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SAP Lumira 1.29 Question & Answer

See blog: What’s New in SAP Lumira 1.29 (Summary)

From SAP: “SAP please note forward looking statements are subject to change”

Below is the Question & Answer – please note this is a document so feel free to edit

Q: I remember in a roadmap deck prior to 1.29 stating no need for ESRI licensing in a future version.  This did not appear to make it into 1.29 – Is it still planned in a future version, if so, can you say which?

A: ESRI is now packaged in Lumira

Q: Is it possible to upload dataset to Lumira Cloud with 1.29?

A: That is not possible with 1.29

If you would like to continue using Lumira Cloud, you will need to have 1.28 installed

You can have 1.28/1.29 installed on same desktop (following these instructions) and then use 1.28 to deploy to Lumira Cloud Deploying two editions of SAP Lumira desktop on… | SCN

Q: Does the  formula dialog is close to webi formula

A: Lumira formulas are similar to those for Webi but are not exactly similar in scope

Q: can you apply conditional formatting to measures/dimensions not in a chart ?

A: you can apply conditional formatting outside of charts

Q: Does anyone know if the latest version of Lumira supports microcharts or sparklines?

A: microcharts are available via Lumira open-source extensions Lumira – Open Source Visualization Extensions

for each user you would have to install extensions individually

Q: Can I change the data source in this version?

A: you can change connections in the connection folder (available in previous versions)

Q: Can I publish stories in Lumira Cloud in 1.29 version?

A: no

Q: can refresh server docs based on unv universes ?

A: currently unx refresh only on servers

Q: when will be Lumira Server for BI Platform be available on LINUX?

A: Support for Linux is in the roadmap..we are working on providing it

Q: Allowed on both LS4BIP and LS4T?

A: extension support is now available on both LS4T/BIP servers

Q: Universe query Panel and BW connectivity also available in BI server AD-on?

A: UNX and BW extensions were supported on LS4BIP/LS4T from 1.25 & 1.28 respectively

Q: In the Compose Room, are there plans to add a ‘ranage’ input control?  I.e. a ‘range slider’ to filter on measures?

A: We are working on including filter on measures in the product, this should include the range filter as well

Q: can someone please share the link to access and download the auditing schema built for bi platform

A: the link to auditing content by Matt Shaw on scn Unlock the Auditing database with a new Universe and Web Intelligence Documents for BI4.1/BI4.2

Q can the input controls be sized to not use so much space

A: you should be able to resize the input controls manually

Q: when will prepare room functionality be added to server version?

A: we are planning on providing the Prepare capability in the browser in H1’16

SAP please note forward looking statements are subject to change

Q: Will Share be removed ?

A: redundant, planned: Share tab is planned to removed in 1.30

Q: Lumira 1.29 for 64x and 32x

A:  Lumira is 64-bit only

There is no 32bit version past 1.25

Q: does this mean a .lums can be run on an adhoc basis by user and it shows only the company code the user is suppoed to see in BW (assuming report is on BW)

A: Yes uses BW authorization principal

Q: When is 1.30 expected?

A: 1.30 is currently in planning, we expect it in Q1’16 again maybe subject to change

Q: Any way to copy to pages in a story board to make minor modifications

A: copy paste is one of the items in the backlog

Q: Row limit Lumira

A: Think it’s 30 million cells that you get the warning

Q: When Lumira 1.29 will be available for installation on BI Platform?

A: LS for BIP is available now on SMP

Q: There was a question about Mobile BI with Lumira

A: if you are installing LS4BIP 1.29 for the 1st time on your server, the MOBI is supported once you select the mobile component in the installer

Q: scheduling – is there get latest instance by default (smart view) setup available?

A: Not yet

Q: Can Lumira 1.29 talk directly to HANA without  UNX?

A: you can use HANA ONLINE / OFFLINE and also JDBC

Q: when do you plan to migrate Explorer to lumira?

A: no migration; feature-fit gap narrowing, bookmarks similar to exploration views, not deprecated

In case you want to ask more questions “live” ASUG has a webcast next month – register here

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