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Getting to Know SAP Mentors at #SAPtd

Finding SAP Mentors at SAP TechEd is easy to do – especially when 68 of them were in Las Vegas and 61 in Barcelona, and SAP Mentors contributed over Mentors4.JPG350 hours of content at these two events combined. The limited edition badges for the Catch-a-Mentor and Know-a-Mentor missions made the experience that much more fun! Take a look at all the selfies SAP TechEd attendees have posted already of their encounters with SAP Mentors.

Now that I’ve posted a selfie for my Catch-a-Mentor badge, this blog post is to ensure I get my Know-a-Mentor badge as well! 😆 I do have a slight advantage, since my new role is to lead the SAP Mentor Program, and I was fortunate to attend both SAP TechEds in Las Vegas and Barcelona this year. Here’s what I learned from just some of the many SAP Mentors I met:

Like I said, there were lots of Mentors at TechEd this year, and I’m only listing some of the many I met and spoke with. Honestly, in the process of learning about them, I’ve also learned much from them, and more about myself. I guess that’s the true value of mentorship. Thanks Mentors!

You don’t have to be at SAP TechEd to meet a SAP Mentor – join one of the local meetups or SAP Inside Tracks in your area hosted by SAP Mentors and Mentor Alumni to catch up and get to know our SAP Mentors.

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  • Hi Jason

    Nice learning's, I love the diversity in that list and how it encapsulates many different thoughts, opinions, wisdom, humor and candidness.

    Oh, before I forget, Happy birthday 😉 😀

    Talk to you soon.

    Best regards


    • Hi Tom,

      Yes, there certainly is much to learn from our SAP Mentors. The role of a mentor is to share experience, knowledge and perhaps give a bit of advice. However, its all up to the mentee, what he/she does with that information. There are plenty of wisdom I've attempted to note down from observing or engaging with all of you - as you can see this is not the comprehensive list. For any of the Mentors who I have listed, it may amuse you what impressions you left on me in our brief encounter. 😉

      Thanks for the early b-day wish! (It's actually on Dec 13 🙂 )


      • Hi Jason,

        It's definitely an interesting read through.

        Nice, I'm the first one to say congrats in that case 😉 .

        Note for myself, correct my calendar 😀 .



    • Yes, I hope to have a chance to meet (in person or virtually) every SAP Mentor. 🙂

      I really wish other members of our community will engage with at least one Mentor online or at an event as well. Start by looking at the latest content our Mentors have shared in the SAP Mentors space, and let them what you learned from them.

  • Nice! Interesting choice of your learning for me... Must admit one of my favourite complaints is that people really need to learn how to write stuff down... 🙂 We are a few millenia removed from the oral tradition for a reason...

    • Well I bet you have nice hand-writing as well. My chicken-scratches need a lot of work for them to be legible even for myself. 😛 The practice of writing things done forces us to think first and then remember.

      • Actually my handwriting is pretty appalling and I'm trying to be more visual in my thinking these days anyway...but I can put together a pretty decent blog or document... I love crafting the words to get the message across. It's an art form 😉

  • Excellent list Jay! It's funny how most of these learning points really fit the Mentors you learned them from. And it's no surprise to see that Tammy Powlas made your list twice 🙂

    From you I learned the importance of - when you're new in a group you're supposed to lead - observe what goes well in that group and build on that. It wasn't easy to fit the shoes of Mark Finnern but I'd say you handled yourself very well. Also judging by the many positive reactions after TechEd. If anything, you're a Mentor like the rest of us 🙂

    Cheers, Roel

    • Thanks Roel! I learned early on in Physics class that it's a lot easier to build on momentum than it is to start from stand-still. The momentum of the Mentors Program is really Mark's doing! I'm glad to be able to jump on and to add my hand in steering the program. 🙂

  • Looking at that list I suspect most of your points apply to all Mentors (apart from the beard-related ones, maybe) but somehow you have picked just the right one for each. That's great discernment 🙂 .

    And yes, it is so appropriate that you managed to get something from Tammy Powlas and one of her clones...

    • Thanks Steve! I guess no one would blame me for listing Tammy twice (whether intentional or not 😉 ). Yes, leaders in our community share common traits, and yet there is always something that sets one apart from another.

  • Great list Jason. It was great meeting you and getting to know you better. We had a very nice time with all the Mentors and friends. I wish we had more opportunities like that.

    It was a fantastic TechEd in Barcelona and you and the SAP Mentors Program team are an important part of that. Thank you for helping making that amazing event happen.

    • Thanks Raquel! If I would be able to practise even half of this list, I would be very happy!
      I'm grateful for the chance to meet you in person as well, and I'm glad we were able to be a part of TechEd.

      For those Mentors who weren't able to attend TechEd this year, it is just as important for our Community to know them virtually and understand the value Mentors add.

    • Thank you Jelena! After meeting you and other Mentors I should be called the "new Jason" because of the new faith and belief I have (and we know that as soon as you change someone's belief, you can start changing their behaviour).

      Uwe's generosity was much appreciated! 😳

  • Yay I made the list! 🙂

    It was so great to meet you Jason, pity we did not get to catch up more in Vegas but there will be other opportunities in the future I'm sure. Keep up the great job you guys are doing with the mentor program. I really can't believe it's only been 8 months since I've been a mentor, feels like I have know the mentors for years...what a journey! 🙂