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Custom Measures (Calculations) SAP Design Studio 1.6

Another common question is can you do custom calculations in Design Studio?  In previous versions this was not possible out of the box.

Now in Design Studio 1.6 you can.


Source: SAP

The above shows the feature – the slide is from the SAP roadmap.

First I try this with the Generic template.


Notice that the drag and drop property is enabled on the crosstab component.


In this example I select 2 measures, right click, and select Add Calculation > Percentage Share


The above is the result of the calculation (Balance divided by Project Budget)


For the “Add Dynamic Calculation” select one measure.  In this example, I select the Project Budget column.

Add Dynamic Calculation > Percentage Contribution is the menu path I use


The above shows the result of the percentage share of the budget.  Because this looks “busy” and I have drag and drop enabled on the crosstab, I can drag the measure off the canvas.


With new features like this, Design Studio is offering more self-service features for the end user (no scripting required)

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