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Another common question is can you do custom calculations in Design Studio?  In previous versions this was not possible out of the box.

Now in Design Studio 1.6 you can.


Source: SAP

The above shows the feature – the slide is from the SAP roadmap.

First I try this with the Generic template.


Notice that the drag and drop property is enabled on the crosstab component.


In this example I select 2 measures, right click, and select Add Calculation > Percentage Share


The above is the result of the calculation (Balance divided by Project Budget)


For the “Add Dynamic Calculation” select one measure.  In this example, I select the Project Budget column.

Add Dynamic Calculation > Percentage Contribution is the menu path I use


The above shows the result of the percentage share of the budget.  Because this looks “busy” and I have drag and drop enabled on the crosstab, I can drag the measure off the canvas.


With new features like this, Design Studio is offering more self-service features for the end user (no scripting required)

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    1. Tammy Powlas Post author

      Hi Zach – thank you for reading and the feedback

      Do you mean you don’t see the Add Dynamic Calculation menu?  Your cursor has to be set on the measures and then right click to get context menu

      1. Zach Haupin

        Comparing the context menu items on a measure column, I don’t have the following options available:

        – Add Dynamic Calculation

        – Calculate Totals As

        – Jump To

        – Conditional Formatting

        We are using Design Studio 1.6 connecting to a HANA database. Are these menu items only available when using BW?

          1. Former Member

            Hi Tammy,

            I am trying to create an app using BO environment. Hence I am using BICS connection. I want to show top 20 customer by sales for selected reason. Will this be possible using version 1.6?



  1. Former Member

    Hi ,

    I dont see this kind of options in edit initial view of design studio but when i execute it locally  and right click a measure i see a few of the options and add dynamic calculation doesn’t show any changes in the output. i am using a CSV extracted data as source to test and find a solution to my requiremnt of ranking a measure

  2. Moulay Salah IDRISSI

    Hi Tammy,

    thank you for sharing such valuable information with all of us.

    I am trying to use this new capability with DS 1.6 SP1 Patch 2, but the  button is greyed out. Any advice please?


    Here is an image of what I get:

      1. Moulay Salah IDRISSI

        Thank you Tammy for your reaction.

        Yes 100% sure to select 2 measure min 🙂

        What I noticed is that “Add Dynamic Calculation” is active with Spradsheet but not “Add Calculation”. And the opposite with Crosstabl, which means “Add Dynamic Calculation” greyed out and “Add Calculation” active.

        A bug or normal to DS1.6?

        Thanks again Tammy for your help.


          1. Moulay Salah IDRISSI

            Yes 🙂 But it still doesn’t answer the question. I need to add a calculated column (% based on 2 KFs) same as with MS Excel along with DS1.6 Spradsheet .




            1. Tammy Powlas Post author

              At this point, I recommend creating a new discussion at and supply details such as version, SP, data source, screen shots, etc.  The Community as a whole can help you better.  Thank you

  3. Carl Maib

    Custom calculations are great, as long as you want to render the results in the crosstab component. I am trying to use a simple percentage (e.g. Gross Margin %) measure, but want that used in a chart. The universe contains a delegated measure for this calculation, but these are not supported in Design Studio.

    Are there any plans for adding custom/dynamic calculations to the data source initial view? In that way they could also be used in charts.

    Not being able to include percent measures in charts is a big issue with my current client… any suggestions?




      1. Former Member

        thank for your answer.

        But in the picture above, it is mentionned that it’s work with universe. Is it a bug ?

        Do you know if it’s implemented in the new version ?



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