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So, what exactly is a Design Studio bookmark and how would I or the business use one?

You’ve got Design Studio installed, you’ve heard great things about it, and you’ve also heard tell it can do great things with bookmarks. However, you’re not quite sure how to exploit this exciting feature in your own dashboards. Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a quick overview on Design Studio bookmarks and how to make them work for you.

What they are!

Design Studio Bookmarks are in layman’s terms like a snapshot of your well-crafted, well-sliced and diced dashboard that you can save and reload. You can also share these Bookmarks with your colleagues as a URL in order for them to see the same interesting insights you’ve just found instantly!

Why would I need it!

Well take the following example:

  • You have been slicing and dicing your data source using our new Nav panel
  • You have also added a filter to the data source using our new Filter line component.
  • You then possibly decide to change the visualization from a bar chart to a line chart with our new Chart picker component as it represents this data set really well.

Now, you have spent all that hard work getting your data to a point where it told the story you wanted, wouldn’t it be great to save that point in time data visualization….and to share with your colleagues instantly via a URL hyperlink?

Well Design Studio Bookmarks can help you here by enabling you to save any visual and data source changes you have made to your dashboard as a Design Studio Bookmark. All these bookmarks (as many as you want), can be stored in a drop-down list and recalled when needed. The inbuilt Design Studio sharing functionality also allows you to send a URL hyperlink of these bookmarks to your colleagues.

The technical bit!

Design Studio bookmarks are controlled through scripting, and along with a large catalog of features available to them, the application designer can create all the functionality required to make this re-use and sharing of bookmarks a reality. There is plenty of detail on this in the ‘Application Designer Guide: Designing Analysis Applications’. However the following describes at a high level the main technical features of the three bookmark types: standard bookmarks, fragment bookmarks and portable fragment bookmarks.

Standard Bookmarks

  • are dependent on application version
  • bookmark the entire application
  • can be opened via UR

Fragment Bookmarks

  • are not dependent on application version
  • bookmark a selected part of application
  • can be opened via URL

Portable Fragment Bookmarks

  • are not dependent on application version
  • bookmark a selected part of application
  • can be opened via URL and used in Fragment
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      Himanshu Sarawagi

      Thanks for sharing.


      Could add more info if possible like how each works ?