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It was very nice to learn in last week’s SAP webinar that you do not need an ESRI license to use the ESRI maps in Lumira.

At first, I was prompted for a user name and password.  To get past that, go to File > Preferences > Geo Map Service


Make sure the “use this account” checkbox is clicked OFF or unchecked as shown above


I went back and reviewed old Lumira visualizations; the above uses the Lumira Geo Bubble Chart.  I duplicated it and then selected the ESRI map



Above is the default ESRI map in Lumira, reflecting the countries where SAP Inside Tracks have been held so far this year.  First time inside tracks were held in countries such as Mexico, Japan, Malaysia and Jamaica


Using the Lumira-provided maps (non-ESRI) you can send by mail, copy to clipboard, create new dataset in the Visualize room…however…


With the ESRI maps these are greyed out as shown above.


The above shows the marker maps features provided by the ESRI maps. 

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  1. Alexey Zimin

    Hi Tammy!

    Great news and blog! Thanks!

    Lack of (embedded) detailed maps – was always a problem.

    May be you know, is thee any limitation of ESRI map usage?

    Will it work with LS4BIP?



  2. Christopher Buck

    I cannot use the ESRI maps as it asks for account details.

    I have the “use this account” checkbox is clicked OFF or unchecked as shown above.  Also restarted.  Just downloaded 1.29.3 and still an issue.

    Anyone else also have this issue?

        1. Tammy Powlas Post author

          That is very strange; I just updated to 1.29.3 too but no issue

          Maybe contact Lumira Support?  Their contact information is available on the Lumira home page space

          1. PHILIPPE REMIS


            same issue for me.

            I cannot use the ESRI map after 1.29.3 update

            I have unckecked my ESRI account (trail…), compose new geo map and have error message unable to connect to the Esri map : (

    1. Matt Hawkins

      I experienced the same issue. Because I’m running on a VM, I had modified the SAPLumira.ini file in the SAP Lumira\Desktop folder. When I added the below line, the ESRI integration worked without requiring a user account.

  3. James Batchelor

    The new ESRI maps loaded in the install are a nice update!.  I spent some time Gecoding City,States and addresses to test what is possible.  So far creating its been good experience.  I find it a little slow to respond (loading the ESRI maps) as well as…some issues with the map previously saved coming in blank on open.  I closed the LUM, opened again..and it is fine.   I would suggest anyone doing anything with LUM 64bit up the default XMX setting in the ini file (I think it defaults to 128M).  That’s just not enough space for java to use.  I have 5G set and can routinely max that out.

    And what is with the zoom level resetting to default on filter clears? 

    ie.  using the map to drive geo filtering of tables/charts..  on clear, it zoom all the way out to the world. 

    all in all.. nice progress in the tool.


  4. Tammy Powlas Post author

    The note/KBA references 1.25 – with Lumira 1.29, Lumira ESRI is available without an ESRI license. Could you clarify your comments here?

    1. Tammy Powlas Post author

      Richard – I am not sure that is true because I don’t have an ESRI account and use it with 1.31. Could you create a new discussion at


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