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I downloaded the update to SAP Design Studio this morning.  See the SAP Help here:

Now it has “Add CSV as a Data Source” feature:


But trying it against any CSV file will not work.  See below:


The data will not load from the CSV as I used a CSV file without a metadata repository file.

So I locate a CSV file with the metadata repository and see below:


The aggregates are returned.  I have to go to Edit > Initial View to add the characteristics/dimensions


The CSV feature is helpful for initial design and prototyping

Here is how the metadata repository file looks:


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  1. Carlos Weffer

    Thanks for sharing Tammy.

    I am also reading on Karol Kaliz’s blog that, once connected to any data source, the CSV version of it can be generated using the “Initial View Editor”. The CSV exported file later can be used in local mode for data access.



    1. Tammy Powlas Post author

      Hi Moritz – I checked and unfortunately SCN doesn’t allow me to upload those file types.  It might be better for you to try what Carlos suggested, and then you see the file types.

      1. Former Member

        HI tammy

        as you have described i tried creating the same way one data file and the another metadata repository csv file but i am end up getting this error message everytime i am using csv as a data source where as if i am using csv file which i have downloaded from design studio is working fine fine as a csv data source . Kindly suggest what is the way out.   test.JPG

          1. Former Member

            Hi Mustafa

            I am trying using this now i have fetched this document ………

            this is actually when we are using the design studio studio in offline mode.

            I am using my data set in this but it is not working i am trying to use this.

            thanks … for taking the headche for me .

  2. Chandra Sekhar K

    Hi Tammy,

    We are recently upgrade from SAP BO  Design Studio 1.5 to SAP BO Design Studio  1.6 SP 03.

    Not showing these above option Add CSV data source.

    Please share valuable inputs.

    Chandra Sekhar

    1. Tammy Powlas Post author

      Chandra – in the future, please ask this as a question at

      Please check your installation, it is appearing for me  – 1.6 SP3


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