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How to use the new search on SCN

The title of this blog makes me cringe, even though, yes I wrote it. E.g.; I’ve never read a word on how to search using Google, yet I am able to do so. Unfortunately, searching SCN is not as intuitive so here are a few pointers. As part of this introduction, I’d like to say that is in Beta and improvements are coming. Just gives a bit of time 🙂

To start, use the search box in the top right corner:


Use simple terms. For example in the above screenshot, if I am searching for information regarding Crystal Reports, I’d use ‘Crystal parameter’ as my initial search string for an issue with parameters. Your next screen will look like this:


Note that the “SOURCE” is SAP Community Network. This is because the search originated on the SAP Community Network (SCN). Next thing to note is that there is a “Type” heading that includes Discussions, Documents, Blogs, Video and Pages. Apparently “pages” are actually wikis(!?). Not sure why this is not called Wiki…

Another confusion is the header “Asset Type”. I am not able to explain why “Asset Type” and “Type” have the same content; Discussion Forum, Collaboration Document and Blog. It is cool that “Asset Type” also contains Tutorial and Articles (Yeas I know, I know; What’s an Article?).

Next thing to notice is that there are no KBAs. This is because KBAs are not part of SCN (not that wikis are either, but let’s gloss over that detail). Anyhow, how do we then get KBAs? Well, in this case, to get a KBA you will have to go to and enter your search term there:


Hit the <Search> button and your next screen will look like this:


Notice that under the “SOURCE” heading, in addition to SAP Community Network, you have “sap service marketplace”, “Business Center”, “” and “SAP Help Portal”.  Yeah, but where are those KBAs? Well, those familiar with “sap service marketplace” know that this is where the KBAs originate. E.g.; hit on the “sap service marketplace” link and voila:


Another way to get at the KBA if you know it’s number is to enter the number in the search box in the SCN Space and select “Search all of SAP” from the drop down:


Now, if you would still prefer to use the old SCN search you can use this URL to do your searches:

NOTE: I have no idea how long the above URL will work, so use with care.

Our take aways are:

    1. It is pretty tough to get all knowledge sources by using the SCN search box.
    2. Better to go outside of SCN and do your searches on
    3. Remember that to get the list of KBAs, you have to click on the “sap service marketplace”.
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  • Is there no way to do advanced filtering such as having the ability to only search discussions in the "SAP Crystal Reports" spaces like the previous search had.  It seems like this "New" method limits the ability to search specific sub-spaces.