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ABAP Language News for Release 7.50

This blog summarizes a series of blogs that I have written about the most important ABAP language news for Release 7.50 during the last  month.

ABAP News by Subject

More Information

For the complete information see: Changes in Release 7.50

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  • HI Horst!

    Is there a place where one can suggest features to new releases? We have now migrated three customers to S/4 1610 and one thing I really miss is the  |{ lv_matnr MATN1 = IN }| equivalent to
    |{ lv_matnr ALPHA = IN }|. As matnr has been changed to Char 40, alpha = In will pad lv_matnr with leading zeroes up to 40 characters, not checking if the setting to actually use the full 40 characters has been activated. In the database, the matnr are still stored with only 18 characters if not. Because of this, we must always use FM conversion_exit_matn1_input.