nice program, … but I can not execute it :

            I am getting the following error :

            550 Program ZSB_COMP_VERS
            Type “CX_EXCEPTION00” is unknown

              1. Raoul Shiro

                Thanks Sergey,

                I am now able to compile the program.

                Then I put a list of trasnport requests, but I have a dump right after executing the program :

                2016-06-30 17-05-15.png

                2016-06-30 17-03-29.png

                1. Former Member Post author

                  Could you give me more information about the dump.

                  What are the values of the variables funcname and language? What a call stack?

          2. Former Member

            Thanks for this sharing this tool.  Can you please share the optimized version of the code?

            Also, would like to know if this tool will be able to compare the customizing request (custom TR) as well?



  2. Vaibhav Deorukhkar

    Hi Sergey,

    Thanks for a great post. Really Helpful. I had a quick question. Is there any situation when the Transports List entered on the selection screen won’t return any results? My colleague gave a TR and was sure that that TR had versions and he wanted to test if the program you have published worked to expectation. Unfortunately it didn’t. Any ideas when the ALV output might be empty. Also, what is the significance of the Parallel field ?





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